I’ve been reviewing the backlog recently and greenlit a few smaller projects already. I’ve also been working on editing some content for Luca (the futa VR parlor lady on Canadia Station). I’m always half-way through her 70+ pages. Instead of trying to power through it, my current goal is to wipe out 4-5 pages of editing on each workday until I’m caught up.

Our community could really use some more good editors to help aspiring authors clean up their submissions. Comment-enabled submissions on google docs are actually really good for editing because anyone can suggest edits directly in the text that the author can then accept or reject as needed. Tomorrow will probably be similar, though I’m told Wsan has my Penny commission coming up soon. Look forward to that.

That said, it’s almost 11. I think I’ve earned a chance to play some bad videogames like Fallout 76.

P.S. I spent some time this morning reworking the ballsack descriptor to include details like fluffy/scaly/etc. It should also no longer display text like “empty sack,” because that does not read correctly. Instead I’ve thrown in some more adjective combinations to communicate that you’re backed up or fresh-drained.