A quick TiTS story to tide you guys over while Fen’s out of town for a couple of days. And now, back to Zheng Shi work~

By: Savin
Tags: Female POV, Group Sex (F/F/H), Pregnancy, MILF, Breeding, Lactation, Creampies, Trials in Tainted Space (Milodan, Esyrra, Gryvain)


The arctic wind howled fiercely outside the cave’s jagged mouth. Shards of razor-sharp whirled just out of reach, tearing across the great plains of the Rift.

“The storm’s getting worse, kitten,” Mother studiously observed. Her arms were crossed beneath the mammoth mounds of her breasts, supporting the weighty, naked flesh. At least, as naked as a milodan ever got, covered in a thick layer of soft silver fur as she was. The only actual flesh that Ziresh could see were the pert mounds of Mother’s bone-pierced teats and the coal-black lips between her legs. Black, where they were not still smeared with the glistening white seed of her most recent mating.

The idea of cleaning perfectly good cum off of her body was as alien to Mother as was the gang of furless off-worlders that had wandered into her domain. Now they lay in a pile of quivering exhaustion, bodies draped over each other beneath the one fur blanket Ziresh had brought with her. Mother’s body was a temple to fertility, an altar on which — and within which — seed was to be spilled with worshipful ecstacy. Mating with half a dozen scrawny aliens was an effortless act of devotion for her; letting their mixed seed stew inside her womb left her with a contented smile as she stared into the rage of the storm outside.

“I’m used to storms, Mother,” Ziresh sighed, rifling through one of the not-quite-leather packs the aliens had brought. Under several of the strange glow-slates and mysterious metal cubes inside, she found a dark red length of thick cloth. Sne sniffed at it, wiggling her pink nose as the faint scent of berries wafted off it.

“I know, kitten,” Mother said, placing a paw on the pale, bare skin of her daughter’s flesh. “But you don’t-“

Ziresh growled softly and batted her mother’s hand away. “I have plenty of protection! So what if half of my body is furless, these aliens brought plenty of clothes.”

As if to demonstrate the point, Ziresh wrapped the red scarf around the pale mountains of her own breasts. They were smaller than mother’s, of course, but still more than plump enough to make tying off the garment difficult. She shuddered as her dark nipples rubbed against the wooly material of the scarf, sending an unbidden shock of pleasure through her chest.

“Don’t be mad at me for worrying,” Mother said, tsking her tongue. “Making babies is only the first half of a fertility priestess’s calling. The other-“

Ziresh laughed, this time letting her mother’s hand stroke the mop of icy blue hair between her prominent feline ears. “Yes, yes. It wouldn’t do for your eldest daughter to wind up an icicle halfway to Korg’ii Hold. What would the other priestesses say?”

“That I’m a terrible mother, for starters,” Mother said, pulling Ziresh forward and burying her daughter’s head into the depths of her satin-soft cleavage. Ziresh knew better than to squirm and just let it happen, lest she end up in a kor’diiak-tight hug until the breath fled her lungs. Besides, she had to admit, it was awfully warm nestled in there.

Finally, Mother released her. Taking a deep breath, Ziresh said, “I’ll be fine. You should be worried about your poor aliens… it looks like you broke them.”

Mother laughed from the belly, putting her hands on her stomach and letting her titanic tits jiggle freely. “I’ve broken a lot of men between my thighs! These ones seemed so eager, too. Oh well, I’m starting to think I shan’t ever find another star-born who can worship a woman’s body like your father could.”

“Alright, alright, I’m leaving before you tell the story again!” Ziresh sighed, rolling her eyes and heading for the cave’s entrance. She’d managed to find enough heavy clothes in the aliens’ packs to cover her furless midriff and loins, and another scarf to cover her mouth. She was a cavalcade of clashing colors, but warmth took priority over fashion when it came to the sudden, unpredictable storms that ravaged her homeworld’s plains. That’s what she got for not leaving home prepared, short a journey as it was supposed to be. Uveto was never known for its consistency.

