Those of you who have been paying close attention to the development of Zheng Shi will have noticed William’s name come up a lot. He came onto the scene slinging bunny-themed hotness left and right, then added a huge orgy scene for seeing your freed slaves go to work, then wrote over 200 pages of mouse boys and girls abusing you for your gems. Well, he’s launched a patreon now. I certainly pay him when he’s doing work I specifically request (like the Shock Hopper content in this patch), but he also writes a lot of stuff entirely out of the goodness and enthusiasm of his own heart. If you like his stuff, consider slinging him some bucks.

Now with the plug out of the way, lets get to the 0.7.243 Changelog:

  • It is now possible to enter the Sidewinder, the prototype ship being built in Zheng Shi! You must defeat your rival and his bodyguard and have the keycard from Dr. Teyaal to get in.
  • Once inside the ship, it’s possible to take on the leader of the Jumpers: the fearsome Shock Hopper and her diminuative bunny boy-toy-slash-domme: the LDC (Large Dick Collider). Between William and Savin there are a lot of victory scenes on offer here.
  • It is now possible to collect the coordinates for the next planet – even if you can’t get there yet. There’s also a few goodies tucked away with it – like an airtight Jumper spacesuit and the legendary fifth Galomax dose.
  • New Busts: Rat’s Raiders (all six), Gil the cuntboy, the LDC, and the Shock Hopper. Great work, Shou & Adjatha!
  • Lots of fixes and tweaks, especially for Rat’s Raiders.
  • Varmints are now considered “self powered” and won’t stop acting just because your shields are down.
  • Probably other stuff I’ve missed! Love you guys!