It’s time for a new update! Ya’ll ready for this?

0.7.183 Changelog:

  • A significant amount of rooms have been added to Zheng Shi’s mines. Roughly 2/3 of the mines are in at this point.
  • Lund can now be broken, courtesy of Wsan and Gedan’s coding.
  • Two new scenes for the Bored Jumper have been added. (By QuestyRobo)
  • The Bored Jumper is now resistance to burning and freezing damage.
  • The Jumper has an additional 30% evade chance versus ranged attacks.
  • Negative evasion now also reduces base dodge chances.
  • Fixes for a bug with Anno in the gym.

Writing room descriptions is slowly killing me, but there’s not much down here to go at least.