This is the second part of the story, which started here. Art of our heroine by DCL.

By: Savin
Tags: Female POV, Group Sex (F/H/H), Dragon-girls, DP, Creampies


The tittering harlots scampered out on his command, leaving Cáthe and Arxis alone in the room. The towering dragon-man wrapped his guardsman’s cloak over his shoulders, but otherwise left himself bare. His cum-soaked manhood slowly retracted into a vertical slit between his legs, leaving him somewhat modest; more than could be said for Cáthe, at any rate. His semen and her own orgasmic juices clung hotly to her bare, pale flesh; she didn’t dare put her clothes back on lest she soil them, and so Cáthe lounged on Arxis’ bed in nothing but her hood and cloak, sipping at her cup of wine.

“It’s all this this satchel, everything you’ll need,” Arxis growled, inclining his head towards a leather bag hanging from the coat pin on the door. “Maps of the palace catacombs. The key to the sewer grates… guard patrols relevant to you. Nothing near the queen’s chambers, you understand.”

Cáthe gave him a disarming smile. “Of course. I’m just a thief, not an assassin.”

As much as it would give her great pleasure to see the Red Queen dethroned, Cáthe didn’t feel like throwing her life away for it. She’d tried that once, her and her entire people; that’s how the great red dragon got herself on the throne of the Shattered Isles instead of the pure elven maiden that ought to be ruling it.

No, she was just here for a one little thing from the dragon’s vaults… and to fill her pockets while she worked.

Arxis grunted. “So you say. Your cunt and coin’s enough to convince me. I assume you have your own tools of trade?”

“Ropes, picks, hooks, the works,” she assured him. “As long as you’re map is accurate, getting in and out unseen should be a breeze.”

“In and out of a dragon’s vault? Well, you have balls for a human.”

Human, right. Cáthe’s elven ears twitched under her hood. “Says the man with no balls.”

Arxis huffed. “They’re internal. Come back after your heist and I’ll fuck you proper… show you I’m as potent as any of your men.”

“I’ll pass,” Cáthe laughed, slipping out of the bed and taking the satchel. “But thanks, Arxis. You’re not bad for a palace guard… I mean, you’re bad at being one now, but you’re a-“

He bristled. “Don’t make me regret this.”

“Fine. I’ve got some preparation to do, so unless you’re gonna kick me out…”

Arxis swept a hand across the room before leaning his head back and closing his eyes.

Good enough for Cáthe. She rolled out of bed and rustled through the bag until she found the map Arxis had promised and rolled it out on the floor. It was a mess of rough hatch-marks on vellum, hard but not impossible to read. The thief set herself down cross-legged in front of it, laying her sword on one end of the map and her own pack on the other.

“Do guards even patrol the catacombs?”

Arxis snorted. “You mean the sewers? No, just keep the grates locked. Too many restless spirits down there for thieves and assassins.”

That’s what she was hoping for. “And the vault? You didn’t give me a key for that.”

“I don’t have one. Only the royal family is allowed access to the queen’s vaults. You’re a thief; pick it.”

Cáthe rolled her eyes and went back to studying. The layout was familiar, largely unchanged from the last time she’d been inside the palace — but that was before the Red Queen had made it her roost, when elven royalty still called this island home. She noted a few changes: collapsed passages, new portcullises, a guard barracks where the catacombs let out into the main palace. What Arxis had said about restless spirits gave her pause, but Cáthe told herself she was more than a match for some of her peoples’ lingering ghosts. They’d probably hate the queen more than she did.

When she was satisfied with her analysis, and was sure that the last of Arxis’ spunk had drooled off and out of her, Cáthe stood and shoved herself back into her breeches. She felt the dragonborn’s eyes on her, watching her ass as she bent over to adjust her boots, staring at her chest until she slipped her dark tunic back on. Despite herself, Cáthe found her body putting on a little show for him: a little extra bounce and wiggle that soon had his mighty red lance peeking from its sheath again.

When Arxis reached out and grabbed her ass, Cáthe only flashed a smile over her shoulder. “Careful, Arxis. You want seconds, you’re going to have to pay.”

“Bah,” he grunted, squeezing hard enough to make Cáthe gasp before releasing her. “Get going before I decide to give you the long, hard arm of the law.”

