UPDATE: Hotfix(es) have been released that fix a couple issues with FemKeros. If you are playing a download build you will need to redownload.

Most of the CoC2 staff is starting their holiday vacations about now, so until next time: happy holidays, and be kind to each other.

0.4.27 Patch Notes:

  • Keros can be a girl now?? Talk to your local trickster deity to learn more. (By TheObserver)

New Since Last Patch:

  • There’s a new companion, Agnimitra, whose recruitment starts at the Wayfort after completing Winter City.
  • You can now visit the Khor’minos brothel, with two new whores (and more to come).
  • More Wayfort Renovation progress + two new residents, Aileh the Dragoness and Rumie the Bee Bartender.
  • After having sexed her and done the artificer’s quest, you can now take Rindo as your concubine and put a kit in her.
  • New busts: KM whores, Aileh, Fem!Keros, Brienne 2.0, Pregnant Rindo + Post-Baby, Agnimitra, Atugia 2.0

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