The other bunch of raiders, not yet picture on the blog. Art by Adjatha.

Only one winning scene left to add to the game! With any luck, I’ll have that in by tomorrow evening, and perhaps make a holiday contribution of my own before returning to regularly scheduled content.

0.7.247 Changelog:

  • Riya’s event now properly makes sure you’ve met Riya. A check was inverted. My bad!
  • If you’re a non-taur on good(ish) terms with Rat’s Raiders and have a vagina (or penis that fits inside) AND have read the Rodenian Codex entry AND it’s Christmas AND you’re on Zheng Shi AND you’re entering your ship… there’s a 25% chance the raiders will show up for a bit of holiday cheer, and even introduce themselves. Golly, that’s a lot of names! (Good work, William!)

0.7.248 Changelog:

  • I unfucked a value I had forced to be “true” for the purposes of testing. Nothing to see here, folks!