By: HugsAlright
Tags: Fantasy, M/F, Femdom, Monstergirl (Jackal), Monsterboy (Harpy), Non-Consensual

Feren moved cautiously from market stall to market stall, continuously adjusting his cloak to keep the hot desert sun off his skin and the gentle curves of his face. He looked for loose pouches and purses, small trinkets and goods no one would see him take, never staying in one place for long. It would have been another day for the nomadic harpy, but something felt off today, a familiar figure showing up one-too-many times in the vast crowd of the Sa’sesh marketplace.

Cities like Sa’sesh were easy pickings for thieves like Feren: big communities hardly regulated who came or went, and with the war going on, there weren’t many guards to keep watch over the markets or wealthy homes. Sure, he may not have blended in well with the jackal-like suubi that inhabited Sa’sesh, but his svelte frame and wings would always make for easy getaways.

The feather-armed boy had planned on leaving the market soon, and hoped to shake that all-too-familiar feeling of being followed when he left, only to be interrupted by a pull of his cloak.

“Hey!” was the only word Feren could muster as his own purse was torn from his pockets. He quickly twisted around, only to see a suubi girl with her claws around the small burlap sack.

The jackal woman’s black-furred ears shot up like arrow heads at the realization she’d been caught, with her victim only catching a momentary glance of her well-tanned face and green eyes before she turned tail and started running. The suubi took off with the wind at her back, maneuvering through the crowded marketplace as if it were totally empty.

Feren wasn’t about to let a day’s worth of loot slip from his grasp so easily and took off after the native thief. His talons dug into the sand and cracked brittle sandstone streets with each stride he took, cloak flying behind him.

While the suubi girl was fast, Feren was just as nimble, and no doubt his harpy blood gave him eyesight better than just about anyone in Sa’sesh. The bird boy had no trouble keeping an eye on the thief as he maneuvered through the market, ruffling more than a few feathers each time he brushed against other suubi in the crowd. Though, beyond the occasional upset citizen, the people of the marketplace allowed the chase before them to go on unnoticed.

That was the problem for cities like Sa’sesh: easy pickings for thieves.

“Get back here, you BITCH!” Feren tried to call out over the endless rumbling voices of the crowd as he did his best to keep up with the suubi thief, running all the way until his gaze was met only with a mud-brick wall. He hastily scanned the area, thinking he had lost his mark until he looked up and saw the suubi girl climbing through a second story window, struggling to get her furred legs and tail to follow her into the building.

Feren gritted his teeth and moved his cloak aside, ready to throw away any hint of subtlety he might have retained when he started this chase. He made himself some room and spread his wings, drawing the attention of the surrounding crowd before one powerful flap of his purple feathers propelled him off the ground. A few more beats of his wings brought him high enough to reach the balcony above and climb into the same room he saw his suubi assailant enter.

With more than a hint of caution, Feren stepped into the room, his talons making the slightest of noises as they touched the floor. Turning his head back and forth, the harpy took in the sight of the room: not a single thief other than present company in his view, plenty of pillows and see-through velvet curtains though.

A sigh of disappointment and near-rage permeated the eerie silence of the cushion-filled room, followed by an angry kick of Feren’s bird-like feet. He wondered how he let that girl get away, and if there was anything of value in the room he could possibly take to make up for his losses. Unfortunately for him, the boy’s plans of further thievery were cut short by a blow to his legs, causing him to cry out in pain and surprise before clawed fingers dug into his narrow shoulders and forced him onto his back.

Still reeling from pain, Feren pulled himself together, looking up to see the suubi thief straddling his lithe midsection and tossing away a wooden board. Before the harpy could even try to struggle, the jackal-girl leaned over and pinned Ferren’s arms at his sides, gnashing her terrifyingly sharp teeth.

Feren tried to wiggle and flap, but the suubi was stronger than she looked, stronger than him, at least. “LET ME GO!” he screamed as jackal claws dug beneath his feathers.

“So you thought you could try to fuck with Eshe Asimi in her own territory, you harpy bitch!?” the jackal retaliated, tightening her grip on Feren’s arms, “Well I’ve got news for you: you can’t, no one can! Not unless I take a cut. So let’s see what else you’ve got on you, huh?”

Eshe released her grip on one of her victim’s arms, but its owner’s panicked flapping didn’t do much to help him as a furred hand ran under his cloak and all along his body. “C’mon you’ve gotta be hiding more than that purse,” she said, voice thick with a distinct suubi accent, running her hand along one of the harpy’s plush thighs, “So why don’t you just fess up and I-”  Eshe’s voice caught and her eyes went wide when her hand brushed against a warm bulge in Feren’s pants, her paw-like fingers lingering there for a moment before a smirk appeared on her face, “Well, well, what do we have here?”

