This is a re-imagining of another story I wrote a long time ago, which you can find here. More over the next few days as I finish off the ending.

By: Savin
Tags: Female POV, Group Sex (M/F/F/F/F), Prostitution, Dragon-guy, Elf-girl, Blowjob, Boobjob, Vaginal, Cumshot

You can find anything and everything for sale in the lower wharfs of Dragon’s Gate. Hundreds of longships from around the northern sea came to the city to trade. It was no surprise that the biggest city in the world would be a nyx’s call to every gold-hungry merchant captain on the waves, but a different kind of market also grew in the furthest shadows of the Red Queen’s towering palace. A hive of tight-packed shops and watering holes where common sailors, drunks, whores, and thieves gathered to ply their own brand of trade.

Cáthe had been one and all of them during her long life, but tonight she counted herself among that last group: a thief on the prowl. Though the most exotic flesh, treasure, and narcotics switched hands in the back alleys and smokey taverns of the low wharf, her quarry was of a less tangible sort. For once her belt was heavy with the weight of her pouch of coins, but that just made her a target for the rest of her kin. Cáthe kept a hand firmly on her belt, flinching towards her dagger each time a wobbling drunk or laughing harlot pushed past her in the crowd.

Her contact was supposed meet her at the Golden Cock tavern. It was easy to find, she’d been told: just follow the smell of overdone perfume and sweaty sex up from the wharf. He hadn’t been lying, at least in that regard. True to the name, a great big gold-painted metal rooster was bolted over the door. Over that stood a woman on a balcony, bent over the railings with a pair of big, rosy breasts bare and swinging as a swarthy northman took her from behind. Hers were hardly the only moans coming from inside, just the loudest.

“Classy place,” Cáthe grunted, pulling up her cloak’s hood as she passed under the copulating couple. “Good advertisement though.”

Walking through the batwing doors came with the sensation of being hit in the face, assailed all at once by the overpowering smells of working girls and boys mixed with cheap ale and thick pipe smoke that clung to Cáthe’s lungs like fire. She grimaced as she entered. It was hardly the first time Cáthe had been in a place like this, but the memories that particular cocktail of brothel-smells brought back were almost as wretched as the reek itself.

A slender, dark-skinned girl in nothing but lace garters and stockings swayed up to her as soon as Cáthe was inside, offering to take her cloak with a hungry smile on her blue-painted lips.

“Thanks, but I’m a little cold,” Cáthe said, gently brushing off a wandering hand.

The dusky harlot smirked sensually and leaned in to whisper, “I can keep you plenty warm, love.”

“I walked into that. But no, thanks. Let me just start with some wine and a place to sit, huh?”

“Something to loosen up first? Coming right up.”

Cáthe couldn’t quite suppress a grin as the woman pointed out an empty end of one of the three long trestle tables before sauntering off to the bar for her. Still, Cáthe kept her cloak on and hood up, though she unbuckled her sword and set it into the seat between her and the nearest patron. It was only a half-packed house this early in the evening, maybe two dozen sailors and wharf-rats to half again that many nearly naked girls strutting their stuff for the early customers. Most every lap but hers had a girl in it, or a boy in a few cases, and every mouth seemed full of liquor or musky pipesmoke.

“You seem right at home,” the dark whore said, setting a full mug of dark wine in front of Cáthe. “I haven’t seen you before, miss cloaks, and I know all the regulars. Hopefully we stack up nice and big compared to your favorite watering hole!”

To emphasize the joke, she leaned unnecessarily far over to place Cáthe’s mug, letting her bust sway weightily beneath her. “Then again, you’re real big yourself. I’m kinda jealous.”

Cáthe shifted in her seat, feeling the tightness of the cloth wrap that kept her sizable chest in check. “It’s a blessing and a curse. Look, thanks for the drink, but I’m not browsing for company tonight. I’m here to meet a friend.”

“Oh!” the girl half-gasped. “You mean the big fella with the snout, don’t you? Mister Arxis!”

Thank the gods her man was subtle. “Yeah, that’s him. Already got himself a room, I take it?”

