Time to get hands on with some curvy orcs, and then learn some open-hand techiques from a quiet doggo!

Update: A hotfix has been released to fix a myriad of technical issues with Zo, including her combat appearance and powers.

0.3.38 Patch Notes:

  • Zo the Lupine Monk can now be encounter in Harvest Valley. Help her out, learn kung fu, maybe learn a little about each others’ bodies. (Written by B!)
  • You can now finally catch up with Infrith after the Right of Conquest questline — and have some fun. She looks pretty breedable, doesn’t she? (Written by Gardeford)
  • There’s now a GALLERY feature accessible from the game’s main menu, showing CGs and busts.
    • Busts seen were not previously tracked; you’ll need to see them on your save to unlock them.
  • Roughly one metric fuckton of bugfixes courtesy of Leek.

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Infrith and Hretha drowning a Champion in Kervus tid, by DieselBrain!