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[Backers | TiTS] Kimberrrr

Frogapus made the cutest picture of Fentaur trying to work on a teensy little 13″ laptop… and can anyone actually use those comfortably? They’re awful.

What’s new? Well, we have two pages of plans for an extended tutorial dungeon that’ll take place on the way to Mhen’ga to hopefully better introduce a number of the game’s more complicated mechanics (and give a bit more sci-fi “taste” before dumping the game into a jungle full of primitives). The TL;DR version is that something goes wrong on the way to the gate, and you have to land at the closest “abandoned” mining platform and scrounge a part for repairs. Of course, it’s never quite that simple….

Now on to ze patch!

0.8.100 Changelog:

  • Kimber’s expansion is live! Four new items to give her, four new stories, four new sex scenes, and a small quest to go along with it! Written by Slab Bulkhead and coded by Gena138.
    • Known issue: one of her sex scenes currently has a crash bug. We’ll have an update to fix that before I clock out tonight.
  • A bunch of Shekka BJ fixes. Sorry about those!
  • Some various typo fixes sent in to me got fixed.
  • Various other small fixes.


[Public | TiTS] Small Improvements

This month has been underwhelming for personal throughput, but there are some nice changes in this patch. I’d like to promise that I’m ready to climb back in the saddle and start banging the hammer on some new Fen-written content and personally slap things into code, but the backlog looms eternal.

Right now I’m on page 213/230 of the Love Starz (a k-pop style band with three interesting girls), but my brain actively rebels from the idea of sandpapering it against more smut. There’s still hundreds of hundreds of pages of stuff behind it, but it’s harder and harder to keep my focus on this every time I try. For the first time in maybe 10+ years the sexual stuff is the least interesting part of my job (a matter of personal taste and feeling, not a judgement on quality necessarily.)

I’m not entirely sure how to handle that.

I am going to hard close event submissions for now. If they re-open, it will likely be in a much more limited form with no guarantee of feedback. I’m going to have to be more picky with my time and likely be less thorough with projects that are on the edge of acceptability.

Image Pack here (requires stand-alone flash player).

0.8.098 Changelog:

  • New alternate Frosty bust by DreamerOfTheBlue.
  • Bold text should now use a bolder font than it used to for better visibility.
  • Shou’s in-game representation should now have bust art, by Shou.
  • Gena138 coded a small Exhibitionism expansion for Erra (written by HugsAlright)
  • Korgonne offspring now have some interactions available, written by Freed85 and coded by DrunkZombie.


[PUBLIC | TiTS] Things & Stuff

Today almost kicked off the week on the right foot. Almost.

But now we have public patch! (And Image Pack! Warning: Image Pack contains more severe trip / staggered penalties than other versions since it was compiled after I started doing some edits. Also there’s a new Erra scene in there that was half-coded at the time of public patch.)

0.8.097 Changelog:

  • Laquines with deer antlers are now referred to as jackalopes. Was this change a good idea? Maybe.
  • It’s now possible to meet Shou (or at least, a variant ‘sona of hers) in game at your local taxi services! Written by Wsan, coded by Gena138. (You should have a chance to encounter her at many of the early game taxi stations. After several encounters, she’ll move to Anon’s Bar.)
  • William’s lovemaking scene for the female sydian is now available. (Do “Gentle Lovemaking” first. Should occur on your next visit.)
  • It’s now possible to get pregnant from male naleen, written by Skom and coded by Drunkzombie.
  • Some bugs got fixed, and some new ones got introduced.

[Backers | TiTS] A Penny For Your Thoughts

Sabrae’s looking pretty good…

This patch should have came out last night, but instead I spent the evening unraveling mentally, which is always nice. Regardless, I finished up what I was doing with it this afternoon, and here you are. I would have liked to have had a full roster of victory scenes. I really would have. Despite putting out a call to the community writers for assistance rounding out her scene count a while back, I have basically 0 bites. Monetary compensation doesn’t have the same pull as writing your own waifus, I suppose.


  • New oral thirst submission events added to the options at the gabilani chemist. New scenes include Penny (with a dick), bimbo Penny, and the zaika hydra. All written by me, all coded by me, with some massive editing help from William.
  • The gabilani chemist can now be fought. As a result, the option to just walk away from her has been removed. She’s quite a complex fight with a lot of different things going on, so I’m sure there will be bugs. Pointing them out to us (especially on the bug report forum) will help us clean it up faster.
  • The gabilani enemies are now encountered in the gabtown area of the Gyre, which is presently identifiable by green squares on the map. (Right now the chemist’s encounter rate is jacked wayyyy up for testing).
  • The energy bar for enemies can now be renamed as appropriate. (It is used as ammo for the chemist, and I even updated her energy change display function to better communicate this).
  • New threesome event with Syri & Erra can be started by entering Erra’s sex menu where Syri is present. By HugsAlright, coded by me.
  • New transformation available for Erra: Huskar. This micro expansion doesn’t add new scenes but does make small tweaks to a lot of her scenes, hopefully with more coming. Also includes the ability to feed her Tittyblossom a few times after. Written by HugsAlright, coded by one minotaur boye.
  • New TF: Vernacola, that lets you change your tongue type, sold by Sera and in the Joyco vending machine in Tarkus
  • New bust: Sabrae.
  • New art pack image: Syri x Erra threesome, by PinkSeito
  • Fixed an issue where the Aphro Gas status effect would double print its damage.

