[Backers | TiTS] Zaika Watiti

After defeating you she can direct Whore 3: Fucknarok.

(Note: CoC2 just got updated the other day as well! Check out their post below!)

Before anyone asks, yes, I did start to push the patch, then realize Gena138 had some things ready and hastily bumped the version number again… but that’s not all! B, author of such famed TiTS characters as Frosty the Frostywyrm, Paige, and Lorelei has been cranking away his asset theft game as well. You can check that out as well as some WIP text for TiTS/CoC2 projects on his Patreon as well!

0.8.082 & 0.8.083 Changelogs:

  • New loss scene for the zaika hydra for players with very large endowments (36″+), written & coded by yours truly.
  • New loss scene for the zaika hydra for players with feminine tail genitalia, written & coded by yours truly.
  • New busts for the zaika hydra by Adjatha! She’s a cutie, ain’t she?
  • New extranet date: Starchild! Written by The Biologist and coded by Gena138.
  • New rare drop on Dhaal – “Zil Nigh the Science Bi 2” video, written by Gardeford. Coded by Gena138 as well.
  • Mirrin DP now only checks for proper capacity, not gape. Doesn’t make any sense with a leithan buttslut with elasticity mods couldn’t do it.
  • Libido and taint stat minimums bumped back to 0… though I think I’m going to put libido back at 1 the more time I spend thinking about this.
  • Kaede now properly checks penis sizes for insertion during her dates.
  • Fixed a bold bleed in Bianca’s stealth sex.
  • Assorted typos fixed.

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[Backers | TiTS] Trials in Hydra Space

New day, new TiTS patch, though we are back to most patches being backer-only until the next month’s public catch-up patch! I don’t know how long I can keep this rhythm going, but the fact that I’m running longer than 24-hour days to fix my sleep schedule is helping – so long as my caffeine supplies hold out.

…my eye isn’t twitching, your eye is twitching!!!!

0.8.081 Changelog:

  • YOU THOUGHT IT WAS OVER? It’s Fuckin’ Mother’s Day, so enjoy some sneaky MILF bar sex courtesy of Bianca (and William)Also maybe give your mom a call.
  • I also fixed a crash bug in voluntarily fucking the Hydra.
  • I also fixed the Hydra’s cum output hopefully. I’ll need to look at it a little more when I’m better rested.

0.8.080 Changelog:

  • A new enemy has arrived on Dhaal! The glowing zaika hydra packs a tail with twice the tips and more than twice the libido! She can be encountered anywhere in the Gyre region that hostiles can be found. Currently includes one loss scene and four unique victory scenes, though William and I both intend to add at least a scene a piece to her to help get those rookie numbers up! (Written by Adjatha, coded by yours truly.)
    • [Known Issue] the zaika hydra’s fluid volumes weren’t properly configured. They will be for next patch.
  • Lorelei got some tweaks for april fool’s.
  • ScottyBJordan created some icons for some of the consumables in the game, and I’ve gone ahead and added them as busts during the item usage scenes. Items receiving busts: Honeydew, Honeyseed, Kerokoras Venom, Laquine Ears, Mangos, Strange Eggs, Twink-Ease, and Zil Honey.
  • New Adjatha Busts: Narc, Wall Rats VIP.
  • Narc now properly intakes feminine fluids as well as masculine.
  • A few bug fixes courtesy of Gena138.

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[PUBLIC | TiTS] Bugfixes & Pro Lions

Hey guys! I just spent four hours fixing stuff up for you before I dig into coding Adjatha’s new NPC for backers. Hopefully this’ll clear up more bugs than it introduces!


  • New item: Lion-Pros! They’re a one-shot lion transformation in the vein of Lion-O’s, though since they’re intended to be a one-and-done transformation, I trimmed some of the smaller effects that are meant to build up over time to keep the text spam when using them reasonable… semi-reasonable. You’ll still turn 100% into a lion when you take them, you just might need to farm Lion-O’s after to get your thickness, tallness, etc to the target values (if you want). You can buy them in Jade’s shop.
  • Lion-Os no longer give slitted feline eyes – because lions don’t have them! Crazy, I know.
  • Penis growth threshold notifications from Laquine Ears got pulled into Lion-O’s and expanded to include some… larger sizes.
  • Lion-O’s should no longer allow for infinite height or penis growth.
  • Lion-O’s should no longer be capable of proccing female height/tallness/etc adjustments while not having feminine pronouns.
  • Fixed a bold bleed in Lion-O’s.
  • Lion-O’s should properly apply their musk perk.
  • Lion-O’s should properly proc more effects while crotch covered.
  • Lion-O’s should no longer be capable of rolling the same effect twice in one use.
  • Lions should now count as cats.
  • Lion parts now count partially toward felineScore.
  • Lion-Os should now respect transformation-disabled parts (like parasite tails).
  • Narc’s breasts should no longer deflate. We plugged the leak!
  • Milk thieves should no longer comment on flat chests not having milk and then milk them anyway.
  • Doctor Po’s dildo bucket should more correctly report its full/empty status.
  • Minimum stats were moved from 0 to 1.
  • Approaching Embry, checking her appearance, and backing out should no longer trigger her second meeting event.
  • Fixed a pile of typos.
  • And probably some stuff I forgot!

