So I had wrongly assumed that the crystal goo came with a goo transformation item. Instead it was an item to change the hair color of gooey players on the cheap. I had forgotten discussing it with him and deciding that becoming a proper ganrael would probably be a no-go. All those crystal powers would be a tad too awesome. I’m trying to avoid forcing players into transforming into a certain race for pure combat advantage.

BUT(TS), we’re long overdue for an option to get kind of gooey yourself. There’s already a ton of goo girls to interact with, and no option to make yourself more like them. I’m working up an item that will allow players to become progressively more gooey. Rather than needing to feast on sexual fluids to stay healthy (ala CoC), ingested sexual fluids will be put into a “Stored Biomass” stat that the player can use to reshape gooey body parts.

There’ll be one dose per planet, with five needed to become fully Celise-like. I’m gonna finish up the stage two transformations (goo sexjuices + ability to add stored biomass to orgasm volume) in a little bit. The effects will be irreversible (or should be – there’ll probably be some items that aren’t checking the prevention flags). You’ll have to use this stuff at your own risk.

I’m not gonna get into Bess-tier customization, but players who like to reshape themselves on a whim should get a kick out of it once they get to three or four doses. The first dose just lets you remold your hair, but those later ones should feature adding or removing genitalia, nipplecunts, and the more wild stuff.

Anyhow, that’s a pretty tall order to write and code. I doubt I’ll have it done before this weekend, but I might push a partial patch to get some testing in on it before the weekend.

(Oh, and Jacques00 coded some Quinton scenes for the next build too. Yay!)