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[TiTS] Backer Pirates, Public Blizzards, and Ships4All

That’s right, it’s time for a big new patch for TiTS! This time we’re activating the ship systems and content – which means a huge new swath of code is going to be stressed to the breaking point in hilarious ways. We also updated the flash version with an update to the save exporter that should work better with this version of TiTS-JS. Please be patient if you smack face-first into run-killing bugs. We’re likely to be deploying hotfixes and some more quick patches tomorrow and Friday.

Hotfix Changelog (So Far):

  • Breedwell and Gastigoth should be unlocked.
  • Canadia station should be unlocked for backers.
  • The Sledgehammer Mark II (Ship) now has its map defined. Descriptions are not yet in.
  • Fix for super common Uveto crash.
  • Fix for the “buy one get two” bug.
  • New loading screen deployed~!
  • Leyak fixes.
  • Varmint inventory fixes.
  • Arbetz fixes.
  • Jumper fix.
  • Fixes for some colored text display.
  • Olympia crash fix.
  • Fixes for Goo Armor’s interactions with the crew count.
  • Fixes for possible crashes related to incorrectly formatted attempts to unequip an item from an NPC.
  • Nastizia quest fixes.
  • Meon the ship tove finally has a creature block. Way to go, little guy!
  • Cleaned up the acquisition process for the Blade (Kiro’s ship).
  • Numerous fixes for ship acquisition and upgrading.
  • And more~


  • [Backers] Zheng Shi should be open for business! Be careful or those naughty pirates will get the jump on you!
  • [Public] Uveto should now be accessible for everyone! Go play in the snow, meet some ‘taurs, and see if you can complete the entire Korg’ii Hold storyline! (It starts with the lone Korgonne freezing in a cave…)
  • Ship content is now enabled!
    • Ships now come with their own unique maps! I did my best to keep them relatively concise and quick to access the most important utility spaces from boarding. Most of them have full descriptions written for their interior spaces, but I still have ~3 vessels to finish up (including the Sidewinder).
    • We still need to do some refinement of the ship inspection UI and communication of how ship equip slots and crew space interact to be more clear, so don’t assume the systems are final just yet!
  • Hotkeys got another adjustment with some help from Gedan. Now the move keys (WASD) will always take priority. If the movement keys are active AND the interactions buttons also have a button active for that hotkey, the interaction button will shift to use shift+[Hotkey]. Up & Down were also moved from C and Z to Q and E, like how they were in flash.
  • An early version of the blackjack system with visible cards should be running, though we’re going to have TiTS-appropriate card art soon ™.
  • Bust fixes for Miko & Mai, Black Void Grunts, Raskvel Broodmother, Riya, Roxy, Stormlancer, Milodans, Tetra&Mica.
  • Zheng Shi is now Zhèng Shi.
  • Fixes for movement in Nastizia’s quest.
  • Fixes for Karaquest 2.
  • Improvements to the questlog.
  • Fixes for goo armor.
  • Fixes for Reaha.
  • Added a new tophat item icon (courtesy of Jacques00) and tagged the holiday event hats with them. They were also set as “Custom” rarity.
  • Improvements for combat name display and displaying fractions.
  • Some under the hood setup for a downloadable version was done.
  • V-Ko’s disease curing now correctly offers vaccination as a optional upgrade for a whole lotta credits, like it does in the latest flash version.
  • Improved more room formatting leftover from flash.
  • Kimber got hooked back up again.
  • Large number formatting was improved in a number of places with the power of…. COMMAS.
  • A metric fuckload of fixes for Zheng Shi from lowercase donkey.
  • Fixed “click-to-move” functionality. You can click on a spot in the map, and it’ll navigate there!
  • Cleanup & Fixes for the preg system.
  • Fixes for shops with alternative currencies, courtesy of Leek.
  • Fixes for Krissy’s holiday event.
  • Fix VR softlock.
  • Fixes for the parser.
  • Badger’s silicone tank was added to the fap menu.


TiTS Update: Fat Tuesday

Happy Thicc Tuesday!