So she did. Cáthe buckled on her sword and threw the satchel over her shoulder before slipping out of the dragonborn’s room. The three were already displaying their goods for a prospective customer when she got downstairs, but they smiled at her and the bustiest passed a hand across Cáthe’s thigh as she left.

It was a long walk from the wharf up to the noble terrace. The streets cleared up, and cleared out, the further up Cáthe trudged. Few noble-folk would be caught dead out at this hour — mostly because they probably would be very dead if they did — and the town guards became more and more dragonborn as she neared the palace. There were almost no humans in sight by the time Cáthe got to the hillside plaza, just beneath the winding road up to the palace proper. Only dragonborn guardians remained on the streets.

Cáthe stuck to the shadows, none too keen on bumping into more of Arxis’ kind. He was reasonable; could be plied with pussy and coin. Most of his brothers were hard-headed and unrelenting, blindly obedient to the Red Queen. Perfect soldiers. But Cáthe had gotten good at passing unnoticed, blending into the gutters and shadows of her home city where once she’d strode proudly through the streets in jewels and finery. People in this city had cared for her, loved her… now she’d be lucky if all they did was kill her, if they caught a glimpse of her ears.

“Damn the dragon and all her spawn,” Cáthe hissed.

She carried on to the sewer entrance she’d picked out days before. As expected, there were no guards anywhere nearby, and she’d oiled up the grating the night before, leaving it an easy and silent job to pry the gate open and slip from the dark of the night into the pitch blackness of the catacombs tunnels.


Cáthe couldn’t remember the last time she was down here. It felt like more than a century had passed, and the elven dead interred deep beneath the palace had gone from the peaceful repose of pristine sarcophagi to cobwebbed and dust-covered.

“You were princes and kings,” Cáthe sighed, running her fingers across one of the stone coffins. “You deserved better.”

The walls separating the sewers from the catacombs had crumbled in the years since she’d last been in the Gate. Arxis was right when he said they were all but the same thing now, and the smell of filth permeated the crypts like a cloud. The idea of it, more than the reality, made Cáthe’s stomach knot up in hatred and disgust.

Any one of these could have been her. The thought haunted her all the way through the catacombs, until she was certain she was just beneath the palace.

Cáthe felt a cold, piercing wind rush through the passage. She wrapped her arms around herself, teeth clenching with the sudden chill. Her elven eyes could still make out the rough lay of the land despite the darkness, and they darted around as the chill intensified. She could see her breath starting to mist, forming a cloud around her head as she walked.

That’s when the first spirit manifested.

Cáthe blinked, and standing before her where there had once been nothing but a cloud of her own breath was a tall, translucent-blue elf maiden, dressed in her funerary gown with silvery azure hair spilling down past her waifish hips. The spirit affixed the living elf with solid black eyes.

“Banshee,” Cáthe breathed. She recognized the creature’s face… and felt an agony in her heart like nothing ever before. “Be at ease, fallen one. I am not among those who have defiled your final rest.”

The spirit’s eyes widened into perfect circles, and her hair whipped back as if a gale blew past her. “Turn back,” she howled, raising a hand out as if to grab Cáthe. “Flee this place, daughter of the isles. Flee and never return!”

Cáthe stepped nimbly back, evading the banshee’s reach. “I’m sorry, fallen one. I can’t give up here. I’ve put everything I have on line… this is make or break for me.”

“Value your honor more than gold,” the spirit sighed, slowly lowering its arm. “This place will be your ruin.”

“I lost my honor a long time ago,” Cáthe said. “Please return to your sleep. I can offer you no vengeance this day.”

The spirit’s black eyes narrowed, then closed. “Daughter of the isles, it is not I who have fallen. I-“

Cáthe’s fists clenched. “I said return to your sleep! You perished when the dragon first came… you know nothing of what I have had to endure since then. What all elves have endured. I will not be lectured by you.”

The banshee regarded Cáthe sadly, then closed its coal-black eyes and faded to mist once more. The chill that had clenched the elf’s heart slowly lifted, though it was some time before her fists and jaw relaxed again. A few more steps brought her to the winding stairs leading up into the palace. Cáthe spared one final look behind her before she began her ascent.