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[PUBLIC | TiTS] Snakes, and Titjobs, and Lions, OH MY!

Xalt on the forums did a lovely rendition of my minotaur character! Thanks!

There are still a few changes I want to make to Lion-Os – things like setting your fur color or removing reptilian genital slits, for example, but I think it’s well past time I let you all play with what we’ve been working on. It’s a true shame that you all had to wait so long to touch this mess. Hopefully there’s enough meat on the bones of this patch to make it worth the wait!

Image Pack available for everyone this time! (Note: requires standalone flash player.) Further image pack releases will be backers-only for the rest of the month.

0.8.078 Changelog:

  • Fixed a bold bleed.
  • Fixed a Lion-Os crash related to trying to use vaginal wetness to reference a specific vagina. driestVaginalWetness -> driestVaginaIndex should fix that!

0.8.077 Changelog:

  • A new transformation item is available in Jade’s shop: Lion-Os! This is the ideal transformation item for anyone that wants to look like a sexy lion-anthro and feel sexy doing it!
  • Dhaal’s landing zone has been more fully described. A few locations were moved or adjusted as a result (and to improve consistency with the first time landing text).
  • Dhaal gained another taxi station.
  • Nonesuch’s “Bizzy Flatpack” expansion is now live! Personally, my favorite Bizzy stage is the next to last one, but if you like small tiddy kitties, this is the expansion for youuuuu~! (Coded by Gena138)
    • Nonesuch wants me to remind you that you can reset Bizzy with “backinbizzness” as a cheat code.
  • A slyveren has been added to Cherry’s Taphall for those who like it… snake. (Written by William, coded by Gena138)
  • Vahn can now received titfucks from the PC! (Written by William, coded by Gena138)
  • Stealth Field now raises your evasion cap for the duration of the effect by 40. Previously the ability became fairly useless for high level characters near the evasion cap already. It should now be more useful and powerful, capable of making you unable to be hit by any attack that can miss using the standard “combatMiss” function family. (Note that enemies with bonus accuracy will be able to counter this, though there are currently astonishingly few with an accuracy bonus.)
  • Teasing for max damage now applies the “Charmed” status, which should make your next tease a guaranteed hit. (Coded by Gena138 & Me, the Fenoxo!)
  • Foes on Mhen’ga now drop credits, though as a consequence, Burt isn’t buying their items for quite as much.
  • Minimum and Maximum height for your race should now display at the height selection during creation.
  • Disarming Dane now has actual benefit.
  • Using ReductPro no longer uses two of them.
  • Kase’s fanfiction story discovery event should only occur 10% of the time if eligible instead of 100% of the time.
  • Quests on Mhenga should now have objective markers appear on the map.
  • Iyla’s sex scenes got checks to make sure you have the proper genitalia.
  • The “Leave” option when encountering a Mango was moved to slot 14 so that pressing “space” can quickly allow you to leave.
  • Choosing not to pick up a Mango disables chances of finding them for 48 in game hours.
  • Finding a mango now resets the encounter chances.
  • Carl’s quest is now on the bounty board in Esbeth.
  • Carl’s talk buttons now use the button disabling functions instead of simply vanishing.
  • Fixed Ardia having 0 femininity in older saves.
  • Whoring at Beth’s has been updated to make use of the changed tease skill system.
  • Lots of other fixes, especially for “bleeding bold” text that make everything bold until you restart. (One of those fixes for the slyveren wall-girl didn’t get merged in before I pushed this >.> )

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[PUBLIC | TiTS] Naughty Nurses…

Doc. Po has a lucrative side business helping get off hyper-sized wangs! Lines by MrPink, colors by Waru-Geli!