  • Hotkey improvements! I made some modifications to the basic hotkey code in game to improve functionality in a few places:
    • The shift key can now be combined with hotkeys!
    • Up/Down hotkeys are now shift+key – avoiding conflicting with ‘z’ to masturbate.
    • The main button dock now has functional hotkeys for WASD. In the rare event that the dock is displaying something on W, A, S, or D while the movement controls are also active, the movement controls will work with a shift modifier.
    • Inventory & shop UIs have not been touched because they’re going to need some big brain to properly function with keyboard input, and them brains are working elsewhere.
  • The map exploration tutorial blurb should show up on Mhenga instead of Uveto.
  • Tetra & Mica’s busts should be more consistently displayed.
  • Fixes for several embedded images and a few other busts as well…
  • DendroGro’s multiple cock menu is no longer horribly broken.
  • Dr. Badger’s silicone tank should now be available in the masturbation menu once installed.
  • The bimbo hat from the “Kiroween” event should make you a bimbo again – and display “on equip” messages once more.
  • “Kiroween” is hooked up and accessible once more (assuming it’s Halloween or you cheated to make it so…)
  • Map fixes for puppyslutmas.
  • Buying Suma Cream from Busky no longer hardlocks the game in an infinite loop.
  • Fixed crashes on selecting a random masturbation.
  • Nessa’s larger belly bust should display again.
  • The goblinola vending machine should actually dispense the product now.
  • Fixed a wettraxel hound softlock.
  • Fixes for a plethora of small crashes.

[TiTS Update] Error Reporting, Fog of Whore, and Korg’ii War

Who needs to relax on a weekend when you can fix bugs and add new features?! We’ve got a spicy Monday drop that not even Garfield could hate. Maybe our code spaghetti congealed into code lasagna!

02/23/2022 BONUS Changelog:

  • Minimum lust has been converted to Minimum Lust Rating, and it now has diminishing returns the higher it gets. This eliminates a lot of janky behavior and makes it much harder to accidentally lock your lust at max.
  • Leek made some changes to how characters are loaded for combat that should result in less errors during battle.
  • Emmy’s Herm Harness’s Codex controls should work now, both in person and remotely.
  • Geddy improved how the game handles loading a save in an invalid location.
  • There’s an existing issue where character heights could become considered a string by javascript, which would result in strange addition when changing height. Ever suddenly gotten 10x taller? That’s the culprit. We’ve deployed two fixes that should try to prevent that from happening in the future…
  • The Omnisuit is now a rare item, also a lil more polish to it.
  • Undressing for the New Texas pool should be less crashy.
  • Cockvine tails now count as parasites again.
  • Backing out of Nevrie’s shop no longer displays main menu buttons.
  • Fixed a missing room description on New Texas.
  • Submitting to Lund no longer crashes.
  • The softlock that happens after submitting to Lund that was hiding behind the crash has ALSO been fixed.
  • More improvements for displayed names, courtesy of Jacques00.
  • Fixed an issue buried in the parser’s belly.
  • And many more!


