So last night my sinus/ear infection flared back up in the other ear now that I’m out of antibiotics. This time I got put on some steroids (not the muscle-building kind). Hopefully I’ll have my shit together by Gencon this weekend, dodge any con crud, and hit coding Soak hard.

Also I had to reinstall windows last night, lost a few hours work, and I’m not looking forward to figuring out how to set up my coding macros again >.>

I’ll be back in a week with a public patch, hopefully better health, and streaming work on coding Soak.

I fucking hate everything about this month.

[Backers | TiTS] Consequences


Shou’s rendition of Chibi-noxo can’t handle Savin’s new bad-end…

I’m not dead yet! Enjoy the new content. I made sure Teyaal’s fight was actually pretty tough, but please let me know if it it’s too tough. I could reliably beat it in testing, but perhaps I just had an optimal ship fit for the Sidewinder.

0.8.010 Changelog:

  • Two new scenes were added for the frost dragon, written by TheLetterB and coded by Whimsalot.
  • Doctor Teyaal gets quite upset if you come back after stealing the Sidewinder. If you fly back to Zheng Shi after, expect heavy resistance. (Note that the event is currently bugged to happen no matter what ship you are flying post-theft. In a future patch it will only trigger if flying the Sidewinder.) Losing, of course, brings a sexy new bad-end.
  • New Cheat: “sjw”. Toggling this one replaces “shemale” with “dick-girl” throughout the game’s scenes dynamically. Something like this has been requested a few times, and it spending 5 minutes adding a cheat allows some of our transgender fans to better enjoy the game, I’m happy to do it.
  • Zheng Shi’s rooms have been updated for the Sidewinder‘s theft. What replaced it? A new, much less complete Sidewinder II. One of these days they’ll actually get to use one of their ships…
  • Burt’s vending machine was moved to the back room. Yoma’s button (when he’s there) now occupies its space.
  • Enemy AI for using Shield Disruptors was fixed.
  • Lots of other fixes courtesy of Jacques00. Seriously. A lot of files got the J-touch!

0.8.011 Changelog:

  • You can now mating press the female raskvel, courtesy of William’s writes and DrunkZombie’s coding.
  • This version number only exists because I forgot to merge this branch before pushing 0.8.010 to the build-servers. Whoops.

[Backers | TiTS] Apology Patch

Sorry guys, but I’ve done literally nothing across the past few days (aside from drop my car off in the shop… FML). Still not well. I’m not going to get into the details because I’ll get the same volley of health suggestions I always do whenever I get sick.

I’m just glad this doesn’t happen as often as it used to.

0.8.009 Changelog:

  • Nykke (by B) is back in the game with a new coat of paint. (Coded by DrunkenZombie.)
  • That’s it.


Feelin’ Shit.

Might need to go back for stronger antibiotics if I’m not better by the end of the weekend.


Hey guys, no patch today. I just wanted to tease you a little bit – we’ve got Soak on the way! What’s Soak? It’s another transformative drug in the vein of Throbb, but for women. Skom’s been writing it for me, and I did a quick review of the WIP today. It’s phenomenal. There’s a few changes and adjustments I requested, but what’s there already is more than perfect for aficionados of sopping-wet cunts.

Nykke’s rework is also coming. DrunkZombie did a lot of work coding up this new version of the much-beloved scale-slut, and she’ll be included in the next patch.

Meanwhile, I have to redo all the rooms descriptions that make mention of the Sidewinder for its absence. …and then write a scene for Mitzi getting her soak.

I’ll keep you posted!

[Backers | TiTS] Olympia and the Saucy Sidewinder

(Pssst, don’t forget that CoC2 just got a public release!)

Olympia looks good sporting the SteeleTech colors.

Alright guys, this is one I’ve been getting asked about for fucking ages… and what’s worse is that the writing was done months ago, just waiting on there to be actual code for ships. Now, before I get into this, a word of warning: This patch is not 100% complete in regards to stealing the sidewinder. I still need to update all the room descriptions for its departure, and undoubtedly other changes and tweaks are going to be made as well. Be aware that saves made in this patch may not reflect future changes to the Sidewinder’s stats if anything needs adjusted.

(Not bad for a guy with an ear infection…)

0.8.008 Changelog:

  • You can steal the Sidewinder! It goes fast… really fast. More than twice as fast as any other ship in the game. It also comes with a very defensive sex-bot that will need to be dealt with.
  • Speaking of that sex-bot – she can be a full fledged crew-member… as long as you stay onboard the Sidewinder. If you swap it out for any other ship, she’ll ditch you to stay with the Sidewinder. Probably don’t sell it.
  • Amber got some new scenes to personally “Drain Her,” written by Wsan and coded by Legojohn. Great stuff, guys!
  • A new option for having log notices appear in-line with current scene text is now available. Please note: In some rare instances this may cause log notices not to display.
  • Carl’s shop found its tooltips.
  • Some bug fixes, like usual!