Ziresh gave her mother a parting lick on the cheek and forged out of the icy cave, gasping at the sudden rush of cold air and sharp ice crashing against her clothes and fur.


The journey through the forest of black spires jutting up from the snow-encrusted ground was as close to a routine as you could hope for in the stormy reaches of the Rift. Ziresh knew the paths between the obsidian spires as well as the fur patterns on her fluffy tail. She’d been to the little essyran trading post as the forest’s edge almost as many times as she’d followed Mother home to the great seedstone temple in the southlands. She could practically smell the seared enderfish always cooking on the lovely merchant Lorre’s firepit; taste the warm ale her wife brewed when the weather turned too foul to go outside.

Ziresh was so caught up in her daydream that she didn’t notice the searing ball of fire hurtling down from the heavens until the shrieking crash of black pillars breaking apart deafened her, and the rain of razor shards sent her scrambling into cover, screaming in fright. A thunderous boom announced the fireball’s impact in the snow somewhere north of her, sending a geyser of ice and snow shooting into the air.

Ziresh covered her face beneath her tail and got as small as she could, burying herself in the snow until the shattered ice and obsidian stopped raining down on her. She kept screaming long after the explosion had stopped echoing into the heavens, though. Only when her throat went hoarse and the roar of the storm resumed did she dare peek her head out from the protective shield of fluffy tail, glancing around the snowbanks that were piling up around her.

A great plume of black, oily smoke rose up from beyond the forest’s northern boundaries, so thick that even the raging winds couldn’t dissipate it.

“Spirits protect!” Ziresh gasped, struggling to her feet. The idea that the wrathful spirits of Uveto had come crashing down upon her flashed through her mind, gripping her heart with renewed fear before she forced herself to suppress it. The star-born came in great fiery sky-boats; she’d seen them coming and going in the distance before. Never like this, though: so violent and… and explosive.

Warily, Ziresh grabbed one of the jagged shards of blackstone nearby and, gripping it like a dagger, stalked towards the rising smoke. She kept herself low to the earth, moving with all the stealth her camouflaged feline form afforded her. The edge of the impact crater was only a hundred or so paces from where she’d first hidden herself, surrounded by shattered stone and ice bits of smoking metal. The ground felt warm underfoot, an unfamiliar sensation, and shrapnel scattered down the sides bit into the tough pads of her feet.

Inside the crater was a great sphere of metal, covered in scorch marks and strange alien runes that had no meaning to Ziresh beyond their fanciful colors. She recognized a dark green and blue one that represented the so-called “companies” that the aliens organized themselves into. The name “RhennWorld” came to mind, though Ziresh knew little about it beyond the name.

She’d barely parsed the word on the metal sphere’s side when it hissed and shot steam up in to the air. Ziresh had just enough time to scramble back before a chunk of metal blew off it, flying out of the crater with a terrible shriek. Ziresh peered over the crater’s edge again when she was sure that was the last surprise for the moment, clutching the black dagger on her belt tightly.

The inside of the sphere was visible now, releasing smoke from around what looked to Ziresh like a plush, stuffed chair sitting on its back so that its occupant faced her dead on. It was a woman, almost as voluptuous as Ziresh’s mother and wrapped tightly a skin-hugging garment of the same color as the metal outside that hugged her broad hips and head-sized breasts. A thick mess of dark green hair spilled down around a face of reddish-brown skin, parted by frilled ears and curved horns sprouting from her brow.

“A demon!?” Ziresh gasped, covering her mouth with a hand. The woman’s eyes were closed, though, and her body was still save for shuddering breath. “No… j-just another alien. Got hurt and fell from the sky?”

She couldn’t see any obvious wounds on the alien. Ziresh knew enough leechcraft to stitch wounds and set bones, but there was little she could do for someone knocked cold by falling from the stars. But she did know the cold would kill the alien as sure as anything. Already she could see the woman’s unconscious body trembling, lips turning blue and frosty.

“Oh, damn it,” Ziresh growled, scratching at one of her little tusks. “Mother would spank me raw if I left somebody to freeze…”

With a heavy sigh, Ziresh pulled herself into the pod.


