Alder here. Thought I’d drop the accumulated bugfixes etc for Fall of Eden. It’ll still be some time before a real update comes around. Enjoy.

Play it here.
There is an offline version available here.
Check out the Fall of Eden forum.
Fall of Eden source code can be found on Github.
Check out the Android port here.
Report bugs on Github or on the forums.
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Full changelog below.

Version 0.4o2

  • Fixed a bug related to Zebras (specifically when viewing their offspring in the nursery, but likely to have other effects too)
  • The usual bugs and typos
  • Fixed some weirdness in Cale’s Rogue training fuck, [Take it] branch
  • Fixed a bug that would crash the game if a very specific set of actions were taken during the intro
  • The old Fertilium potion was renamed to Gestarium+. Its potence has increased slightly
  • Added a new Fertilium and Fertilium+ potions, which work as a potency enhancers. Adds a buff for 1 day or 5 days that greatly increases chances of impregnating and getting pregnant. Buy them from Patchwork for the moment
  • Added the Infertilium and Infertilium+ potions, which work as contraceptives. Adds a debuff for 1 or 5 days that almost certainly prevents pregnancy. Buy them from Patchwork for the moment