[Backer | TiTS] Teensy(not quite)patch

I wanted to have that Amber stuff I was talking up live as well, but that might be another day or two. Sorry this week has been slower on content than usual, but I’m not going to rattle off the myriad excuses and reasons why. Fortunately the community coders have not been idle!

Personally, I’m just gonna give you snake-girl ball-sucking.

0.8.007 Changelog:

  • Synphia can now suck your balls… and use her psionic powers to make them bigger.
  • Yoma got a chunky new expansion! Written by GothPastel and coded by Whimsalot.
  • A new transformation item has been added to Ceria’s inventory: Areolove! This transformation lets you adjust your nipple shape. Written & Coded by Somebody Else.
  • Fixed a bug in the ship swapping menu.
  • Suula breast size options should display properly.
  • Lots of other fixes courtesy of Jacques00!

What’s Coming

It’s late, and I’m pretty tired tonight, so brevity will have to suffice. Synphia’s ball augmentation is written and coded, and a volunteer coder is cooking up some of Wsan’s new Amber scenes. This leaves me finished with my new favorite snake-girl and looking towards the future. I’d rather not 100% commit myself to anything, but pretty much every potential project is a bigger one. Things like stealing the Sidewinder or actually setting to work on Kiro’s recruitment adventure.


[Backers | TiTS] Lore Patch!

A slavebreaker relaxing in some quarters somewhere, by Dsolte and commissioned by Tsuru.

We’re starting out with a small patch containing all the things I wrote this afternoon, then after I get back from the gym, I’ll hopefully push out an update with another starting race Savin has been begging for for a while. <3

CoC2 also got a new patch yesterday.

0.8.005 Changelog:

  • Synphia got an appearance screen.
  • Synphia has five new talk topics to flesh out her lore and even a bit of SteeleTech’s.
  • Various bug fixes.

0.8.006 Changelog:

  • Half-Suulas have been added to the game as a starter race. Note that half-suulas do not have wings and take after their human sire in the genitalia department (aside from coloration).

[Backers | TiTS] Kiona + Synphia + Public Bug Fixes

Bizzy is so modest…

Alright, we’ve got a double header coming at you guys tonight: a patch to clean up some bugs in the public patch (because you guys are worth the extra effort) and some new content for our backers (because you guys support us and deserve support back).

[Public] Patch 0.8.003 Changelog:

  • Missing busts should be active again.
  • Some tweaks to the vaginaNoun parser to put it in line with the cockNoun parser. (vaginaNounSimple / vaginaNounComplex both exist now, writers.)
  • PC ships should now spawn with full armor. Previously, they were not spawning with bonus armor awarded by PC stats… which could lead to thinks like your ship being damaged at creation (or purchase).
  • Various other bugfixes courtesy of Jacques00 and myself.

[Backer] Patch 0.8.004 Changelog:

  • New NPC in Korg’ii Hold: Kiona the Jeweler. Written by Lkynmbr24 and coded by DrunkZombie. This adds a bunch of new piercings and adds some as drops to some Uveto NPCs. This should also content for the Battle for Korg’ii Hold and after, as well as a quest to collect a new Uvetan mineral.
    • Note: I haven’t personally tested Kiona’s content, so please peruse her content with a keen eye for bugs and a finger on the bug report forum in case anything is amiss.
  • Synphia’s “Deep Sucks” option should now be enabled, with two orgasm options (but not if you take the venom). There’s a lot going on with Synphia, so let me know if any text seems out of place or wonky in the new content.
  • New Busts: Bizzy the kaithrit camwhore and the Corona Lord “Pyrotech” as I’ve called her in the code.
  • The Lapinara encounter on Tarkus has been disabled, their codex updated, and most mentions of them by NPCs in and around Tarkus eliminated. Why? The team felt Lapinara were one of the weakest encounters on the planet and didn’t exactly mesh well with the rest. Additionally, their scenes tended toward brevity quite a bit more than is expected in the game nowadays. This change will enable us to use them in the wider context of the universe in the future and hopefully do more with them.
    • Fear not! If you liked them as they were, the cheat ‘laplove’ will toggle all their old content back on, even Colenso’s prophylactic.

P.S. It’s 3:30am here. I’m going to sleep.

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