Savin here! Wrote this a few days ago on a whim, and ended up enjoying myself quite a bit. Hope you do too! Art is by the awesome Arbuz for my D&D game. Not quite the amazon featured here, but close enough.

Content Tags: Fantasy, M/F, Femdom, Amazon, Monsterboy (Catboy), Non-Consensual


The blow came out of nowhere, leaving Nevan reeling with the force of impact. He staggered back, foot catching on one of the arm-thick roots criss-crossing across the forest floor, and fell with a scream. Before he could hit the dirt, though, something yanked hard on the front of his hunting jacket, pulling him back from the brink.

The world reeled for a moment before he could catch his bearing, flailing his arms to the side and scrabbling his feet in the loamy soil.

“You scream like a whelp,” a rough woman’s voice laughed, making Nevan snap his head to the side to see first a hand firmly grasping his jacket, and trace it up to a sun-kissed arm rippling with toned muscle. The arm’s owner towered over him by more than two heads’ height, enough to position a pair of heavy breasts in front of his face, just barely contained by a wrap of leather and chain that seemed to strain with every one of the woman’s deep, even breaths. Her face was half-hidden from view by the shadows of the woods and the mane of flame-red hair that fell down around her shoulders in wild, untamed curls; but he could see her smiling, a smug grin that brought images of feral wolves to his mind, closing in on their prey.

“Best be careful, kitten,” she said, voice low like a growl. “Watch your step in these woods.”

The hand that wasn’t still clutching his jacket gestured down, drawing Nevan’s gaze to a bit of forest floor that, now that he looked, was just ever-so-slightly off color from the rest. A cloth tarp, stretched out over a trap.

“You’re lucky I was here to smack you away, or you’d have broken your fool foot,” the woman continued, giving Nevan just enough of a shove as she let him go to send him staggering back into the trunk of a nearby tree.

He blinked, rubbing the space between his feline ears where his head had thumped into the bark. “Uh, thanks, I guess?”

The amazonian woman’s smirk faded, and her bare arms crossed under her hefty bosom. Her stomach was bare, too, showing off solid abs and flanks decorated with swirling crimson tattoos that disappeared into the fur-lined hide shorts that kept what little modesty the woman hand… and played home to a swordbelt, clinging fast to her fertile hips despite the weight of a blade long enough to reach her ankles, all the way down a pair of thick, powerful legs.

“Uh, you’re welcome, I guess,” she mocked back at him. “So tell me: what’s a whelp like you doing out in these woods, near dusk, all by himself? Lookin’ for a monster to pull your innards out, or’d you just get lost without your mommy?”

Nevan flushed, lips twisting in anger. “I’m a hunter. I’m hunting!” he snapped, pointing to the small bow that she’d knocked out of his hands in the so-called rescue.

The amazon snorted. “With that? Ha! An airhead, an ingrate, and a liar, too! You must’ve gotten kicked out of your village, huh? They got tired of you and threw you out to us wolves, is that it?”

As she spoke, the woman’s hands fell to her hips… and the hilt of her sword. An ivory pommel piece on it caught his eye, carved in the shape of a snarling wolf’s head, ready to tear into him. The tattoos on her sides and hips, too, started to remind him of slashes, claw-marks raking up her sides like from some terrible beast.

“Like I said,” she said, taking a forceful stride forward. “Lucky it was me who found you. Weak little thing like you wouldn’t last the night all by himself.”

Nevan retreated from her, pressing his back against the tree trunk. “What? What are you talking about, I’m not — I’m a hunter! I can survive just fine!”

“Tell that to my pit trap,” the woman laughed, planting one of her big, powerful hands on the bark just beside Nevan’s head, leaning in again so that those huge, heaving breasts of hers were almost pressed against his cheeks. “Good thing you’ve got a big, strong warrior to keep you safe, kitty. Otherwise this forest’s gonna swallow you up.”

As she spoke, the amazon’s other hand pressed into his chest, a single finger tracing up the soft outlines of his abs through the ruffled mess of his shirt. Nevan gulped nervously, cat-tail thumping erratically against the tree as the huge woman’s fingers wrapped under his collar, pulling him forward from the comforting solidity of the tree — and straight into the sinfully soft, sweat-slicked embrace of her leather-wrapped breasts.

“I’m just wondering if a weakling like you can make it worth my time,” she continued, hooking her arm around the back of Nevan’s neck and smothering him into her cleavage. “You obviously can’t hunt. Men can’t cook for shit. Your clothes are a mess, so obviously you can’t keep my gear in shape…”

The fingers hooked in his collar pulled hard, tearing his shirt open under his leather jack. Buttons went popping off into the underbrush, scattered to the winds as she bared his soft, supple chest. Nevan tried to yell, to protest, but his voice was swallowed by quivering cleavage, doing nothing but making the giantess grunt with annoyance. He tried to struggle, but she was much, much stronger than him, effortlessly holding him prisoner in the soft bonds of her carnal desire.

