Finally it’s time to realize the dream of an even thiccer, fluffier Cait!

0.3.37 Patch Notes:

  • Even more of Cait’s post-quest content has been added, including turning her into a half-leothran, a foursome with Lyrish/Syrish, and a few new repeatable sex scenes by TheObserver.
  • You can actually get Cait’s new set now after finishing the quest. Enjoy your red mage cat!
  • Barney can teach you a new joke TOTALLY SERIOUS AND USEFUL power by talking with him. He didn’t earn that title of his for nothing!
  • Etheryn has a new scene for nursing from lactating PCs. (Written by Alypia)
  • Arona has a new scene for giving you a blowjob if she’s a sub. (Written by BubbleLord)
  • New bust: Lyric. New CG: Lusamine enemy missionary.

New Since Last Public Patch:

  • You can now complete Cait’s personal quest, Cat Call, by taking her to the Caravanserai in northern Harvest Valley. This unlocks a load of new Cait-centric content!
  • Imora the siorcanna shamaness now appears in the Rift.
  • Lusina the Mothgirl now moves to the Marefolk Village after you complete CentaurQuest. She does NOT go to Hawkethorne as her previous (now amended) dialogue indicated.
  • Kinu has another new quest from her perspective. Finish both the Den’s other quest (and her previous paralogue) to unlock it!
  • There’s a cute new scene that triggers by bringing Ryn to Gianna’s caravan.
  • A new scene has been added to the Wayfort, introducing Bailiff Daliza. Meant to be part of the initial claiming with Farrah.
  • Viviane the Witch can now be found during daylight hours, too.
  • New Codex: Ghosts. After meeting the Hellhound, a new section of the Lupine codex unlocks.
  • New Busts: Flame Dancer, Flame Knight, Leothran!Cait.

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Fanart of Leothran Cait by bk!