  • TiTS now has an error reporting system built in. By default it is disabled – there is an option to enable it in the Options screen, under Gameplay – look for Automatic Error Reporting.
    • This system is based on Sentry.io, but we’re hosting our own instance of it, and I want to explain a little bit about it in the hopes you guys will _opt_ to turn it on.
    • Firstly, we’re defaulting it to off – you, the player, has to make the decision to turn it on. There’s no popup about it, there’s no reminder or anything. Turn it on or don’t, it won’t get in your way begging for your attention either way. For all intents and purposes, this is the only time we’re going to talk about it being a thing and asking people to turn it on because we are like you – my ass always gets chapped when this kinda stuff gets forced on me so I am absolutely not gonna do the same.
    • As for turning it on, there are two modes: Auto and Prompt.
    • Auto will just send the error message straight to us as soon as it’s displayed. It can send us some extra data as well, chiefly, a record of the last couple of actions you’ve taken leading up to the crash which will allow us to more easily track down the issue.
    • Prompt simply adds an extra button to the error screen that will send the error, and only the error, to us, but only if you hit the button.
  • The exploration system has been turned on for Mhenga, Tarkus, and Myrellion. Now you can chart your own journey through the sparsely explored wilds of the galaxy, and more easily tell which places you have explored, and which you have yet to explore. Perhaps in time we can add a place for you to make a few bucks off your map data…
  • Item Rarity display is coming to TiTS! Expect to see items in your inventory have different colored icons to denote their rarity. My current labels for them are common, rare, and custom.
    • KNOWN BUG: Currently rarity information is not displayed on equipped weapons on the paperdoll. (This is fixed!)
  • Item level display has been configured for most weapons and armors in the game.
  • The battle for Korg’ii Hold is now able to be completed – at least on the test save I plowed through with it. I fixed up a bunch of broken room linkages, added staircase icons where appropriate, fixed something like 10+ different crash bugs, cleared up missing text when defeating the War Alpha, and more. There’s still one issue with encounter text being eaten – I think when Tuuva is assisting, and that’s on my agenda for today…
  • Geddy took a pass through the Codex buttons and cleaned up the whole mess of them.
  • Fixed a Mirrin softlock.
  • Fixed a Bothrioc birth codesplosion.
  • Fixes for the nursery & plenty of pregnancies.
  • Lots of under the hood changes for Roxy to address some of her bugs.
  • Lots of name displays got fixed. (By which I mean all-caps displays with “\n” or “<br>” have been formatted to fit the new display style.)
  • Many improvements to quest log display.
  • Addiction data has been moved into the medical log of your Codex.
  • The Pumpking’s bust cropping has been fixed.
  • And more! <3

TiTS: Frozen Cartography

New day, new patch, new features, new bugs!

(EDIT) Hotfix Changelog:

  • Fixed an error that caused the map to stop working entirely.
  • Fixed an error with Leek’s optimizations that made many puzzles (and some other content) softlock.
  • Fixed Bianca exploding the map system.
  • Azra’s mom-dom scene was ported back in.
  • Fights with multiple enemies will no longer give you multiple times the XP/credits they should.
  • Fights with multiple enemies should correctly output the list of defeated enemies.
  • Equipping heavy weapons you cannot carry should no longer crash.
  • Corrected the “Lights Out” puzzle in Azra’s Tarkus expedition to use the proper arrangement laid down in the holy Flash texts.
  • Fixed a crash with submitting to Overqueen Ysolte.
  • The Overqueen should no longer auto-grapple smugglers or athletic PC’s, as is written and intended.
  • Getting hit in the face with the Overqueen’s bolas should no longer deal lust damage, considering how painfully the text is written.
  • Pierced tongue descriptions should no longer always say “heavily pierced”. A few new small variants were added based on piercing type too (bar vs hoop).
  • Korgonne translation should be less crashy and error prone.
  • The softlock in Roxy’s doggie-style scene has been fixed.
  • A bunch of content & items that were changed in Flash after the JS port was started were updated with changes that were made in Flash. (Playing catch-up!)
  • And more!


