This one’s got a lot going on and ties into a lot of things that are unfinished. Do not throw away the spacesuit helmet. It’s key to progressing to the next level of Zheng Shi. I’d recommend keeping a save from BEFORE handling Maike just in case something screwy happens.

0.7.186 & 0.7.187 Changelog:

  • Overseer Maike has been added to Zheng Shi’s mines. She’s a pretty damned tough fight written by SoAndSo.
  • Overseer Maike drops a spacesuit helmet – a key item required to spacewalk in a future patch and restore the elevator’s power.
  • Overseer Maike also drops a keycard to allow you to open her office. I still intend to put an intelligence requirement on the hacking.
  • Wearing the new slave uniform to Maike and bluffing can result on you getting a shock collar put on you that prevents HP and energy recovery when resting. Urbolg can fix it for a price… or something else.
  • Stealth field now lasts 1 turn longer.
  • Various fixes and tweaks.

Art is a commission Savin snagged from Shou of my minotaur OC (of the same name) going to town on Kaede.