Fenoxo upon reading new Penny content. Thanks Shou!

This one is mostly a collection of small, 1-2 scene expansions that Wsan has sent my way along with a little bit of Penny work. The weekend is over, and Fen is back on the workhorse. There might be another patch tonight (or tomorrow) with more follower Penny stuff.

0.7.234 Changelog:

  • Added some flavor text to Penny’s crew approach for if she’s a squirter.
  • Added a new talk option for discussing her newfound squirtiness which then slightly changes the above. Futanari Penny is far more shameless about it.
  • The milodan fertility priestess encounter rates have been increased, and losing to her 4+ times in a row now results in a new bad-end.
  • You can now volunteer to serve as Haley’s personal milker.
  • You can now make use of some of the taur toys you get from Urbolg, so long as you have a penis. (And crew Amber can join in!)
  • Futanari Shekka can now take a swing at your backdoor.
  • Fixes for various typos.