“I’m sorry… aunt Muirín,” she breathed. “I failed you, my queen.”

Slowly, Cáthe moved on.


The interior of the palace was nothing like she remembered.

Sprawling red banners hung from the great stone walls, displaying the fanged maw of the dragon a thousand times for all to see. Torches hung from sconces in the walls now, flickering in the breeze blowing in from the narrow windows; the enchanted crystals that had once shone a gentle white light down from the rafters were nowhere to be found. And the smell… every inch of the palace Cáthe crept through smelled distressingly like the Golden Cock had; the reek of sweat and sex permeated the air every bit as thick as the filth had down below.

Cáthe brought her hood up over her eyes and stayed far from the torches. Dragonfire had long ago taught her respect for the flame… and the shadows were her shield tonight besides. There were guards about, more dragonborn in their fine mail and blood-red tabards, but they were complacent as any watchman used to the safety of a palace. Her aunt’s guards had been much the same, more for show than for the royal family’s protection.

They were easy enough to sneak by. The guards snorted and tasted the air with their tongues when she passed, but none so much as glanced at her. Cáthe’d had almost a century to learn the thief’s trade, and learn it well; she was just another shadow in the night, passing through the winding corridors without a sound.

The vault was at the back of the palace and on the lowest level. Not all that far from the catacombs. In her day, it had been under constant guard; the Red Queen felt no such fear for her stolen wealth, it seemed, as she saw nobody within a hundred paces of the great metal door. Strange. Didn’t dragons jealously guard their hoards? Perhaps when she opened the door, Cáthe would find the Red Queen herself sprawled out atop great mountains of purloined gold.

“Wouldn’t that be a sight?” she breathed, reaching for her lockpicks. “Last thing I’m likely to ever see, though.”

Cáthe spent the requisite minute feeling out for traps or alarms, then focusing her senses in search of any arcane wards. She found nothing. Strange indeed. Maybe the queen had moved her treasury elsewhere? That would make sense, if she feared some wayward elf wandering into her conquered keep. A healthy fear, all things considered. Still, Cáthe had to check inside.

The lock was new, at least. Complex, maybe dwarven-crafted, but not insurmountable. It was only a minute’s tense work in the silence before Cáthe heard the faint clicking of the last tumbler falling into place. No one had come past on their patrols, either.

“This is too easy,” Cáthe breathed. Still, she hauled the door open and looked inside.

The vault was certainly not empty.

Her eyes went wide, struggling to take in the mountain of glittering gold and gem-encrusted baubles. All the crystals that had once illuminated the halls outside now hung from the vault’s arched walls, sending rays of blinding gilded light out the door the moment she opened it. Cáthe recoiled, covering her eyes until they adjusted once more to the light as she slipped inside.

Cáthe pulled an empty sack from her pack and flicked it open, starting the long process of selecting the most valuable among the small treasures. Gems would go for more than their weight in gold pieces, and jewelry was even better. Cáthe climbed across the man-high piles of coin, grabbing the most valuable-looking pieces and shoving them into her bag.

It took her greed-addled mind a good few minutes to realize the ever-present carnal smell was even stronger in the vault. The fact only hit when she crested the largest mound of gold and saw the real treasure the Red Queen cherished.

She wasn’t alone in the vault. At the center of it, surrounded by a curtain of coins, stood a luxurious four-post bed. A canopy of sheer white silks hung all around it, drawn open so that Cáthe could see the lush cushions and soft blankets atop it.

And the woman, too.

A tall, voluptuous figure lay languidly on the bed, wrapped in nothing but a thin silken dress that hugged her curves exquisitely. Cáthe had always been buxom, an attribute she was more than proud of at times, but the woman made her look positively skinny with her fertile curves and plush bosoms of milk-pale skin and… and dark, crimson scales hugging her broodmare’s hips all the way down her long legs, where they terminated in toes tipped with claws.

“Finally noticed, have we?” the woman purred, resting her chin in a clawed hand and running a forked tongue across lush red lips. Cáthe’s eyes were drawn more towards the sweeping horns growing from her brow, growing between curling red lockes. “Arxis did has had a predilection for the slow ones. Easier for a man of his abilities to convince, I guess.”