0.8.075 Changelog:

  • New NPC on Dhaal: Narc the naughty nursedroid, purveyor of fine intoxicants. Written by Fr0sty, coded by yours truly. She has three possible sex scenes. Can you figure out how to unlock them?
  • New rare drop on Dhaal: Dhaalian nurse’s outfit.
  • Ula can now be given peanut butter cookies. Careful, they’re quite a powerful snack food!
  • Moira’s art for Reaha should now display more frequently (and be able to be selected as primary).
  • You can now find a fiction story by Kase (but really Night Trap, back in 2018) in his quarters. Apparently I forgot to set the random factor in its proc chance, so you’ll be able to immediately obtain it, no issue for this patch and this patch only. Happy accidents!
  • A pop-up notice for Emmy cumming from the herm harness while you’re in her shop should properly appear now.
  • Bess got a small expansion of her options thanks to Whimsalot’s coding.
  • Two new image pack pictures – one for Po making use of hyper-sized penises and one in the capsule hotel for tail-milking.
  • Crew Kiro can now help with Zheng Shi’s password.
  • Dicksprout should more properly set tailgenital type based on your race.
  • New Busts: Wall Rats, Wall Rat Trap (see Cherry’s on Zheng Shi), Venus Ziltraps (from Penny’s Quest), and Kellah the Easter Zaika (her name was adjusted and made more consistent as well.)
  • Lots and lots more bug fixes courtesy of gena138 and myself.

0.8.076 Changelog:

  • Actually populated Narc’s inventory with her stock.

Imagepack version of the game available on Patreon and Subscribestar!

TiTS Patch – Likely Tomorrow

Was this an excuse to show some art of a D&D character? Only slightly. Only slightly…

Fenoxo here! I started work on the extremely lewd Lion transformation I’ve been kicking around in my head for the past few months, lightly inspired by a recent OC/D&D character design (pictured at right, drawn by Jojocite.) The document is sitting about 4,000 words thus far, though it’s largely all different orgasm variants based on being in public or not and/or flooding whatever crotch-covering clothing you’re rocking. I’m hoping this project comes out about like laquine ears did, but a little less hopped up on over-time-procs.

I’ve also reviewed a submitted nursedroid for Dhaal from Fr0sty (Tessa’s author). She’s got a fun little twist on the V-Ko/Vi type of robot that you’re likely familiar with from Mhen’ga or Myrellion. I won’t spoil her yet, though. Right now, I’m cranking on code for her. Assuming I can keep cranking out work like I have today, she’ll be ready for a patch tomorrow.

There’s also a new fiction story for those with Kase that I secured permission to add to the game from Night Trap (that was written years ago). It’s loaded and ready to go.


[Public | TiTS] Easter Buggin’ Out!

Adjatha doodled my suggestion of Kally joining a rahn convent to amazing effect.

Bugs in TiTS suffer the same fate as ants in my kitchen: extermination.

0.8.074 Changelog:

  • Corrected a new bug that was introduced that basically broke all Jumper preg. Sorry!

0.8.073 Changelog:

  • Fixed some bold bleeding in the Easter Jumper.
  • Fixed some bold bleeding in Azra’s fuckable plants if you were under 33 lust.
  • Added resolve stats to the following pieces of equipment: Khan’s Lab Coat, Thermal Underwear, Chit Plate, and Pumpking Armor.
  • Another small fix/adjustment for Easter Jumper preg.
  • Fixed ReductPro’s menu glitching out if you tried to use it on purchase with a full inventory.
  • Fixed an issue with Bianca’s oral where PC’s with single dicks would be forced into the vagina variant for a bit.
  • Mitzi & Bizzy’s scene selection menu now has a back button.
  • Edan unlocks the Leithan Codex if you haven’t already when you meet him.
  • Horn bumps no longer count as all types of horns.
  • Lucifer should now be able to grow demon horns if you have horn bumps.
  • The Next Page / Previous Page buttons for the display window AND menu now have hotkeys displayed on their tooltips.
  • Fixed some Lund issues.
  • Fixed another wonky Kiro trust issue. Will these ever die?
  • Fixed some lingering references to the old tease skill values.
  • If you hit the tease damage cap against an enemy, the next tease attack should cause full damage no matter what part you use (but only the next). (I need to update this to display a proper notification and status effect.)

[Public | TiTS] Fixing Easter Buggos

New day, new patch. I did a whole bunch of stuff today but forgot to put the garbage out for pickup. Yay me…

(Thanks to DZ for help with the pregnancy stuff and Gena138 for cleanup on a couple bugs in Lund.)