The girl nodded. “And a tab, too. He’s a real regular. I’ll just add your drink to his tab like usual. Go on up, it’s the last room.”

Cáthe nodded and stood, taking her glass and blade with her. Strange, she wouldn’t have taken Arxis for a serial philanderer. He’d been up-tight and serious every time they’d met before. Then again, even the queen’s men must need to relieve the stress of duty, same as any man… despite the differences between Arxis and most men.

“Be careful, miss cloaks! He’s real strong!” the girl called after her as Cáthe made her way up the Cock’s sweeping wood steps.

As soon as she was around the bend, Cáthe sighed and buckled her sword back on. “Better mistaken for a whore than found out, I guess,” she laughed. “Sweet girl, though.”

Cáthe walked quickly to last door on the long, narrow hall. Most of the doors were open, unoccupied. The few that were barely muffled the moans and grunts of intercourse from inside. She could hear cheap beds creaking, sweaty bodies slapping together. More memories came swimming back, enough to make her grimace and hold her sword’s hilt tight. This time tomorrow, she’d never need to sell her body to eat again. Never have to steal again just to make bribe money, or beg some human filth not to attack her just for fun.

This was going to be the start of the good life… no, a return to the proud life that had been stolen from her so long ago.

Cáthe shoved Arxis’ door open with a fire in her heart, determination beat hard in her heart… only to be washed away the moment she saw her man.


Arxis was a big man, a good foot and a half bigger than Cáthe but also wide as an outhouse and built with more muscle on him than a galley rower would know what to do with. Every time Cáthe had seen him previously, he’d been clad in glistening mail that covered his body down to the elbows and knees, bearing the proud red tabard of the queen’s castle guard.

It shouldn’t have surprised her to see Arxis naked, given the venue of their meeting place, but despite her long life and lengthy list of lovers, Cáthe had never quite seen a body like his.

Arxis wasn’t human. He had the shape of man, in general terms, but with bright brass scales on his belly and dark crimson ones everywhere else, right up to the thin black lips around his reptilian snout and the beady little gold eyes set deep in his skull. A frill ran from the crown of his hairless head straight down to his arm-thick tail, which as Cáthe entered, was wrapped tight around a skinny girl with big, bare hips while she bobbed her head in his lap. A second and third girl flanked him, each with a wet cloth in hand, rubbing down the scales on his body with a glistening oil. They both gasped and gawked as Cáthe entered, though the first girl only glanced up between sucks. How professional.

“Ah, the main attraction!” the dragon-man snorted, resting his arms around both his bathers’ shoulders. “And still so direct, she can’t even waste time to knock. Come in already.”

Cáthe did so, shutting and barring the door behind her. The two girls in Arxis’ arms got back to work once the door closed, pressing their naked, soft bodies up against the rigid muscles of the mammoth dragonborn and sliding up and down against him to rub all that oil in.

“I hope you came here for more than these three’s attention,” Cáthe said, resting her back against the door. “I came a long way just to see you, Arxis.”

“A long way, and still half a bell early,” he growled back. “I’ve paid the girls for their time, but I haven’t seen a penny out of you yet. We speak while they work, or you can wait your turn.”

The chestiest of the whores added, “Or you could do more than talk. Arxis bought enough oil for all five of us and then some…”

“Why does everyone here assume I’m a lesbian?” Cáthe sighed. “Sorry girls, I work solo.”

The bathers both huffed melodramatically and resumed their work, rubbing breasts and clothes across Arxis’ scales until he glistened in the candlelight. Cáthe just watched: as much as she might have wanted to get a piece of the three plush booties on offer she didn’t need anybody here — including Arxis — seeing her face… or at least, her ears. Flaunting that you’re an elf was tantamount to suicide in the Gate. When the girls finished oiling up his chest, the big dragon-man just grunted, grabbed his oral servant by the arms, and threw her onto the bed.

Cáthe followed the action with her eyes as Arxis casually shoved the girl face-down into the big mattress and shoved a meaty red shaft into her up-raised ass. The girl squealed, though not as loud as she did when the dragon-man started hammering his hips against her. The other two whores oiled themselves and their cloths again and started working on their patron’s back, legs, and ass, rubbing Arxis down between his foot-deep thrusts into their passive companion.

