Introducing the summoner, courtesy of HugsAlright. He’s a dogboi mage with a big… stick. You’re gonna be catching it if you let his elemental friends beat on you, don’t doubt it!

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0.0.16 Patch Notes:

  • The summoner has been added as a random encounter in the Foothills. He can only be encountered by PCs of level 2 or higher (remember to go sleep if you have enough EXP to level up)!
  • Dual wielding now works! Your off-hand weapon gives significantly reduced bonuses and it hits less often, but it does give you an extra attack every round.
  • Various fixes and tweaks w/rt the new inventory.

Art of Kasyrra getting worshipped by a couple of my friends’ OCs. Art by Barret XIII, commissioned by StrayParadox.