  • [Backers] Uveto is now available for play in the backer build of the game! As usual, it’s going to be pretty rough around the edges. We’ll be banging on the bugs as space-time and bug reporting permits!
  • [Public] Myrellion is now explorable in the public version of the game! Don’t worry, we left the sexy bugs intact!
  • [Backers] The new experimental “exploration” system has been turned on for Uveto’s snow-fields. This is a feature I’ve wanted since the very early days of working on the game in Flash, but I lacked the skill to pull it off myself. Of course Geddy cracked it out in short order, that canny dragoness! Now rooms will fill in on your map as you explore them, and their exploration status should save. In the future we plan to bring this feature to more of the “wilds” of the game world, after shaking it down for any possible meltdowns in the snow…
    • Known Issue: Korg’ii Hold is visible before being explored.
  • The new exploration system should restore our ability to display markers for Bianca and Kattom Osgood, kaithrit businessman supreme!
  • The Omnisuit should actually be working again! This was… wayyyyy more of a headache than you would assume. The new inventory UI really did not like an item replacing itself with another item midway through the equipping process, or proccing multi-page events right in the middle. To get around this, I wound up making the collar a consumable “gadget,” which taps into the same sorts of systems driving player transformation items. Just use the collar, and presto! Your armor is an omnisuit, and any old armor is looted. Once you remove it, it will quietly transform back into a collar again for your future use. I dumped at least six hours of work across three days getting this fucking piece of shit working…
  • Donkey took a bunch of improperly formatted button prompts out behind the shed and took care of them. That’s well over 100 potential crash points absolutely shredded. The next time Gordon Ramsey calls someone an “absolute donkey,” it’s going to be a compliment.
  • Fixes for Bess.
  • Fixes for Shade’s bust.
  • Fixes for Dr. Poe’s menu.
  • Some fixes for nursery baby interactions.
  • Restored busts for: Sexdolls (Kiro Quest), the Cumjuice Poster decoration, Yammi Crew, Anno (Adjatha’s variants), Anno (Nikku’s variants),
  • Removed a duplicate Kiro/Paige threesome from the code.
  • Kimber fixes.
  • Bianca crew conversation fix.
  • Fixed Qualle softlock
  • Fixes for Kane’s wrestling event.
  • Fixes for Shade interactions crashing when Uveto isn’t loaded.
  • Catnip should now interact correctly with tail genitals (and fixed a missing parenthesis in the codex’s information about tails!)
  • Fixes and improvements to the questlog, courtesy of our resident lowercase-donkey!
  • Under the hood work to prepare the blackjack minigame for Zheng Shi’s arrival.
  • Under the hood work to prepare the ship systems for deployment.
  • Fixes and improvements for GooArmor.
  • Fixes to reduce how often the game has to fully re-render itself.
  • And much mooooooore~

As always, if you like the game and like what we’re doing, you can always support us on Patreon or SubscribeStar! And if not, well, the free builds will still be here!

[Backers | TiTS] Holiday Fixes

I really want to thank lowercase-donkey for the Tank Kannon-sized batch of bug fixes we got in the bin over the holidays. He worked damn near tirelessly to erase whole pages of bug-fixes – I still have to catch up with collating all the bugfix forum posts in light of everything he’s done. Ensuring that I get the gist of every bug fix in the changelog will be nigh-impossible with this much girth. Let’s see how well I do!

Where to play? This link. No, it won’t work if you aren’t logged in.