“Everything will be alright, little kitten.”

Mistress Lorre’s voice was rich and smooth, full of calm authority that set even the young milodan’s frazzled nerves at ease. Her many pale pink tails swished slowly on the floor of the trading post as she pressed a hot towel to the alien woman’s forehead. Lorre’s clothing was of the same skin-tight material as the alien woman’s, though it was cut at the hips, arms, and cleavage to show off its owner’s plush pale skin. The outfit invariably drew Ziresh’s gaze every time the pink-maned woman bent over the bed housing their alien guest, trying hard to warm her up after unprepared exposure to the Uvetan freeze.

Lorre was curvaceous at the worst of times, but the trading post’s mistress was very clearly pregnant now, with a gravid belly and weighty breasts straining her clothes to the absolute limit. Ziresh could not deny that her own mother’s many pregnancies had given her a distinct appreciation for the merchant mistress’s fertile figure, quickening her heartbeat each time her breasts swayed heavily or her pregnant belly thrust out when she stood.

“You did well bringing her here,” Mistress Lorre continued, reaching over to place a hand on Ziresh’s shoulder. “A few more minutes out there and the poor dear would have perished for sure.”

“Ah,” was all Ziresh could manage, hoping the crackling glow of the mossfire she warmed herself by would hide her blushing. The interior of the long tent was, as always, a welcome relief from the bitter cold outside… but the lovely trader that owned it was an ever more enviable sight. Ziresh tugged on her tusk, trying to avert her gaze from her host. “So… what is she?”

Lorre made a chiding sound with her tongue and rested her hands on her belly. “You should pay more attention to our off-world visitors, Ziresh. None of us are immune to the changes they’ve brought over the centuries, even you milodan of the fertility cult. Especially when your father was a huskar, wasn’t he?”

Ziresh shrugged noncommittally. “They almost never leave their city, and those that do only ever have business with you and your wife, or my mother. So…?”

“She’s a gryvain,” Lorre answered, adjusting the golden circlet on her brow. A gift from another alien, she’d once said. “A truly lovely people, gifted scholars and priests among the star-born. She’s very young, too, only just a full woman I think. Poor thing. When Kazra gets back from hunting, I’ll send her to the star-city to find someone to take her home.”

“That’s good. Oh, that reminds me, I was coming here anyway. Mother sent this… for the baby.”

Ziresh reached into her stolen clothes’ pocket and retrieved the small pouch of herbs Mother had given her. “To help it grow strong.”

“Oh! Your mother is such a darling. Just like her daughter,” Lorre laughed, taking the herbs with a smile that made Ziresh’s legs tremble. “I just hope my little girl turns out as responsible as you. I can- oh! It looks like our guest is waking up.”

The body-length, sinuous scaled tail sprouting from the alien’s rump thrashed once against the side of the bed, followed by the woman’s lips parting with a low groan. Lorre went to her side as quickly as her child-laden body allowed, putting a hand on the alien’s forehead and murmuring something in a language Ziresh didn’t understand. Slowly, the alien-girl’s eyes blinked open, revealing golden irises with black slits down the middle.

“It’s okay,” Lorre said softly. “You’re okay. You’re safe here on the surface. Safe among friends.”

“Friends?” Ziresh huffed. No off-worlder was a friend of Uveto for long.

The matronly essyra cast a withering glance over her shoulder that made Ziresh recoil. “She can understand you, Ziresh. Aliens understand all languages.”

Said alien groaned again and said something softly. This time, Lorre responded in the Uvetan tongue: “Don’t worry. This is the one who rescued you from your… escape pod, you called it? Ziresh, say hello.”

“Hello,” Ziresh said obediently, fidgeting with her scarves rather than meet Lorre’s stare. “I don’t… understand your language.”

The alien said something in her tongue to Lorre, then slowly sat up in the bed with some assistance from the post’s mistress. Her dark golden eyes wandered up and down Ziresh’s body, lingering long enough to make her cheeks burn. Finally, the woman spoke again — this time, in Uvetan: “It is good. I learned some Uveto language to talk with you.”