Her grin turned devious as she reached for the hem of Feren’s pants and pulled. Eshe was given little more than a cry of “Don’t!” in protest from the harpy, his free wing still flapping every which way in a frantic state. With a single yank, the bird boy’s pants slipped past his crotch, revealing his soft manhood and hefty pair of testicles, all topped with a tuft of purple fuzz, and all to Eshe’s delight.

“A male harpy, eh?” she questioned, taking her gaze off her newfound prey’s package to look at his bang-cloaked eyes and beet-red cheeks, “Well aren’t you a lucky find? Maybe I should’ve just stole you instead, huh?” With that, Eshe brought a furred finger to run gently across the effeminate curves of his face, almost calming the harpy. “Tell ya what,” said Eshe with a lick of her lips, “Since you’re so cute… I think I’ll let you go with some of your money, if I can have some fun with you for a bit.”

“Wh-what?!” Feren babbled, not really understanding what Eshe was trying to get out of him. Still, the promise of getting his money back prompted him to calm his flapping wings and kicking legs.

The jackal girl flattened her ears and rolled her eyes, relinquishing her grasp on the now subdued harpy’s arms, “C’mon, you must’ve been a real treat for the girls in your tribe… I bet you know your way around a lady.” Smirking, Eshe slid down the confused harpy’s frame until her face reached his crotch, lying down on her belly between a pair of avian-scaled legs. “Don’t tell me you’ve never been with a woman… you’re too pretty for that.”

When Feren thought about it, he had never been with a woman, not before he left his tribe when he was younger, and not since then. All he could do was shake his head at Eshe and try to hide his blushing visage.

“Isn’t that adorable,” the suubi cooed, each word letting Feren feel her hot breath on his cock, “Well, you’re in good hands then.” A moment later, a single padded finger brushed along the harpy’s soft shaft, making him gasp before the digit wrapped around it, the slab of cockflesh stiffening with a pulse of the femboy’s heart.

Feren couldn’t understand what was happening; his heart was beating faster than it ever had on a heist, and this girl that had stolen from him… he felt a need welling up inside him as her fingers wrapped around his girthy length and started stroking it.

It felt good.

The feeling of soft pads and warm fur sliding up and down his cock was enough to make the harpy moan and whimper, back arching with utterly alien pleasure. Eshe smiled all the wider at Feren’s pleased tones, leading her to speed up her gentle pumping. Then she brought her lips to the tip of the harpy boy’s dick, and kissed it. Little gasps of pleasure filled the air as Eshe repeated the same action again and again, pressing her lips to Feren’s long, thick shaft until he was rock-solid.

Eshe took a moment to let her eyes wander over the girthy nine inches of harpy dong between her fingers, smiling and evidently pleased at what Feren had to offer. She turned her gaze to look up at her new lover, and watched his back arch and talons curl with each movement of her wrist. “Big and sensitive?” the jackal scrutinized with her ears perking up, “Maybe I should take my time with you, hmm?”

Feren couldn’t really muster a response to that, the poor harpy only able to wiggle his wide hips as lust overtook his senses. Eshe chuckled at the sight of the flustered femboy and returned her hungry gaze to his dick. Feren could see devious thoughts behind those slitted, emerald eyes, and he could guess that just about every one of them involved him in some way. So, the harpy resigned himself to lie back as Eshe let her tongue loll from her mouth and, much to her lover’s pleasurable surprise, dragged it across the length of his tool.

Feren gasped as his tool was wet by suubi saliva, leaving it cold in the draft of the sandstone room while Eshe busied herself bringing her lips to meet the harpy’s swollen cockhead. He looked down at his attacker, only to see those slitted green eyes looking back at him, so seductive, and almost calming to his fluttering heart. All Feren could do was blush and bring his wings to cover his face as Eshe’s lips spread around his tip, encompassing his glans while her flat tongue went to work on his sensitive cockflesh and cumslit. A padded hand still gently stroked at Feren’s shaft as his cockhead was lavished with his lover’s oral affections, making the harpy moan into his own purple feathers.

Eshe didn’t let up; if anything, Feren’s sounds of satisfaction made her move faster, quickly descending onto the warm avian rod between her lips, fitting as much girthy dick into her as she could. What was left uncovered by the embrace of the suubi’s mouth was eagerly wrapped up by her soft paw, leaving Feren completely enveloped in warm, wet bliss. Not too long after her descent, Eshe started bobbing her head, trailing her tongue along her lover’s musky cockflesh. All Feren could do was moan, harpy legs kicking and jerking uncontrollably as Eshe had her way with his big, meaty tool. Eventually, though, the feathery femboy started to feel some discomfort in his loins, like something was welling inside him… and the feeling wouldn’t stop.

“S-stoooOOOp,”  he tried to call out to his jackal attacker between moans, “I- I don’t feel- AH!”