Cáthe had been paid to perform a similar duty from time to time, oiling and bathing some nameless man… though she’d always done so alone, and her cleaning work invariably had ended with her being dirtied by her patron in turn, or cleaning his cock with her mouth. Despite what she told herself should have been revulsion, Cáthe felt a stirring in her loins from the memories as much as from watching the burly dragon-man fuck the whore into the bed.

Biting her lip, Cáthe crossed her legs and tapped her fingers on her thigh, trying to distract herself. Even when she looked away, the chorus of moans from the three harlots and Arxis’ rhythmic grunting, the heavy slaps of scaled thighs against a plush ass, assailed her ears. It wasn’t long before that stirring of desire became a fire, and no amount of self-distraction would let Cáthe ignore the burning wet heat spreading through her cunt.

“Okay, Arxis, how about we cut a deal?” she offered. “Take half off your price and I’ll join your girls here for the evening.”

“Half?” the dragonborn laughed, slapping the bottom bitch’s ass for effect. “That’s more than all three of these sluts cost. Plus the room, oil, drinks…”

Cáthe grinned. “I’m worth it.”

While Arxis’ eyes were on her, Cáthe reached a hand under her tunic and undid the knot of her chest wrap. The sheer weight of her breasts pulled the cloth apart the second she removed the tension, pushing her tunic out twice as far as it had been. Cáthe put her hands on her chest and squeezed, moaning softly at the much-needed sexual stimulation… and despite herself, enjoying the dragonborn’s eyes roving across her body in ways they never had before.

“You’ve been holding out,” Arxis grunted. “A third off… and you swallow my seed.”

Hard bargain. “Done,” Cáthe smirked. “Give me a moment.”

She set her wine glass down and, with some awkwardness, slipped her tunic off without completely removing her hood. Once it was off, she let the hooded cloak hang on her shoulders as she kicked off her breeches, leaving her wearing the face-concealing garment, her padded gloves, and tall boots only. A mix of clothing and nakedness that drew the dragonborn’s eyes inexorably towards her large chest and reddened quim.

“The hood? Really?” he grunted. “Come on.”

“Not happening,” Cáthe murmured, crossing the room to the bed. “I’m shy.”

Arxis laughed. “Of course.”

He reached up and put a hand on one of her breasts, squeezing hard enough to make Cáthe whimper. His clawed fingers only brushed her skin, though, finding their way to inward-pointing mounds of her nipple.

“D-do you dragon-men even have women?” Cáthe moaned, shivering as one of Arxis’ long nails slipped into her areola, circling her nipple until it started to stiffen out of its hidey-hole. “I’ve never seen one.”

“If we did, I wouldn’t need you would I?” he grunted back. He freed his claw and reached back, grabbing the chalice of oil from the bath-whores and sinking the whole of his hand into it. “Sit.”

Cáthe did what he asked, though maybe not how he meant it. She crawled into the bed slowly, playing her hands across the third whore’s well-fucked butt before coming to straddle the girl’s hips, facing Arxis. He twisted his fanged maw into what Cáthe assumed was a grin and smeared warm oil across her chest, one breast to the other, then down her belly and between her legs.

She gasped when Arxis entered her. Two fingers, each thicker around than most men’s cocks and slathered with a glaze of body oil, slid into her cunt with slow, irresistible force. Despite her best efforts, Cáthe whimpered and grabbed the dragonborn’s tree-trunk neck to steady herself on his digits. The two bath-servants moaned with jealousy, watching over Arxis’s shoulders as his fingers moved back out, and in again, slowly stirring Cáthe’s cunt until her legs trembled beneath her. All the while, Arxis never stopped the steady thrusts of his hips, pounding the bottom girl until her moans reached a sudden, violent crescendo.

Cáthe watched a trickle of clear juice leak from the whore’s cunt, smearing onto the bedsheets before Arxis pulled out of Cáthe and grabbed the girl’s hips, pushing her off his dick with a throaty roar. Both Cáthe and the whore went sprawling back on the bed, tumbling over each other and landing on their backs, arms around each other as the bestial dragon-man lunged into bed after them, tail thrashing the bedposts behind him. His two servants cooed and followed, groping his butt and tail while he loomed over Cáthe, eyes baring down on her.