Ziresh gasped. “You speak our tongue!?”

“A little,” the alien said, leaning back against the wall and rubbing her head. “I came here to work with Uveto people. Our boat met the bad storm and broke.”

She’d never heard of a sky-ship being destroyed by a storm, but this was one of the worst of the season… it made sense, if it were truly possible. But why would one of these aliens bother learning Uvetan? She’d never encountered one that could speak more than a word or two, and most didn’t bother with that much. Mother and her priestesses used their bodies to communicate more than words, while most of the tribe chose to speak with their weapons should the invaders stray too far from their city.

“M-my name is Khesla,” the woman said. Her voice started to break, stuttering out, “T-thank you f-for s-s-savin-“

Suddenly, the alien girl convulsed violently, wrapping her arms around herself tight enough to make the skin-tight suit she wore creak in protest. Lorre gasped and went to her, wrapping the horned off-worlder in her tails and arms.

“Ziresh, quick! She’s still too cold!”

There was no hesitation, no second thoughts. Ziresh was an Uvetan, and Uvetans did not let others freeze to death — alien or not. She jumped into the bed opposite of Lorre, wrapping her arms around Khesla and gripping tight. Her heavy breasts enveloped the alien’s shoulder, and her tail curled around her waist, trying to give as much of her body’s warmth as she could. Lorre did much the same, pulling the poor woman’s head into her milky bosom and covering her legs in her many tails; her gravid belly came to rest on Khesla’s lap. Between the two natives, she was wrapped from head to shin in warm fur and flesh until the violent shivers began to abate once more.

When they did, Lorre let out a soft, throaty “Ohhh.” A purr followed it, and Ziresh looked down to see all her hostess’s tails starting to sway steadily. It took a moment of confused searching for Ziresh to find the source, even as obvious as it was: when her eyes finally wandered down, over the taut curves of Lorre’s pregnant belly and down to the alien’s lap it rested in.

… And a veiny pillar jutting up from between Khesla’s meaty legs, rubbing against Lorre’s stomach.

The trembling alien’s dusky skin was flushed red with embarrassment and arousal both. Nestled into Lorre’s breasts as Khesla was, she could hardly be blamed for enjoying it a little too much. Gods knew, Ziresh had fantasized about being in her position on plenty of lonely nights… but she’d always tried to behave in the actual presence of Lorre and her spouse. The essyran matron had always seemed too beautiful to approach, too distant in her fertile perfection.

The alien clearly had no such reservations.


Ziresh watched closely as Khesla’s eyes slowly rose to meet the esyrra’s, apparently unapologetic for her body’s reaction — at least, she sure seemed so by the way her dick throbbed with desire against Lorre’s straining clothes. Another throaty purr worked its way out of Lorre’s throat, and one of her hands brushed up Khesla’s thigh, tantalizingly close to the trunk of her member.

“My, my,” Lorre murmured. “Perhaps there’s another way we can keep you warm…”

The breath caught in the back of Ziresh’s throat. Just like that? Had she been denying herself the bounty of the essyra’s body all this time for nothing… or did Lorre just share Mother’s fetishization of these aliens? No matter the reason, the end was the same: Lorre’s slender fingers closed the distance to the off-worlder’s cock, tracing from the thick base up to a tapered tip; she wrapped her hand around the crown there, working her hand back down with a tight, steady grip. Just like her own clothes, Khesla’s bodysuit was ever-so-slightly slick to the touch and smooth enough to shine in the firelight. For all she knew it might have been lubed inside, as well as any pussy.

Khesla’s body tensed and her lips twisted into a “O” of blatant pleasure. Ziresh felt the alien’s powerful tail twist around one of her legs, pulling her closer while Lorre leaning into the girl of her own accord as well.

“What do you think, Ziresh?” Lorre murmured softly, working her hand up again. “Did your mother teach you what to do with one of these… or does momma Lorre need to give you a hands-on lesson?”