“Well, kitten, looks like the only thing you’ve got going for you is your looks,” the amazon finished, ripping his shirt open the rest of the way and reaching in, grabbing at his chest like he was a woman, too, sinking her fingers into his yielding flesh. “Mmm, not bad, I guess. Shame about the ears, but at least they’re something to play with when the rest of you’s disappeared between my legs.”

Nevan pulled hard, using his legs for leverage to pull against her muscular arms. The amazon growled, grabbed at him, but he was at least more flexible than she was, able to duck and weave just long enough to put a pace’s distance between them.

“What’re you-“

Before he could even finish the question, she’d lunged at him, barreling Nevan to the ground hard enough to knock the wind out of him. The amazon’s knees came down on his arms, pinning them, and leaving his face locked between her trunk-like thighs, glistening with the sweat of the summer evening and rock-hard from years of war and toil.

“Leave it to a man to play hard to get,” she grunted. She shifted overtop him, and out of the corner of his eye, Nevan saw the chain-and-leather bustier she’d been wearing clatter into the dirt. “Look, let me lay this out for you, kitty. I saved your dumb ass, and you’re gonna pay me back. If you’re a good boy, and do a good job down there, I might even stick around so the wolves don’t eat you while you sleep off what I’m gonna do to you. And if you don’t like it, I can always throw you back in that pit where you belong. Understand?”

Nevan shivered, torn between terror and a strange, unbidden arousal that was starting to burn in his loins. There was no point in struggling from where she had him now: her full, titanic weight was bearing down on him, leaving him with little choice but to assent. A slight nod of his head was all the woman needed; she shifted her hips and pulled at metal buckles, yanking off the hide pants that were riding her hips — and the swordbelt, too — letting them fall into a pile beside them. The moment the leather was pulled away, Nevan was assaulted by a potent, unfamiliar smell, one that sent a shockwave of heat burning through his body, straight to his cock.

He squirmed under the amazon’s weight, trying and failing to reach for his pants to give himself some small relief from the suddenly suffocating tightness of his breeches.

“Oho, at least your body doesn’t lie,” his captor cooed, reaching a hand back and grabbing the fullness of his package. “Ah, there we go. Looks like you aren’t a total write off after all, kitten. Good. Now, let’s see if you’ve got a tongue worth all the babbling you do, and I might be inclined the help you out with the growing problem you seem to have here.”

The amazon’s other hand slipped between her legs, sending two fingers to spread open the dark-lipped slit that rested between them: the source of the intoxicating aroma, and now the source of a musky wetness that dripped from between them directly onto the tip of his nose.

From overhead, the woman grunted huskily, teasing her thumb around the thick, red bulb at the joining-point of the lips. “Dammit, boy, look what you’ve done to me. I can’t remember the last time a man held out long enough to get me dripping. You’d better get to work!”

This really was just some sick game to her, Nevan realized. Maybe she put that trap there just for him, or someone like him, so she could force herself on her grateful quarry. Either way, he knew that resistance was, at this point, futile. Slowly, he forced himself to open his mouth and do what the amazon wanted: he probed the folds of her sex, tasting the sweet nectar that glistened on her dusky flesh. He’d barely pressed the tip into the cleft before the amazon growled and grabbed the top of his head, sinking her fingers into his curly hair just between his ears.

“There! That wasn’t so hard,” she cooed, pulling his head up from the forest floor and forcing his tongue deeper between her pussylips. “Now give me more!”

Nevan’s nose was pushed up into the hood of her throbbing clit, and his lips were submerged into silken pussy. It was hard to breathe, to do anything but worship at the altar of her carnal desires. The brawny amazon grunted her approval, grinding her pussy against Nevan’s lips. His tongue flicked and lapped at her innermost reaches, delving deeper and deeper with every buck of the wild-woman’s broad hips.

A roar of pleasure thundered through the woods, trailing into a hearty laugh from above where Nevan sat trapped. “Ah, you’re not half bad, kitten! A little rough, your tongue, but I’ve had worse. Now let’s see what you’ve got for me down below…”

Nevan gasped as a sudden rush of cool air billowed into his loins, accompanied by the rip and tear of his pants being yanked roughly open. One hand’s all the amazon needed to bare him naked to the world, wrapping her rough, calloused fingers around the tender shaft of his prick; it all but jumped into her embrace, a throbbing pillar of turgid meat that all but begged the dominant huntress to stroke it. And she did: slowly, languidly, completely at odds with the bestial rutting of her hips, which only made him more desperate for her fleeting caresses.

“Fuck! That’s good,” she growled. Finally an earnest compliment! Nevan felt almost relieved, even through the haze of embarrassment and primal lust that clouded his mind.

