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Lusina (the Moth Girl I wrote) from Fall of Eden goes on an adventure to slay a dragon for a king’s bounty… only to discover the mountains are a much more sensual place than she’d imagined, and the great red wyrm is a more elusive bounty than she was gunning for. This one was written in two sittings — it might be a little rough, but I really like it! 



They said a dragon lived in the mountains. Raythek, the plainsmen chief, had spread word that he would pay ten thousand silver coins for the creature’s head. The promise of treasure had drawn hunters in from the realm over like moths to a flame. Literally, in the case of the winged, white-fuzzed young woman heading up the packed-dirt path to the foothills with hands shoved into her pockets, whistling a jaunty tune as she walked.

In a land teeming with centaurs and dog-folk and graceful elves, the moth-like woman wouldn’t have drawn a second glance… save for the two-handed sword sheathed between her wings, and the fact that she was clad in dark breeches and scale armor from the waist down, but bare above. The tremulous globes of her breasts bounced with every step, mirroring the motions of the branching feelers growing from just above her elfin ears. More than once on her trip a passing merchant or mercenary would stop and stare, just long enough for Lusina to get flirtatiously close… and lighten their pockets a bit before she was on her way again.

Grinning to herself, Lusina ran a finger along the swollen mass of her coin purse. She’d only left her home in the forest a few days ago, and already had doubled her meager funds. “Not a bad way to start an adventure!” she laughed, letting the bag drop into her pocket and running a hand back through her snowy hair. “Maybe this dragon will have himself a horde of treasure, just like in mom’s old stories. All mine once I’ve got his head!”

lusinaThe thought of swimming in a sea of gold and jewels carried the buxom thief all the way to the roots of the mountains. From there, her wings carried her onto the winds and up the craggy mountainside. While every other hunter after the chieftain’s bounty was busy scrambling up the cliffs and scouring the labyrinthine valleys, Lusina merely took wing and fluttered towards the peaks. A dragon’s lair should be easy to spot from above, right?

The weight of her blade, armor, coins, and cleavage made the ascent slower than the moth-girl would have liked, and twice she had to find an outcropping of rock to land on and catch her breath.

“Nobody said this was going to be work,” she said to herself between heavy breaths. She leaned forward, hands on her knees and legs dangling over the side of the mountain. From her angle, it looked to Lusina like she could reach down and step on the little villages and scattered tribes clinging to the foothills far below.

After her second break, and a few moments spent cursing the cold, she rose to her feet slipped off the cliffside, letting her wings taste the air again and glide out into the open sky. In the distance she spotted a pair of blue-skinned giantesses clawing their way down from the frozen peaks of the mountains, then a female manticore taking flight from a hidden cave, her tanned body bare and glistening in the afternoon sun. Lusina waved, smiling at her sister in the sky… right up until the manticore’s black wings took her swooping down onto an unsuspecting canid ranger camping on the side of the mountain. She barreled him to the ground with an exultant roar, and Lusina’s eyes grew wide as the ranger’s armor was ripped asunder, and the manticore mounted him like a beast in heat.

Which she probably was, Lusina thought to herself, quickly flying off to another face of the mountain.

That first day in the mountains yielded nothing but frustration. The moon loomed large and blue in the darkened sky by the time Lusina gave up the hunt with a heavy sigh, gliding down to a small shelf of dusty rock and sprawling out on it. “Stupid dragon,” she mumbled to herself as she unstrapped her claymore’s sheath from her back and leaned the heavy, ancient blade against the sheer side of the mountain. Her armor followed, clattering to the ground around her until she was in nothing but her breeches and the patchy old blanket she pulled from her satchel.

“I’ll find you tomorrow. You and a horde that’ll make me a queen!”

Exhaustion carried her off to sleep, and dreams filled with treasure and glory and the awe of the people. Dreams that soon changed to vignettes of pleasure — of Lusina at the top of a pile of writhing bodies, hands and cocks and other things wrapped between the undulating forms of beautiful men and women — the harem Queen Lusina kept, sprawling out around her throne of gold. The dreams shifted again, to a wide canopied bed befitting her imperial majesty. Queen Lusina lay on her back, wings and legs splayed, fluff-clad digits digging into silken sheets as a nubile girl with bronze skin and breeding hips slid her hand into her majesty’s royal cunt, licking her way across Lusina’s clit until she sat upright with a scream of pleasure…

… and found that there really was a pair of fingers buried into her pussy, and a rough tongue caressing the bud of her throbbing clit.