“I-I…” she started to say. Her cheeks burned, and Ziresh felt her dusky nipples stiffening against the rough wool of her chest wrap. The motherly esyrra fixed her with a smile crooked a finger, urging Ziresh to lean across the alien’s lap and rest her hands on Lorre’s pregnant belly, bringing herself close enough that Lorre could easily cup her cheeks and pull her into a kiss.

Ziresh’s eyes went wide, then drooped closed as the object of her long-held desire ran a tongue across her lips. She felt herself melting into Lorre’s hands and lips, her heart racing in her chest… and then one of the foxey mistress’s hands was on hers, guiding it down to something turgid and hot and slick nestled between their bodies. Khesla gasped and squirmed as Ziresh’s hand was guided up and down her length, slowly at first but gaining in speed at Lorre’s guidance. Once Ziresh had gotten the rhytym the elder fox wanted, Lorre released her hand and turned on her knees, presenting her back to her. “The little tab in my collar. Pull it down, dear… with your teeth.”

Ziresh obeyed automatically, leaning against Lorre’s back and nuzzling into the mane of pink hair spilling down her back until she found the little metal bit and caught it between two fangs. When she leaned down, she was treated to a growing expanse of bare, pale flesh revealed as Lorre’s outfit came apart, spilling down around her hips and leaving her huge breasts to fall into Khesla’s waiting hands. The alien managed to sit up for that, hugging herself against Lorre and groping her expansive bust in still-trembling gloved hands.

Overcome with curiosity, Ziresh slipped behind the alien and repeated the process, searching through her mess of curly green hair to find a similar tab on the back of her skin-tight suit and pulling it down. This time, in addition to soft, reddish-brown skin, she was also assailed by a familiar smell — the same aroma that hung around Mother at day’s end, the potent scent of masculine desire, spent freely in the worship of a beautiful woman’s body. The stretchy material of Khesla’s clothing came away with some effort, straining to peel off of her turgid cock, and when it did, Ziresh saw a spiderweb of milky seed that had been coaxed out by her hand clinging to the interior.

“Put Khesla on her back, dear,” Lorre commanded. She still rested on her knees, facing away from the younger women, but she cast a glance over her shoulder so full of hungry desire that both her partners were quick to jump at her command. Ziresh eased Khesla out onto her back behind Lorre, wrapping her hand around the naked girth of her viridian cock and guiding the alien’s face into her chest. Soon she was devoid of her scarves, and a pair of emerald lips and tongue began to explore the soft expanses of her breasts, licking at nipples and nibbling at areola.

“You aliens… like you’ve never seen breasts before,” Ziresh giggles, running a hand through Khesla’s hair.

Her eyes were fixed on Lorre, though, watching the matron of the place slowly slip off the last of her clothing and rise to her feet. “They’ve seen more than you can imagine,” Lorre murmured, turning back to face her lovers. “But every pair is still a unique and wonderful thing, worthy of such lavishness. Wouldn’t you say?”

Ziresh stared in blatant awe. She’s seen Mother pregnant before, and even when she wasn’t, Milodan women were known for their ample bosoms… but Lorre made her jaw drop nonetheless. Watching the pale mountains of her chest quake with every breath, pink nipples beading with milk and obsidian-hard with lust made the poor kitten’s tongue loll haplessly from her mouth, transfixed by Lorre’s gravid majesty.

“I’ll take that as a yes,” Lorre purred, crawling back into the bed overtop the trembling alien. One of her slender hand clasped over Ziresh’s, helping her to angle Khesla’s cock straight up as she moved to straddle the thickset alien’s thighs. Lorre sank down on it with a throaty sigh, biting her lip to stifle her moans as she slid down the lengthy green pole. Her gravid belly came to rest upon Khesla’s stomach, and the rosey slit of her cunt nestled against the turgid base of Khesla’s loins.

Without skipping a beat, the essyran matron wrapped her arms around Ziresh’s shoulders, drawing her down into her breasts and onto a nipple. “Milk for my favorite kitten,” Lorre purred. “Drink deep, love… drink deep.”

