tenfenny_towerAbout in the same boat as Savin, only I’ve logged something like 60 hours in the game. I actually kind of felt the writing in the game got significantly weaker around the big twist, and I kept myself from progressing much past that point because the plot seems geared to forcing you to lock yourself out of some of the factions. I’d rather keep playing and get all the content I can out of the way first.

But honestly, mostly I’m just too obsessed with the base building mechanic. When you mod all your armor to have deep pockets (to carry more junk), then climb into power armor with every mod toward strength (to carry yet more junk), just to carry more desk fans and telephones back from your adventures, you might have a problem.

That said, it looks like the most recent android build of TiTS came out malformed. I just finished catching up on emails and need to catch up on blog comments, then I’ll review some merged code and get a new build out that I’m sure will work on android. Thanks! Done!

Picture is an early version of Tenfenny Tower, before I decked it out in lights and shit. I wanted to go back in and get a better one, but I dare not trust the game not to eat another 5 hours of my life.

0.6.16 Changelog:

  • Recompiled the android/iOS version and tested it on my Nexus7 to make sure it actually works this time. Sorry about that, folks!
  • Merged in a pretty big pull request from Jacques00 that has a raft of bugfixes and tweaks.
  • Looks like some button placements have moved too. I might revert some of the in-ship ones. RIP, my muscle memory.
  • Lots of under the hood changes and tweaks, again from Jacques00. Thanks, good buddy!