Cáthe’s teeth clenched. “Arxis!”

“Don’t be hard on him. He was only doing his job,” the draconic woman teased, running a hand up her flank to one of her pillowy bosoms. “He was only following orders, after all. It’s Arxis’ job to find women of your… unique qualifications and send them to me.”

Coins clattered behind Cáthe. She whirled on a heel and drew the bastard sword from her back, throwing the sheath straight into the face of a dragonborn soldier. He let out a shout of surprise and stumbled back, but two more house guards stomped up with bearded axes in hand.

Cáthe screamed in rage and sprang to action, leaping down the mountain of gold back towards the door. The two guards still standing let loose their own mighty roars and met her charge.

Thrust, parry, pirouette, slash. Cáthe drove them back, weaving between clumsy blows and claw-swipes. Lunge, dodge, spin. The elf’s sword was a whirlwind, deflecting attacks with desperate fury as Cáthe ran for the door. Her pack slipped from her grasp, its wealth lost; she didn’t give it more than a parting thought. Survival is what mattered.

She slammed shoulder-first into the door, pushing it open with all her might.

The dragon woman was waiting on the other side.

Cáthe’s face slapped into the deep gulf between the dragoness’s breasts, sending her bouncing backwards — and into the waiting arms of her guardsmen. The woman let out a playful, almost girlish laugh and stepped back into the vault, closing the door behind her with a final, heavy thump.

“Oh, you’ve got spirit!” the dragon purred. A thick, scaled tail swayed behind her, throwing aside little piles of gold. “I like it!”

“Don’t worry,” another voice cooed from behind. Cáthe felt two strong hands on her shoulder, and turn to see… the same woman.

She blinked hard. “Who-“

“Expecting our queen mother?” the first dragon laughed, slipping around to join the newcomer. They were identical in almost all respects, save that, now that she had the moment to look, the second dragon wore dark blue lip-paint and had a crown of gems about her brow, just beneath her horns.

“You’re not the Red Queen,” Cáthe sighed. One of the dragonborn finally wrenched the sword from her hand, throwing it aside to the one that had caught its sheath with his snout.

Both dragons laughed, lacing their arms around each other’s waists. “Neither of us are. And you… aren’t the foolish human girl we were promised. Are you?”

The blue-lipped woman reached out and tore down Cáthe’s hood, letting her long, tapered ears flick free. Cáthe gasped and recoiled, struggling again until one of the guards reached a hand up to strike her. The all-red dragon caught his wrist and scowled. “She’s not to be harmed, remember? She’s our guest.”

“Guest!?” Cáthe snapped, spitting on the tabard of the slap-happy dragonborn. “Your queen destroyed my country. My life! You’re my enemy.”

“Maybe,” the blue sister shrugged. “Oh, this is usually much easier with a human girl. They’ve benefited so much more under mother’s reign. But then again…”

“… this could be fun!” the other grinned, leaning down and taking Cáthe’s chin in her hand. “You’re here at our invitation, my pretty thief. You wanted to sample the dragon’s hoard, didn’t you? Well, here we are… and you can leave with as much as you can carry. Release her.”

The dragonborn stepped back, letting Cáthe stagger back from the woman’s grasp. “Who even are you?”

The blue-lipped dragoness smiled. “Ah, introductions? Very well. You may call me Azure.”

“And I am Rose,” the other said. “Our true names are difficult to pronounce with your elven tongue. But we are heirs to the throne… and you’re very lucky we are. Mother would have incinerated you the moment you entered the grounds, but she’s been asleep for months now. And while she rests, my sister and I are always eager to have beautiful guests to entertain.”

“Especially an elven guest. I’ve never seen an elf in person!” Azure added, stepping closer. “I thought your people were supposed to be svelte and graceful, but…”

“… But you have such an exquisite chest. No wonder Arxis chose you! He has such a fixation with warmblooded girls’ breasts.”

Azure slipped behind her sister as she spoke and reached around, grabbing the red dragon’s breasts in both hands and giving them a firm squeeze. “He helped us craft these shape-changes, you know. I’m starting to understand his obsession.”

