0.7.63 Changelog:

  • New story from HugsAlright: Stolen Goods (posted one post below & linked in the fiction section!) It can drop on Tarkus or Myrellion.
  • New story from QuestyRobo: Tentacle Trouble for Turned-on Tanukis. It can drop on Myrellion.
  • New threesome encounter with crew Anno & Gianna in the barn on New Texas. For male & hermaphrodite PCs. It was the lovely little confluence of being something I wanted to write and a belated birthday gift for Savin.
  • Some fixes for bimbo tech specialists not properly using the calculated “bimbo intelligence” on all skills.
  • Goo Armor exposure settings have been added.
  • Dumbfuck & Sneezing tits should now synergize.
  • Various other small tweaks and fixes.

Art of Gianna and Anno grabbed from one of BarretXIII‘s stream commissions last night. Such great timing!