Feren’s plea was cut short by the most pleasurable sense of relief he had ever felt, his mind and body battered by shockwave after shockwave of bliss, his loins burning with an unfamiliar sensation. He bucked his hips upward in a fit of instinctual movements, shoving his cock further into the embrace of Eshe’s mouth, spasming as his full balls emptied their load of white harpy-goo between her lips.

The jackal thief pulled herself off Feren’s sizable shaft as his orgasm ensued, catching her breath and watching her lover and prey shiver with pleasure. A few spurts of harpy jizz managed to splatter Eshe’s face before all was done, his convulsing cock fountaining hot cum all over her hand and Feren’s previously well-cleaned clothes.

All that could be heard in the room after that was the femboy’s laboured breathing and incoherent, lust-induced babbling, his flat chest heaving. Feren felt tired, like he needed to close his eyes and doze off, but instead the voice of Eshe kept him awake, and grabbed his attention.

“Hope you’ve still got some more in you, pretty bird,” teased the suubi with a predatory grin on her face, rising to her paw-like feet and wiping some harpy-spunk from her cheek before she brought a cum-covered digit to her mouth and licked it clean.

Feren gulped and looked up at the jackal girl, unable to formulate any words in response as she straddled her legs around his waist, and stripped herself of her pants to reveal the sun-kissed skin of her thighs, and the dripping, glistening, juicy pink pussy between them. The harpy could only blush harder at the sight, bringing his wings to block his face again, which made the suubi looming over him chuckle.

“What, never seen a good, wet pussy before?” Eshe questioned before bringing a paw down to her crotch and spreading her lower lips, allowing her feminine fluids to drip onto her prey’s bare midsection.

In truth, Feren had seen quite a few pink slits, since he grew up in a harpy tribe mostly filled with women, but he hadn’t seen one in circumstances like these, not on a woman like Eshe.

“Move those feathers, bird boy, lemme see that cute face,” she instructed, taking a few steps forward, her furry feet left on either side of Feren’s narrow shoulders.

He did as he was commanded and moved his wings… something about being told what to do felt good to him. Her tail wagging happily at his compliance, Eshe didn’t waste time and kneeled down right over the harpy’s feminine face with her drooling cunt right above his mouth. Feren didn’t know what to do, he just gulped and kept his wings pinned at his sides, letting warm skin and fur caress his cheeks.

“C’mon, time to return the favor, harpy,” Eshe said, her voice muffled to him by her shapely, toned thighs, “Lick.”

He was hesitant, but Feren took the hint, letting his tongue loll from his mouth to trail along Eshe’s lower-lips, drawing a few needy whimpers from the suubi as he went. Those noises were like music to the feathered femboy’s ears, leading him to lick again at the edge of her pink slit, feeling powerful thighs squeeze at his cheeks.

“D-deeper,” stuttered the jackal, with little more than selfish pleasure on her mind.

Feren was eager to give Eshe what she wanted and put his tongue right between the folds of her pussy before pushing in, sending his untrained mouth muscle to spread her nether-lips enough to make her moan softly. Her pleasured tones sent shivers of satisfaction down the harpy boy’s spine, driving him to probe Eshe deeper until the full length of his oral organ was firmly inserted inside her, rubbing against her sensitive inner walls. Fem-lube poured out of the jackal girl’s extra-juicy pussy as Feren’s rather sloppy cunnilingus continued, and what the femboy couldn’t lap up traveled down his chin and cheeks, coating his face with the slick fluids.

The harpy could hardly believe how wet she was! It all tasted so good to him, that bittersweet taste of arousal, and something about suubi girls made them produce so much more of it. He was in heaven, and he wanted all heaven had to offer. Feren moved his tongue in strange, unfamiliar ways, each shift of his muscle drawing more lovely sounds from his lover and more of her wonderful femlube into his maw. The harpy was very happy with his new place between Eshe’s legs, and was so utterly focused on her pussy that he hardly noticed the peak-pitch the suubi’s voice was reaching, the crescendoing call of pleasure signaling her clixax. Her hips bucked forward, sliding across Feren’s face like she was breeding with it. He could do nothing to stop her cunt from clenching around his tongue, even as he tried to hold her still by hooking his wings around her thighs. Girlcum leaked from Eshe’s tightening slit into Feren’s open mouth and all over his face as the suubi rode out her orgasm, giving the femboy beneath her as much of her delicious juices as he could ever want.

Finally coming down from her peak with a few last jerky thrusts of her hips, Eshe took a long, happy breath and tried to speak between each heave of her sizable chest.

“Not bad, bird boy,” she sighed, picking herself up and off the happily glazed girly boy, getting a good look at that cum-slicked face of his before she smirked and chortled, “You look nice like that.” She took her gaze of Feren’s face for a moment, and instead opted to look back at his cock, which was again at full-mast from all the oral fun he had with his new lover. “Hope you’re ready for round three,” growled Eshe as she slid herself off the harpy’s face, shuffling downwards until she was hovering just above the avian boy’s tip.