0.8.072 Changelog:

  • Fix an Easter Jumper displaying a paragraph for double-dicked PC’s whether they were or not.
  • Tweaked the values for the Kiro/Kally meetup for more consistency with Kiro’s reaction.
  • The Amber/Anno event should correctly show Huskar Anno if she is a huskar.
  • Dicksprout should correctly set new penis values when growing one.
  • Fixed a missing egg name during egg collection for an Easter event.
  • Fixed an incorrect error message in ReductPro if your ballSize is locked.
  • Fixed Eitan typos and calling him a her once.
  • The Easter Zaika no longer calls everyone a laquine.
  • Dildos can now be used rectally from inventory for vaginaless PCs.
  • Fixed a bold bleed in the Easter Zaika.
  • Fixed an impossible variant in the Milk Thief’s opening lines.
  • Fixed a bugged parser in the Easter Zaika.
  • Fixed a crash/lock where an incorrect vagina index would crater the Easter Jumper’s scenes if you were fully pregnant.
  • Fixed some bugs in Lund’s combat.
  • Fixed a crash in slut Kiro’s crew orgy scene.
  • Fixed & corrected the Easter Jumper’s pregnancy type so that it shouldn’t conflict with the other Jumpers.
  • The Milodan Bruiser bust should now display properly.
  • Advanced Shielding got a slight nerf. (ShieldDef + Int/4 -> ShieldDef + Int/5)

[Public | TiTS] Buggy Easter Surprises?

I’m feeling fucking fried today, so this is getting chucked out without much testing or even so much as a glance at the bug reports. I’ll try to pound on those in the next few days.

0.8.071 Changelog:

  • An Easter & Rusher-loving Zaika can be encountered on Dhaal, courtesy of me, Fenoximus. Includes two major sex scene forks.
  • If you tell Lund to fuck off, he can show up as a hostile combat encounter now. Written by Wsan, coded by Gena138.
  • A lot more parts of Kiro’s recruitment quest can now drop VR bits that’ll enable VR-based replays of that limited content. Coded by Gena138.
  • Paige should actually have some navigational options as your ship navigator. Written by B, coded by Gena138.
  • Will put in some edits to clean up the Easter Jumper.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I have a date with putting vidjagame-bullets in faces.

[Public | TiTS] Easter Surprise!

Eggs beware!

Maybe it’s not a surprise if you’ve been lingering in the discord or the comments, or the twitters, or whatever, but we’ve got a new Easter Event for you guys to enjoy!

…I also have my own thing I wrote some of but need to do some editing on, and this took me well over eight hours today. Suffice to say, I’m tapped out. It’ll have to arrive belatedly. Easter Sunday isn’t going to be the best day for me to finish it.

0.8.070 Changelog:

  • A new enemy can be encountered almost anywhere in Zheng Shi where enemies can be found… so long as it’s Easter! The Easter Jumper was written by William (coded by yours truly) and comes with some of the lewdest, most varied combat attacks I’ve seen in a while. Give her a try! She comes with three unique scenes and some decently varied sub-scenes (like if you submit!)
  • You can now go fishing at an Uvetan fishing hole. Not very smutty, but fun. Written by Savin, coded by DrunkZombie.
  • The author box should no longer default to “probably Fenoxo”.
  • Going to the Kiro/Kally meeting event at less than 100 Kiro trust shouldn’t make Kiro angrier than she ought to be.
  • A generator for churning out the “appearance” parts of an NPC’s statblock was made for use by devs and authors. I need to build a proper cheat code to activate it still as well as figure out an issue with the fancy quotes our parser converts the output to.
  • Fixed numerous misgendering issues.
  • Fixed an italic/bold bleed for in Maja for Treated males.
  • New Parser: tailCockNoun.
  • Ellie’s first trip to the nursery should be less buggy in regards to the New Texan disarming mechanics. Hopefully it’s fixed for good.
  • You no longer need to be lusty to invite crew to shower.
  • More cheats should work in VKo’s input.
  • Fixed slut-Kiro showing up as normal Kiro in the bar.
  • Fixed some “button bleed” (where buttons persist into the next scene) in Bianca.
  • Fixed broken parser calls in Dicksprout.
  • NPCs with “Fixed MilkQ” perks set should now properly count as “isLactating()” and “canLactate()”.
  • Probably some other fixes and tweaks I’ve failed to enumerate!

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