0.69.420 Changelog #889:

  • The stats page of the Codex now has nice bars for looking at.
  • Rewind/Redo states: we cut viewing past text pages to make room for this newer, better change: rewind & redo. Right now it behaves like the old feature by default, but the options menu should have options for full rewind/redo functionality if you dare risk the bugginess that will come with it. This is an unfinished and in development feature, so expect tweaks and changes going forward.
  • An option to upscale without smoothing has been added for those who prefer to see the pixels on the lower resolution busts lingering in the game. (Off by default.)
  • The checkout prompt now includes a credit display.
  • “PregnancyPlaceholders” were removed and replaced with full Creature stat blocks. This should clear up a number of bugs & crashes where they were mentioned, as PregnancyPlaceholder lost a lot of features it needed to work properly after the move.
  • I had to juggle around some values related to AmberSeed to avoid cyclical dependancies, so apologies if a new bug got introduced there. If not… well, just more evidence of my unholy perfection.
  • A number of seldom-used and ultimately pointless checks that were removed from the javascript version during the port have been more fully excised, hopefully fixing a number of crashes.
  • Tweaked how Lemon Loftcakes work to hopefully prevent really, really strange issues with characters becoming walking skyscrapers. I also added an effect where they will knock down your height some if you managed to exceed the game’s intended maximum.
  • Extrameet Dates have had a number of bugs cleaned up.
  • Updated busts: Geoff, Burt, Po
  • Tanis’s bow should be attainable again.
  • Heat-related crashes should be fixed.
  • Location stats have been archived for now.
  • “Flee” fixes.
  • Deck 13 location fixes.
  • Mhen’ga’s apostrophe style has been standardized, hopefully fixing functions confused by the presence of a fancy apostrophe vs a boring one.
  • Fixes for “makeClone” in combat.
  • Improvements to map loading and stability – and a lot of under the hood tweaks and updates to various map data across the game.
  • A lot of places referenced your current location using the old flash method. They got updated to use the new hotness.
  • cocksMatch() has been corrected to matchedCocks(), fixing a crash.
  • Fixed an issue with the worms in Kimber’s Quest.
  • Improvements for the num2Text methodology.
  • A small fix for frog girls.
  • Some more loops that got janked up in the move to javascript have been cleaned up and polished to a mirror shine once more.
  • Pandaneen should properly track if your clit has been changed by it.
  • ReductPro should work much better.
  • Dicksprout should also work better.
  • DendroGro should also work… BETTER.
  • Properly imported StringUtils for NaleenMales, which probably fixes a crash.
  • A small tweak so Lane’s intervention event was made so it can be accessed by the rest of the game when needed.
  • Lane’s button should have his name on it once you’ve met him.
  • Fixes to Bianca’s camp & made a number of her functions accessible in a broader scope, since she shows up on multiple planets.
  • Properly locked down Breedwell until it is ready.
  • Prai’s email italics should be fixed.
  • A number of tweaks and improvements were made to item menus and interactions with the inventory screen.
  • Corrected thicknessUnlocked() checks to use cockThicknessUnlocked() checks where needed.
  • Syri’s panties have been added to the global space.
  • Tweaks to the item-button method so that it can be used in shop interfaces where needed.
  • Tweaks to how some lists are generated.
  • Salvager Brutes got cleaned up to work better with how we handle combat initialization.
  • The Love Starz email unlock email should work properly now.
  • Fixes for mimbranes.
  • Inspecting items in Mi Amour should work better.
  • Lots of typos fixed.
  • Lots of pregnancy fixes.
  • Other things I definitely skimmed back, didn’t see, or forgot. A lot happened!
  • Leek has been hammering on Tarkus & Myrellion content under the hood. I hope to have the devteam testing and refining Tarkus soon ™.

As always, if you like the game and like what we’re doing, you can always support us on Patreon or SubscribeStar! And if not, well, the free builds will still be here (eventually)!

[Backers | TiTS] Cherry’s Image Wall & Sylvie Preg!

Sinensian absolutely killed it with this art. This version with the jumper silhouettes didn’t make it in game, but I’m sure you’ll all enjoy it.

Some hangups with Leyaks are going to hold them back for a bit, but DrunkZombie delivered Sylvie’s pregnancy expansion to me today, and I sorted out a pretty nice pile of high quality art for the game. Enjoy~!

0.8.141 Changelog:

  • Sylvie can now get pregnant! She can start or stop taking birth control. High virility Steele’s have a small chance to impregnate her even when on. She has special talk scenes during pregnancy, and futanari Sylvie can impregnate Steele as well. Nursery scenes are included in a special area.
  • New Busts: Big T, Bianca (though only for two of her variants), Cherry.
  • New Imagepack art: Anyxine under desk service (illustrated with SEVEN new images by SimplePhobia), Cherry’s Slutwall, Slut Wall Gabilani creampied, Slut Wall leithan creampied, Slut Wall raskvel creampied, Slut Wall ratboy creampied, Slut Wall slyveren creampied, AND I updated the Slut Wall spots that were missing embedded versions of their Adjatha bust to include the art.

As usual, the image-embedded version can be found on the relevant Patreon or SubscribeStar post. Thank you so much for your continued support!

[Backers | TiTS] Azariah Azariah!

Here comes my first drop of additional Azariah content! Written by B, author of such wonderful works as “Lane”, “Frostwyrm”, “Nykke”, “Nenne”, and more that I’m surely forgetting, this lovely (and heavily modded!) slyveren mistress is happy to have you help her girls service her cock. Check in with Sally on Dhaal to unlock her, but you have to make sure you treat her right! Once Azariah’s unlocked, you can bump into her on the east side of the Gyre at around the same North-South “elevation”. Patch notes a bit further down, under the general dev update.