“No knot,” she said with a bit of mock-disappointment, taking his stiff prick into the warm embrace of her paw, clearly interested in Feren’s alien anatomy, “But I guess you’ll have to do.” With that and a wink, Eshe reached for the hem of her own shirt and stripped herself, baring her breast to the air and turning her lover’s face an even deeper shade of red.

Feren’s heart sped up again, beating out of his chest. He had never done anything like this before, and he definitely wasn’t expecting his short chase in the market to lead to this of all things. All he could do was lie there and squirm with a previously unfelt anticipation until the jackal girl started her descent, lowering herself until her puffy, sensitive folds were pressed against his cockhead. Eshe didn’t waste time with ritual or hesitation and pushed herself down onto the harpy’s thick shaft, letting his glans pop into her with a happy moan and a swiftly swishing tail. Feren groaned as his cock was hugged at by unbelievable tightness and warmth, spreading his lover’s lower-lips wide with each inch worked between her sopping labia.

When Eshe finally bottomed out on the harpy boy’s dick, she did so with an uncontrollable shiver of pleasure, gently rocking her hips as she adjusted to his length. Feren whimpered in response to the gentle movements, craving more from this suubi mistress that had taken him captive, and she was eager to give. Her flared hips rolled in steady motions to make sure that slab of cockflesh inside her hit all the right places. The couple could only moan and cry out with the bliss of their love making, flesh caressing oh-so sensitive flesh until Eshe’s predatory instincts kicked in, leading the suubi to bend herself over Feren and bury her face in his shoulder.

A scream of pleasure and pain permeated the air as jackal fangs dug into the supple flesh of harpy neck, hips still thrusting and grinding. Along with Eshe’s teeth biting at his nape, Feren could feel her furred hands work their way under his shirt to claw at the smooth skin of his chest.

The combined sensations were too much for the harpy, and he could already feel that discomfort welling in his loins for the second time today, and just like the last time… he couldn’t stop it. With a feral grunt escaping his lips, Feren threw his wings around Eshe’s back in a fit of lust, holding her there as his cock spasmed inside her. Hot alabaster harpy-spunk flooded the jackal’s womb, much to her delight. The feeling of being filled along with the jerky, orgasmic thrusting of Feren’s hips were enough to bring Eshe to her own climax, cries of “YES!” torn from her lips only to be muffled by her lover’s shoulder. Her pussy tightened around Feren’s convulsing manhood, almost milking him and giving voice to a renewed chorus of pleasured groans from the harpy.

Eshe pulled herself from Feren’s grasp as her peak finally plateaued, letting the boy’s wings fall to his sides before looking right into his eyes, satisfaction shining in her gaze.\

“You got a name, harpy?” the spent thief asked as rivulets of sweat rolled down her heaving breasts.

“F-Feren,” stuttered the harpy in question.

“Well, Feren,” Eshe began before bending down again to plant a quick kiss on the girly bird’s plump lips, widening his violet eyes with genuine surprise, “I think you’ve earned this.”

Eshe picked herself back up and reached towards her crumpled clothes on the ground, grabbing Feren’s coin purse and flashing him a grin before tossing it on his chest. The harpy wasn’t sure what to say, but managed a quick “Thanks” in response, resulting in another smirk from Eshe.

Well fulfilled and filled, the jackal girl pulled herself off her new lover’s softening cock with a shuddering breath, allowing the bird boy’s manhood to flop onto his flat tummy. Standing up, she quickly dressed herself in full view of Feren, who was busy rising to his own talons. By the time the harpy was standing again, Eshe was already dressed and on her way to the window she entered through.

No one had ever made Feren feel like that before, and he couldn’t just let her go like that… he felt like he needed more, needed to say something.

“Wait!” he finally called out, successfully grabbing the suubi’s attention, watching her turn on a paw-padded heel and walk towards him.

“What’s wrong, pretty bird? Your first time wasn’t that bad was it?” she questioned, cocking her hip and resting a clawed hand on it.

“No, it’s just… I, I just-” Feren babbled, struggling to find the right words.

Luckily for the wayward harpy, Eshe knew just what to say, “Don’t worry, I’m sure we’ll be seeing each other again soon, cutie,” and with that the suubi turned around again, letting her black, fluffy tail brush against Feren’s midsection. Then, rather unceremoniously, Eshe stepped through the window, and back into the marketplace below.

The harpy boy breathed a long sigh. He felt good after all that, and he didn’t even lose his loot, so things could’ve definitely gone worse, but at that point, it was time for Feren to get dressed, and get back out there…

Maybe find Eshe, if he could.