[Backers | TiTS] Terrible Tails and Tasty Twats

Goblins gonna gob! (by: Adjatha

Update (2020/06/10): No new patch today. That placeholder scene will definitely get turned on and patch tomorrow, even if it means adding more stuff to it later.

Update2 (2020/06/11): Didn’t get as much done today as I would like, and CoC2 pushed a patch, so I won’t bump it off till at least tomorrow.

New day, new patch! Now I disappear into the submission mines to review content from 2019. A simpler time…

0.8.094 Changelog:

  • New Gabilani Chemist scene by yours truly. Clocks in over 2,000 words for those who have been awarded her “Cum Thirsty” perk and are presently afflicted by the “Thirsty” status.
  • New combat cybernetics available at the Implantation Station on Dhaal: Combat Tail & Ballistic Breast Liners. The tail functions as a drone while the liners provide a source of defense (and slight breast enlargement).
  • The systems for equipping and unequipping implants have been tweaked for consistency across systems and individual implants. Apologies if this introduces new bugs in the short term!
  • New bust: Gabilani Chemist!
  • New image embed for the artpack: the Gabilani Chemist’s priapism scene now has an appropriate image.
  • Several small bug fixes a well!

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[Backers | TiTS] Hydra Anal!

Small monday afternoon patch, here we goooo~! An image pack update will probably come later.

0.8.093 Changelog:

  • New Zaika Hydra victory scene (in the GravCuffs) scene, written by William, coded by me.
  • Brandy’s busts should be compatible with the zoom-in function of future image packs.
  • Fixed a few small bugs and typos.
  • Some rooms have been blocked out on Dhaal for an area I’m calling “Gabtown” at the moment. In the future, the gabilani enemies and NPCs will mostly be encountered there.

Enjoy! I hope to push more patches almost daily this week if I can.

[Backers | TiTS] Gabilani Chemist WIP

Goblins gonna gob! (by: Sulcate)

Some of you might not have noticed that Trials in Tainted Space got a public patch a few days ago – it did! At the time I forgot to include the image pack version of the public release. You can grab that now :3

Oh, and there’s a CoC2  Backer patch out as of yesterday too!

Now, on to new backer content! (I may make some smaller patches to fix and enable more content this week. Victory stuff will likely arrive next week.)

0.8.092 Changelog:

  • Fixed event log spam from the cum thirsty perk. It still needs tweaks to clear the status immediately upon fluid drinking instead of the next time the clock advances after.
  • Added a 10% drop chance chemist’s coat accessory that I had coded on my laptop this afternoon and didn’t test at all. I’m sure it’s fine…

0.8.091 Changelog:

  • The “Cum Thirsty” perk has been enabled.
  • A few broken parser calls and typos should be fixed.

0.8.090 Changelog:

  • A new enemy has been added to Dhaal! The Gabilani Chemist prowls the mean streets looking for subject to test her experimental mutagens on. Her combat scenario and victory texts aren’t done, but I loved her variety of body-modifying loss scenes so much that I couldn’t keep them to myself any longer:
    • Booze-oombas – Get temporary alcoholic breastmilk… with a twist.
    • LHD – Lesbian Hallucination Drug. Need I add more?
    • Exgartuan – A scene featuring temporary hyper engorgement that ends with some minor growth.
    • Fun With Priapism – Get a stiffy that just won’t quit and get milked into a condom for “testing”.
    • The Big Suck – After submitting enough times in a row, get treated with an enhanced version of snakebyte that’ll give you a cum-thirsty new perk (note: perk not yet active in code)
  • One of Ardia’s pre-crew scenes is now available when she’s on the crew. (Thanks Gena138!)
  • Ardia got some bug fixes courtesy of Gena138 as well.
  • The Cylirian codex (Maike’s race) is now active in game, courtesy of Gena138 as well.

[Public | TiTS] OwO What’s This?

Lewder, higher quality versions available on Patreon & SubscribeStar.

New public paaaaaaaaaaatch! <3  (Hopefully I didn’t miss anything in the changelog or monthly sum-up!)

0.8.089 Changelog:

  • New zaika hydra scene: GravCuffs! By William, coded by yours truly.
  • Same page log display has its wording changed in the options menu and labelled “(Buggy)” since in certain scenarios it can drop some log texts.
  • NPCs can no longer use deflector regeneration infinitely. (I’m looking at you, Punk SecOps!) Additionally, an option to allow an NPC that uses it to have it active for a custom amount of rounds has been added.
  • New busts: Cyborg Gabilani and Slyveren Wallslut! You can see one of them just to the right, right now!
  • New bad end at the Wall-Slyveren in Cherry’s Tap Hall, by William and coded by Gena138.
  • Gray Goo Armor got a big update courtesy of DrunkZombie’s coding and TheBiologist’s writing.
    • Healing options & parasite removal added, learned from damaged Vi chip or credits at VKo/Vi.
    • Healing options charge via cum/girlcum.
    • Curing SSTDs or parasites takes all 100% charge.
    • Full HP heal costs 50% charge.
    • Uveto cold immunity can be unlocked by being level 6+ and acquiring a thermal pack. This can be toggled from her talk menu.
    • Probably some other small things I’m forgetting to mention.
  • The SynthWomb can now be controlled by a Codex-based app, courtesy of Gena138.
  • Lots of bug fixes courtesy of Gena138.