“Ready to earn your coin, girl?”

Arxis’ foot of wine-red dragon cock pressed meaningfully against Cáthe’s thigh, rubbing against her oiled flesh.

“You go to all the trouble to oil my tits up, and you don’t even bother thrusting your dick between them?” Cáthe chided. “For shame.”

The huge man on top of Cáthe snarled down at her and shifted his hips, dragging his draconic cock up her belly and into her face. It was a strange tool, tapered at the tip with small ribs down its underside to a thick, almost fist-sized bulb at the base that was covered in throbbing blue veins. Arxis dropped it into the valley between her tits and grabbed the two mountains of soft flesh in his hands, mashing them together around his prick.

“Wow, it sticks out the top!” Cáthe laughed. “Most men just disappear in between my tits.”

“I’m not most men,” the dragonborn growled, rocking his hips forward.

Cáthe shuddered at the sensation of all that too-hit cockflesh rubbing against her breasts, sawing back and forth. “No you are not…” Cáthe murmured her agreement, letting her tongue slip out and caress the crown on Arxis’ cock at the apex of a thrust. He met the gesture with a grunt, slapping his thighs against the oily undersides of her tits and shoving three inches of dickmeat past Cáthe’s lips. She was thankful for the oil coating it: Arxis’ cock had a leathery taste, a little rougher and harder than any human or elf’s dick she’d ever sucked. She barely had time to make the judgement before it was gone, trailing spittle across her chest and back down between her boobs.

Between bucks of his hips, Arxis let his clawed fingers play across Cáthe’s teats again, teasing the tips with his dangerously-sharp points or squeezing the stiff peaks between his fingers, making Cáthe gasp and squirm — only to have the undersides of her tips slapped hard by his scale-armored thighs. Every hit made her chest bounce up around Arxis’ dick, and every movement of her chest seemed to draw a new flavor of growl or grunt from the horny dragonborn.

“Enough!” Arxis barked. He turned to the girl he’d been fucking a moment ago and roughly pushed a thick finger into her cunt. “Get back on her, Cáthe. Ass towards me.”

“Here I thought you’d forget,” Cáthe half-laughed. “Guess I can’t expect a lizard to be that enamored of tits.”

Arxis made that feral snarl-smile of his and pulled back, giving her enough room to roll on top of her partner and thrust her ass back towards the dragonborn. Under her, the well-fucked whore looked up with a lust-drunk smile. She was a pretty young thing, maybe twenty, with long dark hair and just a little too much makeup. Her blue lip-paint was smeared from the long session of cocksucking she’d already been through, and her kohl ran in long streaks down her cheeks.

Still, she smiled up at Cáthe and set her hands on the thief’s shoulders. “He likes it when you scream.”

Cáthe didn’t have time to question it; a hand came down hard on her ass, making her buck forward in the girl’s arms. Her voice came out in a ragged cry, and even louder on the backswing.

“She’s got a nice butt,” one of the bathing whores mused.

“A fat butt, too,” the other added, reaching around Arxis and giving Cáthe a squeeze. “Look at it bounce!”

Cáthe shot a look over her shoulders. “Jealous, girls?”

One of them tittered, “Of Arxis!” A moment later and Cáthe felt a heavy, wet rod of draconic flesh falling in between the reddened cheeks of her rump. The dragonborn’s hands grabbed her hips and pulled her back down hard on his cock. A hoarse, faltering cry tore out of her lips as Arxis’ length speared her pussy, sinking in inch after agonizing inch. Cáthe felt her muscles squeeze wildly, fighting against the relentless invasion between her lustful lips.

A dizzying mix of pleasure and pain assailed Cáthe’s senses, enough to make her moan like just another common whore until Arxis had pushed as deep as her smaller body would allow. His hips were only brushing against her plush ass, leaving several inches of dick hanging in the wharf’s salty air — at least, until the dragonborn grabbed his two remaining whores and dragged them out from behind them, shoving their faces into Cáthe’s rump. They squealed and flailed, but a moment later she felt eager tongues and hot breath working just behind her slit, polishing Arxis’ rod as he started to slowly saw his cock back out of her.