Rose moaned softly, leaning back against her sister’s own bust and curling her tail around the other dragon’s legs. “Yes, indeed. And if the feeling’s true to form, I imagine you must love having such meaty mounds! Men surely pop their breeches at the thought of handling them.”

Cáthe felt her cheeks reddening, as much from the teasing as from the lustful display of nearly-naked dragonflesh. The guards stood stiffly at attention around them, as passive as the ones outside… the ones that had let Cáthe just walk into the palace. She clenched her fists, trying to push back the embarrassment of it all. Feeling like a fool wouldn’t help her here.

“Okay. Fine. Why am I here?” she asked, diverting her eyes from the entwined sisters. “What do you want from me?”

Rose stopped halfway through giving her sister a kiss full on the lips, looking back to Cáthe like she was every bit the idiot she felt like. “Oh, come now. The bed, the half-naked sisters… you know what we want.”

“But the offer is genuine,” Azure assured her, slapping Rose’s ass and stepping towards Cáthe. “Lay with us, and you can take as much as you can carry from the treasury. Stuff your pockets, your bag, swallow it if you want. There’s no shortage of wealth here.”

“One caveat,” Rose added, reaching towards the clasp of her dress. It fell airily away, revealing the pert red peaks of her turgid nipples and…

… and the stiffening red dick between her legs, rising from its sheath to meet Cáthe’s gaze. “You’ll carry something else out of here as well. We’re going to stuff your every hole until you won’t want to leave, to ever pry yourself off our cocks. And even if you do, well, perhaps one of us will get you with child and you’ll come crawling back with a mewling babe, ready for us to plant the next round of seed in you. Arxis insisted you’d make an excellent mother.”

“With those hips? Hmm,” Azure laughed, reached towards the elf.

Cáthe gasped and dodged back, provoking another laugh from the blue-lipped dragon. “Ah, well, she has spirit anyway. I’m sure she’ll grow into motherhood. Maybe even fill out those tits some more.”

“Wouldn’t that be something?” her sister sighed. “Oh, I can barely keep my hands off you now, little thief. So! What say you? Give us your body for one night, and any treasure you see is yours.”

Cáthe shook her head violently. “No. I… I still have some pride left, damn it. I will never be a dragon’s whore!”

Azure clicked her tongue. “This is why mother told us never to lay with an elf. So defiant! Come now, girl, think of what you could do with all that money… you could buy passage off these islands, back to the mainland. I hear the elven empire still exists there.”

“Besides, you are an elf,” Rose added. “We could take you if we wanted. You’re an outlaw. Your race lost all its rights a hundred years ago for trying to fight mother. Even a peasant boy could push you down and plow you raw and nobody would answer your cries for help. Yet you’d turn down two princesses asking nicely; willing to pay so handsomely for your willing companionship?”

Cáthe’s fists clenched hard, and her eyes darted to the sword.

She had it in the blink of an eye, tackling the dragonborn to the ground and cracking his snout with an uppercut. She drew the blade and swung, cracking the pommel against another guard’s head, and parrying the third’s axe on the backswing.

“Oh!” Rose cheered. “Fighting again!”

Cáthe rolled to the side, letting the next axe blow slam into the ground. While the guard’s momentum carried him down, she spun her leg around and cuffed his frilled ear with her boot, sending him sprawling backwards.

Without thinking, she whirled around and brought the sword down towards the nearest of the sisters. The bastard sword’s blade came down straight on the naked slut’s brow… and shattered. Cáthe’s eyes went wide as Azure’s claws swiped the blade aside, tearing through the metal like it was parchment. Shards of iron went flying, and this time it was Cáthe’s momentum that sent her stumbling forward, into Rose’s waiting arms.

“Hello there!” the buxom dragon laughed, grabbing Cáthe before she could fall flat on her face. “My my, trying to assault a royal princess? You have some nerve… and don’t you know better than to fight a dragon?”

Azure’s claws retracted with a sharp snap. “I think she’s more than a thief. What’s your name, girl?”

“Cáthe,” the elf growled, trying to throw Rose’s grip off. This time, the dragoness’s grip held firm. The other tore at her cloak, throwing it aside.