I’m juggling a lot of irons in my fire right now between pushing out the visual novel, coordinating the TiTS team, and trying to keep the content flowing to you guys while some of our better coders (in my opinion) are busy with the port to Javascript. An update on that – Geddy’s still picking at teaching the flash version how to export something we could potentially import into the javascript version of the game. Odds are good you won’t have to start fresh!

As mentioned on my twitter, Jacques00 put together a little tween-animated tutorial helper we can use to help first-timers with the UI, already embedded into the current javascript port in mockup form, even allowing for me to give her some custom text. Of course I got goofy with it. It’s too good not to share on the blog!

Lighterfluid has been busy coding (in addition to real life demands) the Leyaks, which I can only really describe as floating jellyfish – if the jellyfish had sexy bimbo faces tucked into them. I wasn’t 100% onboard with the concept at first, but the busts Adj is putting together for them look really, really nice. One small wrinkle is that they were written to induce the effects of a galomax dose in certain loss scenarios, but given how galomax is written and structured, that won’t be a good fit. I’m going to have to work out an alternative goo-ification (jellyfication?) scenario to satisfy everyone tonight or tomorrow.

DrunkZombie has also had plenty to keep him busy in the real world, but he told me that I could reasonably expect Sylvie to have a pregnancy expansion on Friday. I’m not as into pregnancy as I used to be back in the CoC days, but I’m still looking forward to it!

0.8.140 Changelog:

  • Azariah the slyveren mistress is now on Dhaal! She comes with two sex scenes that have significant forks (each the size of a small scene on their own) and a blowjob that you can trigger from almost anywhere in her content – with significant variation based on when and where you start it. B really outdid himself on that one!
  • Gianna will now get out of your bed when you tell her to. Naughty companion robots, I swear!
  • Slave Sera’s inventory can now contain Vernacola and Dicksprout.
  • Tuuva can no longer have a threesome with Nenne while Tuuva is indisposed.
  • The “Twins” from Kiroquest will now properly offer their “Get Service(P)” scene to males. It was blocked by an error in disabled button placement – unless the PC was herm, like my test PC. Whoops!
  • FIRST-14’s “Overqueen” was missing her full list of “sexual dislikes”. You may find her a bit tougher to tease as a result!
  • “Generic” Enemies on FIRST-14 have had their uncommon drops standardized so that they cannot drop equipment you already have – and will instead drop a piece you don’t have instead. This should make getting pieces you don’t have a little easier and eliminates some random variance in methodology between the two.
  • Fixed a potential crash related to collecting Perdita’s stories.
  • I wub you guys. Stay safe out there!

[Public | TiTS] Salacious Sally, Azariah’s Precursor

Let me begin by apologizing for the lack of additional Gianna crew content. I have some work on the backburner, but Savin also did me the favor of kicking my butt into gear on the visual novel during Wednesday’s team meeting. I’ll talk more about that after the patch notes, but let me hit you with those first. A lot of bug-fixing got done over the last few days along with some work on a commission from B…

Image Embedded version updated. (Requires a stand-alone flash player.)

0.8.139 Changelog:

  • Salacious Sally can now be met on Dhaal. She’s a working-girl Slyveren under the employ of one Azariah, who will be getting content in a future patch. She has one scene with a few choices along the way, and depending on how you treat her, you could get an invite to some future content…
  • Newly created Leithans should now have their skinType set to “skin” instead of “scales”. In addition, most of their extremities will now be tagged as both chitin & scales. LeithaCharms have been updated appropriately – as well as the leithanScore() function that is used to determine if the PC qualifies as a Leithan.
  • When accessing the crew menu, Gianna’s text description should now vary based on her personality and appearance state, like it does on New Texas.
  • T1-K4’s STD immunity treatment should now actually make you SSTD immune.
  • Dove Balm can now remove back tentacles, shark fins, etc.
  • The MaxLaz Rifle dropped by the Gryvain Techie in FIRST14 now properly does burning damage and is tagged as an energy weapon and laser.
  • Gryvain pregnancy can now properly give you strawberry milk.
  • The highestWetness() function was bugged and should function properly now.
  • Thyvara’s button text should now fit the button.
  • Made a slight tweak to the galomax text to handle an edge-case.
  • You can now take down the posters from FIRST-14 if you hung them up.
  • Kase’s arm would not count as “healed” until you asked him about it. To address this, once Kase’s arm is healed, he will immediately talk about it when approaching him.
  • Fixed an instance of misgendering Jack/Jill, the rival.
  • Fixed an exploit that allowed you to access Gianna’s crew menu before recruiting her.
  • The equine mechanic on Myrellion can no longer crash your game by impregnating a vagina that doesn’t exist.
  • You can no longer use “wait” instead of “rest” to cheese some HP/energy recovery while wearing a slave collar.
  • Tweaked the appearance screen facial display for Kui-tan to be more accurate.

