Hey guys, I’m going to put out a public patch tonight or tomorrow. What I want to know is, would you rather have me work on adding another level or two of PC progression or that Kiro/Kally scene (and maybe some other odds and ends) I brewed up the other week?

Let me know in the comments. The “loser”  in this impromptu poll will still wind up in the backer build a day later.

Update: The comments have spoken. Levels it is!

I spent some time working on skills… but most of it was retooling tech specialist things. RIP, Volley and Weapon Hack. Hello, Charge Weapon and Charge Shield. Volley didn’t feel very tech specialist-y, and it also meant that there was no option for physical tech specialists at that level bracket. Thus, we added Charge Weapon, a skill that adds electric damage equal to your intelligence for melee strikes. Weapon Hack wasn’t that useful and was replaced with Charge Shield – an ability that charges your shield up to blind or injure attackers.

I may have also modified the effective intelligence calculations for bimbo Techies so they benefit from having less intelligence and high libidos… so going bimbo won’t neuter your ability in combat. I’ve tied it into the “Fuck Sense” perk for now and made some flavor adjustments to the attack texts for it as well.

Public patch will come tomorrow. I’ll try to have level 9 ready to go. <3