Lusina gasped and squirmed, unable to get far with her pants hooked around her soaked thighs. A voice shushed her, and the fingers in her went rigid, relaxing, as if allowing Lusina to pull off of them… if she wanted. In that moment, though, the moth-girl’s eyes adjusted to the moonlit night, and saw a back of clenched, strong muscles and sweeping wings bent over her lower body. A thick, curling tail sprouted from the figure’s behind, coiling around Lusina’s leg with a warm, wet insistence.

“M-m-manticore,” Lusina stammered between orgasmic shocks of pleasure.

A human face with feline ears and pronounced fangs looked up from between her legs and made a languid purr, nuzzling its cheeks into her femcum-slick thigh. “You don’t mind, do you?” the creature said with a playful smile, running its rough tongue along Lusina’s leg and teasing around the lips of her sex. “You looked positively too good to pass up, lying out here like this…”

Lusina gulped, glancing between the amorous feline, the edge of the cliff bare inches away, and the sheathed blade just out of reach. “No? Good,” the manticore growled, planting both hands on Lusina’s tits and squeezing, hard enough to make the moth arch her back and let out a cry of pleasure that echoed through the mountains for miles around. She collapsed onto her back, squirming and moaning as the manticore’s tongue probed into her, fingers roughly massaging the heavy swells of Lusina’s breasts until the inverted tips of her pink nipples peeked out to rub maddeningly against the manticore’s soft glove of fur.

“Be quiet,” the manticore snapped between deep licks. “You’ll wake my sisters. And I want you all to myself.”

The thought of being sandwiched between three or four of the lustful felines made Lusina bite her lip, trying not to give voice to her pleasure. Another deep lick, circling the spasming walls of her pussy until the manticore’s face was drenched with Lusina’s juices, destroyed any hope of keeping her cries pent in. The manticore huffed, narrowing her crimson eyes at Lusina, though the view was blocked almost entirely by the moth’s heaving chest.

After a moment’s thought, though, a devilish grin formed on the beast’s lips and her inhuman body moved to better silence Lusina.

The moth-girl gasped as her lips brushed against something hot, wet, and moving. Her eyes flicked open again, settling on the thick, bulbous head of the manticore’s tail, now pressed against her face. It looked like a black melon, almost, open at one end and showing a wet, pink depth ringed with dark nubs. Around the four-fold lips of the manticore’s tail, though, were rings of boney spikes that made Lusina’s heart skip a beat — the manticore’s tail was a weapon of battle and of passion, it seemed.

“Lick it,” the manticore commanded, savagely squeezing Lusina’s tits as if for emphasis. Lusina cursed, groaned, and forced her tongue out between trembling lips. The four folds of the manticore’s pussy-tail opened wide for her, latching around Lusina’s mouth and inviting her tongue to explore the depths of her captor’s tail. It was the manticore’s turn to shudder and purr, firm body suddenly seeming much more vulnerable as Lusina licked her way deeper into the deep passage of tail-cunt affixed to her mouth. The moth’s hand wrapped around the tail’s wriggling haft, pulling it down and into deeper throes of bliss.

“Oh… oh goddess…” the manticore purred, eyes rolling back in her head. “I knew you were a good choice! That’s what I like… just like that!”

Lusina answered by wrapping her legs around the manticore’s shoulders, burying the feline’s head back into her drooling slit. She was getting close, so agonizingly close to climax… ecstasy drove her to lick faster, to urge the manticore on with more impassioned use of her tongue, rubbing it along every single cock-pleasing nub she could find in the shaft of her captor’s tail.

