maniacpaint_lieve_MDWhy carnage? Because we added red venom! Dohohohoh!

0.6.17 Changelog:

  • The “Red Myr Venom” item has been added to the game. It drops from certain Myrellion encounters.
  • Orryx’s “black market” is now open for biz. As you can imagine, he sells red venom!
  • All interactions with said venom should now properly apply the correct status effect.
  • It is now possible to become a venom addict. Venom addiction decreases over time, so stay away from it if you want to avoid the negative effects.
  • It is now possible to become a venom slut, rendering you permanently addicted to red myr venom. Note that doing so will increase your maximum lust while under its effects.
  • Venom withdrawal has been added to the game. While in withdrawal in a place with access to Red Myr, certain urges may overcome you, resulting in a new scene.
  • Honey Wine has been added to the game. Asennia sells it for 1000 credits, and you get a free bottle for touring the city with a certain NPC.
  • Gardeford’s Crystal Goo vendor now sells “goo balls”. Sadly they’re just hair transformations. Looks like I’ll need to see about writing us up a proper goo transformation soonish.
  • Some fixes to the spam mail system JCup slipped into the last build.
  • Some other misc fixes!

Onward and upward, friends! (Lieve art by ManiacPaint)