Shou came up with a new charity. I love it.

What’s new today? A new transformation item, restructuring Jade’s buy menus, and an absolutely enormous five-part dream sequence by Carol J for straight femdom lovers.

0.7.244 & 245 Changelog:

  • Higuera’s “Mousearella Cheese” transformation item has been added to the game. Jade sells it in her shop (and the raiders should be able to drop it as well).
  • Jade’s shop has been split into three menus: one for very erotic, involved transformations, one for standard transformations, and one for very targeted transformations. Hopefully this’ll make sorting her stuff out easier in the future.
  • A new series of dreams that culminate in a possible bad-end have been added to the game, written by Carol J. You can begin to get them after hitting level 7. Note that you must: use masculine pronouns, have a penis, have balls, and have been to New Texas.
    • Update: 0.7.245: Fixed an issue with dream routing, made it so they only occur while sleeping on New Texas, and turning down Alexandra’s dreams twice in a row should disable them. Thanks for all your feedback!
  • If you have a basic tongue, the appearance won’t bother talking about it.
  • Leveling above level 5 has been slowed down a bit. Hopefully not too much!