Rose drags her claw down from Cáthe’s shoulder, across the front of her tunic. Inch by inch, the fabric slit apart, letting her breasts spill forward and into the dragon’s waiting grasp. “Cáthe… Cáthe. A pretty name, for a pretty woman. So Cáthe, you wanted our treasure. You want respect and love, too. I can see it in your eyes, that hate and fear. Let us help you.”

“We just want to fuck,” Azure adds, circling around behind Cáthe and brushing a hand over her ass. “What’s wrong with that? You’ve already brokered a deal with Arxis today. Let us have our fun and we’ll take care of you.”

“Such good care,” Rose murmurs, slipping Cáthe’s ruined shirt off. She drew closer, pressing her turgid lizard-cock against the elf’s thigh, letting her feel just how hot and hard it is.

Azure slipped her arms around the busty thief, hooking her hands into her belt and slowly unbuckling it. Cáthe’s mind raced, trying to find some way to fight.

Instead, when one of the dragons laced her hand through hers and started leading Cáthe back towards the bed, her body followed of its own accord.


Cáthe knew she should have resisted. Should have fought harder. Found some way to escape the vault and flee the palace like the cowardly rat she’d become. What little left of her elven pride screamed that she was betraying everything she’d fought for. Everything she’d lost over the century of the dragon’s reign.

But her body had different ideas. Cáthe’s breath quickened in her chest as the twin dragons ran their hands up and down her bare flesh. Her breasts came free of her ruined tunic quickly enough, into Azure’s waiting grasp. The blue drake flicked her forked tongue across a stiffening nipple, nuzzling into Cáthe’s cleavage with soft moans and insistent kisses. Her sister was behind Cáthe, giving her supple rear the same treatment as her chest: Cáthe’s breeches fell and were whisked away, leaving her jiggling rear open for Rose’s groping hands to explore.

“You have such a lovely figure, for a warmblood,” Rose murmured, nibbling on Cáthe’s ear. “Mmm, I could just eat you up.”

Azure glanced up from between Cáthe’s breasts, flashing the elf a smile full of sharpened teeth. “Oh yes… I’m sure you’re just delicious. Let’s find out.”

Cáthe gasped as the blue-lipped dragoness pushed her backwards onto the bed. Her legs spread in the impact, and Azure eagerly dove between them, letting the crook of Cáthe’s knees fall over her shoulders. The elf squirmed as a pair of fingers traced their way down her inner thigh, leaving a train of gooseflesh where the claws gently grazed her skin. Behind her, Rose crawled into the bed with a predatory languidness, sweeping her tail across the blankets as she positioned her knees on either side of Cáthe’s head.

“Suck,” Rose commanded, her voice smooth and sultry. Her dick bobbed weightily over Cáthe’s face, emanating a commanding heat and musk as it beaded with its owner’s blatant desire.

As if a slave to the red dragon’s command, the elven thief’s mouth opened and her tongue rolled out, lapping at the tapered tip of Rose’s crimson cock. It tasted just like Arxis’, felt the same too, though much hotter than his. The first thick beads of pre to touch Cáthe’s tongue felt like hot, thick stew pouring down her throat as her lips locked around the dragon’s crown. In turn, Azure’s sinuous tongue lapped at the gulf between Cáthe’s legs, sending shivers of pleasure up her spine with every lick and kiss. The blue-lipped sister moaned as she ate, as if Cáthe’s pussy was some exotic delicacy to be sampled. Azure slowly ran her tongue up between the rosey lips of the elf’s quim, tasting Cáthe’s nectar while teasing out her clit.

Azure’s tongue was inhumanly long and dexterous, wrapping around Cáthe’s bud before plunging into her with all the fervor of a real dick. Moaning around her mouthful of dragon-cock, Cáthe let her eyes flutter closed and tried to shut out the indignant, prideful part of her mind. What was the difference between spreading her legs for a human or a dragon? As long as they paid up, she was getting what she came here for. That’s what was important, right?