Ziresh did just as she was told, and loved every second of it. Her lips worked around a stiff teat, tongue running up its mountainous point until a slow stream of cream began to flow into her waiting mouth. At the same time, something brushed against her netherlips, soft and warm and wonderfully flexible. Ziresh left her eyes closed, content to suckle while the other women did with her what they willed; she just compliantly shifted her legs to better straddle Khesla’s face, letting the alien probe a slender but amazingly long tongue deep into her womanhood.

“Taste is good,” Khesla said, half-muffled in Ziresh’s thighs; both native women giggled. They both started moving their hips, slowly rising and falling over Khesla in unison, lost in each others’ arms and the alien’s body. At some point, Khesla’s shivering finally stopped, and her hands reached up to sink her fingers into Ziresh’s behind.

“I think she likes you,” Lorre murmured into the half-milodan’s ear.

Ziresh answered with a purr of her own, directing the vibrations into her mouthful of milky boob. Her hands wrapped around Lorre’s breast, helping to massage more and more of her sweet cream out between bounces on the alien’s tool. The harder Lorre rode her, the more feverish Khesla’s tongue worked inside Ziresh’s pussy, and the harder she sucked from Lorre in turn.

Ziresh thought she’d found her own little heaven, nestled between these two beautiful, buxom women… but Lorre had other plans. At the height of one of her bounces, she suddenly shifted back on her knees and pushed Ziresh down, thrusting the kitten’s mouth straight onto Khesla’s dick. Ziresh tried to gasp, but it only came out as a ragged gag around her new mouthful of throbbing green dickmeat. It tasted… intense; musty but strangely sweet. Unlike anything she’d sampled on her frozen world.

“Good girl,” Lorre said, stroking Ziresh’s hair. “Take it deep.”

Ziresh looked reverantly up at the older woman, allowing herself to be guided down to the base and back up again. Her lips locked around Khesla’s crown, worshipping it with her tongue until she tasted the saltiness of swelling seed.

Lorre must have smelled it, the way she smiled. “It would be wasted on me. But you…”

Mother had always lamented that she could never find another alien to rock her world the way Ziresh’s father had. But now… now Ziresh saw what she’d been missing here at home.

“For you, Lorre… anything,” she answered. Ziresh shifted forward, grabbing Lorre’s ass in both hands and pulling the pregnant essyra into a tight embrace while lowering herself onto the alien’s leaking cock.

Lorre moaned into her mouth, holding her just as tight. “Oh…”

One good bounce was all it took to push Khesla over the edge. The draconic alien bucked her hips up, driving herself deep into Ziresh and gripping her hips hard before her seed came spraying out into the milodan’s waiting womb. Ziresh ground her hips back and coaxed it out, just like Mother’d taught her; her body craved every drop while her heart drank up Lorre’s closeness, holding the curvaceous matron tight while the alien beauty filled her with cum.

“See?” Lorre teased, running a hand over Ziresh’s breasts, then sensually down to rest on her stomach. “These offworlders are good for something.”

The essyra’s hand slipped further, disappearing between Ziresh’s legs. Suddenly, Khesla gasped, and the cock that was starting to soften inside Ziresh’s quim went rigid once again, throbbing with urgent desire. “The wyrm-like ones especially… they’re everything your fertility cult could ever want, so eager to spill their seed again and again until your body’s oh-so gravid. Would you like me to show you?”

“Gods, yes…”


When the storm passed, Ziresh helped Khesla bundle up and guided her back to the alien city. This time it was Ziresh who struggled to walk, though for entirely more pleasurable reasons. She was sure the alien’s creamy cum was still leaking from inside her, but she was so full that it didn’t matter.

“Thank you,” Khesla said, squeezing Ziresh’s ass through her thick clothing as the city came into view. “Without you…”

Ziresh just waved her off with a smile. “It’s fine. You helped me, too… more than you know. Now go on, before somebody in town thinks I’m kidnapping you.”

Khesla snickered and gave her a parting kiss. “I’ll see you again! Especially if you’re… you know.”

Ziresh left her with a wink and a slap on that jiggly rear under Khesla’s skin-tight suit. “I know. Then come find me again at Lorre’s. I’ll be there a lot more from now on.”