Looks like someone commissioned another pic of the Seer (on Myrellion) and their captain Steele, by Octomush

Seriously big patch hitting today. William’s been working on a group of enemy encounters for Zheng Shi for a long while now – to the tune of 200+ pages of raw, written content and thousands upon thousands of lines of code from Lighterfluid. I haven’t exactly been idle myself in the time since yesterday’s patch either – Penny’s getting some more of her options prepped and ready to be used with her crew variant. Tomorrow I’ll be looking to add a scene for recruiting Cumslut Penny as a camwhore. It should be a simple write.

0.7.235 Changelog:

  • New encounter in Zheng Shi: Rat Thieves. The last big gang on Zheng Shi to be represented, Rat’s Raiders, fight in groups of three, containing two male and two female rodents that are randomized per encounter, including a full Female Rodenian. Approaching Urbolg three days after beating him will trigger an event and enable them – rarely in the Mines, and commonly in the Foundry.
    • This all-mouse group will always attempt to shake down unaffiliated people wandering Zheng Shi. You have the option of paying their toll in credits, gems, oral sex, or breastmilk. Fighting them is fine, too. True to their name, they are focused on stealing your credits and gems, and their fighting reflects this. If you lose, expect to be relieved of a lot of cash! Be careful of getting stunned!
    • Rat girls and rat boys have different combat abilities and quirks, some shared. The girls have higher shields, more aim, and focus on damaging shields and hindering you. The boys have higher HP, more physique, and focus on damage output. They will also use items frequently amongst each other. There are either two boys or girls in a fight, changing the dynamic of combat – carrying multiple damage types is heavily advised!
    • After enough wins (or losses!), a series of events kicks off where the Rats determine a little something about Steele! This mini-plot can be concluded with enough interactions and input, leading to benefits down the line while also changing all the interactions dynamically.
  • It’s now possible to bring Penny to bed, thanks to B! (Unsubtle plug: you can take a peek at his newest project early if you back him on Patreon.) Falling asleep with low energy results in a different, sexy waking scene, so be sure to give it a spin!
  • Penny can now be convinced to become a cumslut while on crew, though the result is her getting into camwhoring rather than opening up for public use.
  • Penny’s cumslut-specific scenes should be re-enabled for crew Penny with necessary logic adjustments made to the text – including the Flahne tryst. Though it occurs to me I forget to add a check to make sure your ship is on Mhen’ga. That’ll come next patch.
  • Various fixes and tweaks.

0.7.236 & 0.7.237 Changelog:

  • Fixes for the new rodent encounter.