Every one of those thick ribs on his underside ground against her clit on its way out. By the time he thrust in again, Cáthe’s legs were shaking and her breath was coming in gasping gulps. The second thrust was wetter, and harder, than the first, spurred on by the whores’ lascivious attentions. Cáthe’s entire body rocked forward with the impact, enveloping the bottom girl’s face in her tits.

When Arxis pulled back, Cáthe’s body came with it. The pale whore came up gasping for air, a huge smile on her painted lips. Before Cáthe could even think of stopping her, the harlot reached up, wrapped her hands around one of Cáthe’s weighty tits, and slipped the nipple into her mouth. The thief gasped, as much from surprise as from the sudden rush or pleasure from the tender mound, before another hard thrust raised her voice to a thunderous cry. This time rather than smothering the girl under her, Arxis only caused her to be force-fed more boobflesh, as much as she could wrap her lips around before he deigned to let a few inches of dickmeat slip out for the other two whores to polish.

“D-don’t you ever cum?” Cáthe groaned, trying and failing to push the bottom slut off her boobs. “You’ve been at this for ages and-“

She was cut off but another thrust, this time followed by two more in such rapid succession that to Cáthe it felt like one long, overwhelming stretching of her poor cunt. “And I’m gonna…” she whined, struggling for words between gasping moans. “Don’t make me…”

“Get on with it!” Arxis roared, delivering a mighty spank across Cáthe’s cheeks before hammering home as deep as he could go.

That did it. No amount of fighting the orgasm down, trying to suppress her body’s whorish desires, could resist the pounding pressure of a footlong dragon cock. Cáthe screamed and let Arxis’ hard fucking take her over the edge, squirting over his ribbed rod and the two whore’s faces; shoving her chest hard onto the bottom bitch and letting that girl’s tongue work her stiff teats.

And then all of a sudden, it was over. That huge, throbbing dragon-dick buried in Cáthe’s nethers pulled out with a wet squelch, and Arxis’ hand grabbed the back of her neck hard. He pulled Cáthe up onto her knees, back pressed against his well-oiled chest, and growled in her ear, “You’re going to swallow my seed.”

It wasn’t a request anymore; she’d long since given up the ability to say no to his dick. Cáthe let herself be rolled onto her back and willingly opened wide to receive the glistening, tapered tip of the dragonborn’s cock. He shoved it down her throat with one long stroke, kissing her lips with the thick bulge at his dick’s reptilian hilt. Cáthe gagged for only a half-second before clenching her thumbs and trying to fight through the sudden lack of oxygen.

Arxis had been close the whole time, she guessed, but his sexual discipline was just stronger than hers. When he was ready to, it seemed like he came on demand, pumping a jet of hot and thick goo down her throat. Cáthe just let it happen, working her tongue around his ribbed underside to ease out every drop of his steaming orgasm… and gods was it steaming! The thief couldn’t help but whine and shudder as what felt like boiling stew poured into her, settling heavily in her empty stomach. For a man with no balls — at least that she could see — Arxis sure had a lot built up for her, more than a dozen normal men’s loads all together.

“Gods, you gave me a whole meal!” Cáthe gasped when the dragonborn finally withdrew himself.

The dragonborn made one of his snarl-smiles and wiped his dick clean between her breasts before standing, leaving the three whores and Cáthe sprawled out together on the bed. Cáthe worked to disentangle herself from the groping embraces of the harlots while Arxis sauntered off to find his clothes. Her legs felt like water, refusing to obey her commands half the time; she had to steady herself on a bedpost just to sit up on her knees.

“So about our deal…?”

Arxis grunted and picked her coinpurse up off the floor. “Ha! You didn’t even have enough in here to pay the price we’d agreed on.”

“I’m confident in my haggling skills,” Cáthe smirked. “So why don’t you send these girls off for the night?”

“Alright. You heard her, ladies… leave the oil, though.”