New This Month:

  • New enemy on Dhaal: Gabilani Cyborg!
  • New enemy on Dhaal: Zaika Hydra!
  • New Cybernetics shop and implants on Dhaal! Get yourself some augs!
  • New items: Breed ‘n Brute, Ecstasy Enlargers, Lactation Inducers, Muscular Stabilization System, Prostitute Pro, Reflex Tuner, Sensory Dampener, Steroidal Muscle Augment, Cybernetic Subprocessor, & the Synthwomb.
  • New Verusha scene!
  • New Anno “face flattening” scene if you have Huskar Anno.
  • New Kase scene!
  • New Bianca sneaky bar sex added for Mother’s Day.
  • Name changes are available from Flahne!
  • New busts: Zaika Hydra, Narc, Wall Rats VIP.
  • New Extrameet Date: Starchild!
  • New Rare Drop on Dhaal: “Zil Nigh the Science Bi 2”
  • New Icons for several items that display in the bust panel when used.
  • Fuckloads of fixed bugs and typos.

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[Backers | TiTS] Fixes Ahoy

Quick patch today.

0.8.088 Changelog:

  • The synthwomb was causing fertility to double every time fertility was checked thanks to a particularly doofy mistake on my part. This should be fixed, though I made & deployed this patch untested from my laptop (untested). I recommend rolling back any saves that used it as insane fertility values can cause some weirdness.
  • You should now be able to leave the uninstall menu.

0.8.087 Changelog:

  • The Synthwomb should be attainable now. For real this time.

0.8.086 Changelog:

  • The Implantation Station can now uninstall cybernetic implants.
  • Made some tweaks to the shop menu and flow for the Implantation Station to allow for quicker installation after purchase.
  • Fixed an Ecstasy Enlargers-related crash. Not sure how a typo like “toolip” slipped past me and the compiler both. Darn sneaky tooltips!
  • The status effect used for ecstasy enlargers should now have an icon graphic. Note that the status has to completely lapse and be recreated to properly have the icon display.
  • Dhaal’s rare loot can no longer drop on Zheng Shi.
  • The Shock Hopper’s vaginal scene now checks against her vaginal capacity instead of anal.
  • Fixed spacing in the victory scene for security robots in AnnoQuest.
  • Bianca and Kaede can no longer fight over an approach button in Myrellion’s DMZ.
  • Anno’s pet play scene can now be started even if your ship is overloaded… as long as you’re already on Tavros.
  • You can now walk off from the cybernetic gabilani without having to be a dick about it. The old method is still there if you want to rack up points for the “hard” personality type.
  • Fixed a small bushel of typos.

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[Backers | TiTS] Implants Ahoy!

Kelly by Rohezk! Click for messy version…

These might not be as… outward-facing as some of you hoped for, though I assure you that we have a good reason for that: full robot limbs and the like would be difficult if not impossible to account for in long-form intimacy scenes that already struggle to adapt to the player character’s very… very varied appearance. That doesn’t mean that all these implants are boring. Some of them are quite fun mechanically while others may come in handy for those with a more sexual bent. Check out Sabrae’s shop and make your own decisions.

(Image-packed version available on Patreon/SubscribeStar)

0.8.085 Changelog:

  • Sabrae’s Implantation Station is now open!. You can find it alllll the way down in the southwestern corner of Dhaal’s Gyre region. Written by Wsan and coded by yours truly.
    • Implant slots are unlocked via the diagnostic options in her shop. Currently there are two implant slots: combat and utility. Combat implants directly effect your ability to succeed in combat while utility implants tend to be more vanity or post-combat recovery oriented.
    • I’m aware there is currently no option to get an implant slot “emptied” out and uninstalled. I will get to that next patch.
    • Sabrae comes with two sex scenes for those into that.
    • New items: Breed ‘n Brute, Ecstasy Enlargers, Lactation Inducers, Muscular Stabilization System, Prostitute Pro, Reflex Tuner, Sensory Dampener, Steroidal Muscle Augment, Cybernetic Subprocessor, & the SynthWomb (which despite its name interacts with all pregnancies). (Apparently the Synthwomb is bugged and unable to be obtained – Next patch!)
    • WARNING: Many of these (especially Ecstasy Enlargers) dip their fingers deep into the creature object, so it’s possible that one or two may wind up having bugs that can permanently bork your save (unless you know how to edit individual save values), so I recommend archiving a save-to-file of your PC before saving with these installed.
  • A few bug fixes courtesy of Gena138.

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