It wasn’t until a pair of hands grabbed her breasts that she was snapped back into the moment. Rose was pulling them apart and kneading them between clawed fingers, grinning devilishly as her sister rose up onto the bed and moved to straddle Cáthe’s chest. She felt the dragoness’s full bottom come to rest heavily on her stomach, followed by the weighty thwack of a cock slapping into the gulf of Cáthe’s cleavage. Azure pressed the mountains of her chest back together for her sister’s pleasure, which Rose is all too eager to capitalize on; she starts thrusting her hips between the pillowy boobflesh on offer, hips slapping against the undersides while Azure’s fingers pinched and teased Cáthe’s nipples. All the while, the elf’s left to suckle on Azure’s meaty dick.

“Mmm, this is nice,” Rose moaned between bucks of her hips. “She’s so soft. It’s like a dream.”

Azure tittered. “Arxis always has loved to spoil us. He’s such a good boy.”

Yeah, real honorable, too. Cáthe huffed, but if the sisters heard her, they didn’t pay her any mind. Indeed, they soon found a new distraction, now that they were in arm’s reach; Rose and Azure smiled at each other, then in eerie unison reached out to cup each others’ cheeks and went in for a long, loving kiss while their hips worked Cáthe’s breasts and mouth.

Cáthe gave them a moment before spitting out Azure’s cock, squirming out from beneath the lustful dragons and onto the head of the bed, spreading her lower lips with a pair of fingers. “Are you two just going to jerk off on me or what? Come on already!”

She refused to admit that her pussy was aflame with desire, drenched with its own excitement. A moment later, when Rose’s prick pressed against it, Cáthe just about came on the spot from the sudden, rough stimulation. Rose ground her length through her pussylups, prodding Cáthe’s clit until the elf was squirming from pleasure. Cáthe’s back arched from the bed, giving Azure ample time to hook both hands around her waist.

Suddenly, Cáthe felt herself being lifted. She gasped, locked her thighs around Rose as Azure slipped in under her, resting Cáthe on her lap. The blue-lipped dragon’s cobalt cock speared the tight crack between her asscheeks, mirroring her sister’s positioning.

“Get comfy,” Azure murmured, kissing her way up Cáthe’s shoulder. The elf sucked in a sharp breath, pulling away from the dragoness — before being pushed right back down by Rose’s lips meeting hers.

The very idea of kissing a dragon should have filled Cáthe with revulsion. These were conquerors and killers… and yet, the sisters were handling her with such gentle affection that she couldn’t help but melt into their twinned embraces. Her quim welcomed the crown of Rose’s cock when it finally came, spreading her open around its thickening girth. Slowly, steadily, Rose’s hips pushed forward, thrusting herself inch by inch into Cáthe’s quim.

While she was busy with the elf’s womanhood, Azure’s shaft twitched with growing need between Cáthe’s asscheeks. Something wet smeared against her jiggling flesh, tracing down until she felt a sudden, sharp pressure against her asshole.

“H-hey!” Cáthe gasped, writhing in Azure’s arms. “You’re a couple inches off, blue!”

The dragoness just smirked and cupped her hands under Cáthe’s breasts. “Oh, I’m right where I want to be. Sister?”

“With pleasure,” Rose purred, reaching down between Cáthe’s legs and arresting her sister’s member between her fingers, holding it steady while Azure’s hips started to piston forward. Cáthe gasped, then screamed, at first in pain and then in agonizing pleasure, feeling both the dragons’ dicks sliding into her together. Her stomach bulged outwards with the sheer mass of dragoncock pumping her holes, and her mind went numb in a blaze of ecstacy. The sensation of being stretched so utterly, filled so completely, overwhelmed her on the first thrust.

The second broke her.

The dragons started moving independent of each other, thrusting away at whatever pace felt comfortable for them; quick, shallow strokes from Rose that battered her clit, and slow plunges into her ass from Azure’s dick. If it wasn’t for the dragons’ hands all over her, Cáthe knew she’d be writhing in madness, unable to control her lusts.

She was a doll in their hands, a toy to be fucked more than she was a participant, and the sisters were happy to take full advantage. Their twinned cocks pumped in and out in staccato rhythm, stirring up the elf’s pussy and ass while their hands groped her breasts, butt, and thighs, exploring every inch of her inside and out.

Orgasm hit her like a club, a blow that shook her from her loins to her teeth. Cáthe felt her juices squirting out around Rose’s shaft, painting her thighs while her holes desperately milked the dicks grinding inside her. Neither dragon paid her ecstatic suffering any mind; they were wholly focused on their own pleasure.