His momentary elation was doused, quite literally, by another feral growl of pleasure that heralded a deluge of ambrosial juices from the depths of her sex. He yelped as they rained across his face, running down his cheeks in musky rivulets, each one a proof of the amazon’s climax.

No sooner had she cum than the towering domme twisted around, fully releasing her grip on his arms, head, and cock. For a moment, a blissful second, Nevan thought he was free… before his world went suddenly black, drowned out in quivering ass-flesh as the woman sat directly on his face. Her cheeks pressed onto his forehead, and her still-slick slit pooled around his mouth once again. This time, though, her hands fell on his knees, and something eminently soft and supple wrapped around his dick, completely encompassing his length. He thought it might be her mouth, until the very tip of her tongue snaked in and caressed his ringed crown, flicking across the opening.

“Don’t remember telling you to stop,” she said, slapping his thigh hard enough to make Nevan yelp into her all-encompassing rump. “Get me off again, and I’ll let this little tomcat spill its seed ‘tween my breasts. Would be a shame to let you go off this blue balled… you might explode before you got home!”

Part of him felt like he suddenly had a choice, that the warrior-woman was offering him an escape. But the burning desire that had taken hold in his loins, desperate for release after her continual teasing, told him that his fate had been sealed already. He sighed and probed his tongue out, feeling around the darkness until the tip found the way into her twat once again, and Nevan started licking with all the fervor he could manage.

As if to reward his renewed efforts, the amazon’s hand vanished from his legs and started moving her tits, sliding them up and down the nub-crowned length of his feline cock. For every lick he gave her, she reciprocated with a thrust into the silky embrace of her copious cleavage. Nevan’s once reluctant pace soon picked up to a fever pitch, driven by his deepening desires and the promise of the profound pressure in his prick finally earning its long-overdue relief.

Nevan realized his hands were free now, no longer pinned underneath his lover’s powerful legs. Rather than leverage them to try and escape, though, all he could think about was how to use them to draw out her second orgasm faster. Her brought them up to rest on the broad flanks of her motherly hips, tracing his way up to the firm swells of her ass. Two fingers in her quim, adding to the thrashing explorations of his tongue, brought another roar of exultant pleasure to the amazon’s lips.

That was all the encouragement he needed. Nevan started pistoning his fingers, keeping it to an uneven beat with his tongue so that something was always spearing her, probing her depths and caressing her pussy’s walls. Finally, slowly, the amazon’s stony exterior begins to break, rewarding Nevan with grunts and moans; softly at first, but growing louder and louder until her voice was all he could hear, thundering through the deep forest to herald another face-soaking climax.

While orgasm rocked her body, the amazon still worked her tits along the length of Nevan’s cock, pumping his dick through the tight gap between her creamy mounds so hard that the bottom of every thrust had them smacking audibly against his thighs, leaving them reddened and aching, the same as much of his body after the rough treatment. Yet nothing seemed able to abate the iron stiffness in his cock, so hard between her tits that it trembled and wobbled upright between her every movement, leaking a watery whiteness all over itself that only helped his captor speed her ministrations.

“I guess… I guess you’ve earned this,” the amazon panted, circling her tongue around his crown. “Now quit holding out on me and cum already!”

Her demand — no, her permission — stoked something primal buried deep inside Nevan. His body much more than his mind responded, muscles tensing in that moment before the pressure that had been building up in his cock finally boiled over. He screamed, a feral roar of orgasm that made even the amazon’s iron flesh quiver with its force, parting the lips of her cunny and making her gasp. And with her mouth open, the first jets of pearly white seed found their new home splattering across her tongue and into the back of her throat, oozing down her gullet while Nevan’s cock pumped and pumped, spraying her down with his pent-up seed.

“Gods above, boy!” she laughed. Cum dripped back down into her cleavage, smearing across the tops of her tits. “Have you really never gotten any before? Haha, oh, that’s too bad… and too good to pass up.”

Nevan could hear slurping sounds, and felt her lips and tongue around his dick, taking the place of her breasts and lapping up the smoldering seed. The amazon spent what felt like a euphoric eternity sucking and cleaning his cock, tormenting his over-sensitive member until he was trembling clay in her hands, whimpering and leaking what little his balls had left onto her lustful tongue.

Finally, though, she finished. The amazon grunted with approval and rose up on her knees, letting in blinding rays of evening sunlight for the first time since throwing Nevan to the ground. He winced, suddenly feeling very cold and very naked, sheened with sweat and the last remnants of three orgasms. The warrior-woman stood, towering over him in statuesque nudity, large breasts rising and falling evenly with her slowing breaths.

“You’re not totally useless after all, kitten,” she smirked, reaching down and grabbing his ankle. “You’ll do for a husband.”

Nevan whimpered, but could not bring himself to fight back this time.