More Viv content, and the last of the new Arona fun I couldn’t quite squeeze into October!

0.5.22 Patch Notes:

  • Viv has a new scene for dicking you down. (by Alypia)
  • Viv also has a new titfuck 3some with Cait. (by Balak)
  • Viv has new special interactions: introducing her to Evergreen and talking about Zuzaan. (Also by Balak)
  • Arona has a new scene for femme PCs doing some gentle femdomme to Subrona (by Alypia)
  • Domrona also has a new scene in her general scene pool where you suck her off real, real good.
  • New Busts: Jotun Giant-father and his cheerleaders (by Moira)

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