But her body was eager to reciprocate. Cáthe’s ass squeezed down around Azure’s length, and her pussy’s muscles rippled around every inch of Rose’s. She tried to speak, to taunt or tease her draconic captors, but all that came forth was a whorish moan and a desperate cry of “Harder! Fuck me harder!”

“S-she’s insatiable!” Azure growled through gritted teeth.

“I’m getting… close… so close,” Rose answered. Cáthe could feel the truth of it: the throbbing of Rose’s cock inside her, the leak of pre into her squeezing quim. A few thrusts later and the dam broke, accompanied by a howl of pleasure as the dragoness thrust herself hilt-deep into Cáthe’s cunt. Her seed was so hot it was almost unbearable, flooding into Cáthe’s womb before she could voice her protest. And just like Arxis, Rose pumped out what felt like six men’s worth of seed, filling Cáthe’s belly until it felt like she was ripe to burst.

And then Azure joined her, as if spurred on towards climax by her sister’s lurid moans. The dick in Cáthe’s ass already felt like it was thick enough to leave her legs trembling, but when cum started flowing through it, the shaft seemed to swell to unbearable size, ripping a scream from Cáthe’s lips as the first of Azure’s anal load poured into her.

A stream of elvish curses followed the scream of orgasmic ecstacy; Cáthe couldn’t quite give words to anything more cogent while both holes were being pumped full of steaming-hot dragon jizz. When the sisters started tapering off, slowly softening inside her, Cáthe let out a long-winded sigh of relief… and a little disappointment as that mind-shattering fullness faded. Not that she hadn’t cum her brains out already.

Cum poured out of her as the sisters’ cocks wilted, sliding wetly back into their sheathes. Cáthe collapsed back into Azure’s breasts, nestling into the dragon’s embrace as Rose rolled to the side, running a hand up Cáthe’s belly.

“See, we’re not so bad,” the red dragoness murmured, pinching a nipple.

“Mmm. And with an ass like yours, I can’t understand why mother hates you so,” Azure added with a grin. “All I’ve seen is that elf bodies were made for pleasure.”

Cáthe normally would have had some choice words about that, but these… were hardly normal circumstances. And it would be hard to argue the point with Azure’s seed leaking from her ass.

With some effort, Cáthe peeled herself up off the bed and tried to stand — only to fall back as her legs buckled. The sisters giggled, but one caught her and pulled her back into a cradling embrace. “Easy! There’s plenty of time to pick your treasure… you can leave any time you like.”

“Unless we get ready for seconds before you get your legs back,” Azure teases.

Despite herself, Cáthe wasn’t entirely sure she wanted to escape that quickly after all.


When Cáthe finally made her way out of the palace, it was with a sack full of treasure and pockets bulging with coin. The last piece she selected was a blade, one of many scattered through the deepest recesses of the treasure, to replace the one the sisters had shattered. She selected it seemingly at random, sliding it quickly into her empty sheath.

“Goodbye, little thief,” Azure called after her as she left.

“Use that to get off the islands before mother wakes!” Rose said solemnly. “She’s nowhere near as… personable as we are. Especially to thieves. And elves.”

Cáthe knew that all too well. She cast one last mourning look across the palace gates before pulling up her cloak and slipping out in the dawn’s dim light.

She couldn’t bear to bring herself to bid the sisters farewell. Showing them affection in return… she’d sobered up too much from her lust-drunk state in the vault to give in to that kind of gentleness. Cáthe rested a hand on the hilt of her new blade and slipped off back into the shadows whence she’d come.

The fish-stench of the wharf greeted her once again, sooner than she’d have liked. Cáthe stowed her ill-gotten well before she dared walk the back alleys there, all except her new sword. The real treasure out of all, long lost to her people, but sitting under the Red Queen’s nose all along.

“The Dragonslayer,” she breathed, running her fingers down its jeweled hilt. The sword of her queenly aunt, now her peoples’ final hope. Of the Red Queen’s demise. “Long have I dreamed of the day I’d hold you in my hands. Though maybe… not all dragons need feel your sting.”

Perhaps it was enough to simply lay the queen’s daughters…