If you haven’t heard of our visual novel, well… it’s been in a bit of development hell for an age. We have a great script by SomeKindofWizard of CoC2 fame, amazing art by Hizzacked, Jacques00, and Moira, and most of it put together using Ren’py. What’s missing is audio and polish. Sure, I had put together a good chunk of the introduction segment months and months AND MONTHS ago, but it’s largely sat since then. No longer. In the past few days I’ve chunked through the rest of the introduction and all of chapter one. This thing will be going on Steam, Gaben-depending, and if you’d like an idea of what it will look like, well, look no further.

[Backers | TiTS] Crew Gianna & Evening~

Gianna blowies by Pzero.

Hey guys! I’m back and cranking on crew Gianna! I went through all of her current sex and talk scenes to try and make sure they would make sense in a crew capacity, but being me, I’m sure I missed a few bits here and there that I’ll be happy to clean up as they’re reported to me. Enjoy!

0.8.137 Changelog:

  • Gianna can now be recruited! You’ll have to go through dinner with her adoptive father, Big T, but you can recruit her! Just make sure you got to know her first (and slept with her enough!) Currently her crew content is functionally identical to her current suite of content but in portable form, but new scenes are the next topic on my to-do!
  • Evening is here! This bar-going mercenary can be found in the Crash Landing on Dhaal. Feel free to challenge her to games of darts or show her some of the unique guns you’ve found in your adventures! Written by AceInTheHole and coded by Lighterfluid… though it looks like Lighterfluid didn’t set up the author tagging. Don’t fret, it’s fixed for next patch.

If you like what you play, consider backing us on Patreon or SubscribeStar!

[Public | TiTS] Bigger, Tiddier TiTS

Okay guys, Grandpappy Fenoxo is back with a heaping helping of bug fixes as well as a dribble of new content to keep you entertained. The patch after this one is likely to be an exclusive for our loyal backers once more, either containing some Anyxine or Gianna as well as some more new bust art. More to share on that soon (hopefully!)

The jumper and Riley Steele having a good time, as illustrated by MehLewds!

0.8.134 Changelog:

  • The image pack is updated and available! (Requires stand-alone flash player.) This version of the game allows you to zoom in the corner busts for a better look at most NPCs. It also adds a small selection of in-line illustrations that appear during some scenes.
  • New image pack scene embed in the Bored Jumper scene for losing three times in a row… (Note: the illustration always shows the gray jumper. This is not a bug.)
  • New Codex: Caesselians! Unlock this by fighting the Overqueen in FIRST14.
  • New loss scene for the Gryvain Techie by William! This beauty of a scene is actually two – one for servicing her vagina and one for her other endowment…
  • The Overqueen’s victory sex menu should function properly now.
  • Fixed a bug that would make it impossible to gift sluttified Kiro a dildo if her inventory was glitched to a certain state.
  • You can no longer select your anus as the chosen hole for vaginal scenes with the feline salvagers.
  • Resetting the communications repair puzzle should no longer remove the “Abort” button.
  • The gryvain techie should now drop some credits.
  • You can no longer call SteeleTech infinitely for infinite credits.
  • Fixed an entire molehill worth of typos.

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