With a ferocious growl, the manticore buried her tongue as deep into Lusina’s spasming twat as it could, searching out every tender spot until Lusina was screaming into the musky wet depths of her feline partner’s tail, body going wild with overwhelming sensation. Orgasm hit the moth-girl like a tidal wave, knocking her flat on her back and draining what little remaining of her will. She was a twitching, drooling, pussy-eating mess in the span of minutes, barely able to think of anything other than the swirling cat-tongue playing across the walls of her sex.

“Good kitty,” Lusina finally managed to gasp out between after-shocks of pleasure, running a hand through the manticore’s auburn hair.

The manticore purred and stretched, sitting up from between Lusina’s numb legs and revealing a face soaked and gleaming with the moth-girl’s orgasmic juices. “Kitty?” she huffed, crawling up Lusina’s prone body until their breasts were pressed against each other, drawing another moan of arousal from the moth. “You’re lucky you’ve got such a talented tongue…”

Lusina managed a smile and murmured, “Shut up,” followed by a long and tongue-filled kiss, letting the two beast-kin taste their sexes, still hot one each other’s lips.

The well-sated moth fell back asleep, still lost in the hot embrace of her feline lover, dreams rife again with images of treasure and debauchery… and of an amorous manticore, the moth-queen’s personal chief pussylicker…. A girl can only dream.


Lusina was up at the crack of dawn, strapping on scales of armor and affixing her blade to back as the first hint of the golden disc crested the distant horizon. She left the manticore sprawled out and sleeping soundly on the rocky outcropping where they’d spent their night of passion — though not before finding the aggressive kitten had a small pouch strung on her hip full of small gem shards and coins, which Lusina deftly pocketed. A fair trade for ambushing her in the middle of the night, she thought.

The morning went in a haze, each hour blending into the next as Lusina swooped across the mountains, searching for any sign of a great firewyrm. She found nothing but more of the mountain’s monstrous residents: a blue-hued ice giant playing her harp in an ancient ruin, a pair of brutish orc tribes squabbling for dominance of a shallow vale, a weather-beaten creature of stone that tried to grab her out of the air and into its slavering maw.

“Where are you, dragon?” Lusina started to sing as the afternoon drew near. “Come out, come out, wherever you are…”

Hours passed in searching, until Lusina was forced to land and rest her wings. She found a small, perfectly semi-circular ridge to plop down on, and set her back to rest against the smooth face of the mountain. With a heavy sigh, she fished her canteen out and drank deep, letting the mid-afternoon sun warm her bare skin. It would have been so easy to fall asleep again there, her body eager to make up for lost time in the arms of the manticore. Only the wishful echo of her dream, of swimming through a sea of treasure and enjoying all the pleasures such opulent and imperial wealth brought with it, kept Lusina’s eyes open.

That, and a sudden rush of scalding-hot air blowing against her back.

With a startled yelp, Lusina rolled forward and took wing, drawing the dagger off her hip as she spun around to see what she hoped to be the fearsome dragon. Instead, she watched as the smooth rock face slid back into the mountainside, and then with a grinding roar that made her ears ache, slid down to reveal a small, hidden passage beyond.

“Holy shit,” Lusina breathed, flying back onto the semi-circle of rock. Her breasts bounced as her boots touched down, and her insectile feels fluttered as hot wind blew them about. She warily peered into the dark passage, and saw that it led down into the mountain, through a tunnel so perfectly rounded and smooth that it could be nothing but the work of gifted hands and strong tools.

“Dwarves, maybe?” she mused, trading her dagger out for the two-handed blade carried on her back. “Or kobolds… and where kobolds go…”

“Where dragons go, kobolds follow,” her mother had taught her, what seemed like a lifetime ago. Lusina took in a deep breath, tightened her grip around her mother’s blade, and took a step past the threshold.

She fell immediately.

A scrape echoed through the passage, then the grinding of stone, and suddenly Lusina was falling — fast and uncontrollable, so sudden she didn’t have time to think, only to react. She batted her wings, throwing all her energy into an emergency burst of strength that stopped her descent and left her fluttering inches over a pit of barbed spikes, gasping to catch her breath.

She cursed, sighed, almost ready faint from fright. “Goddess,” she finally managed to breath, twisting her flight down another off to the side of the square crusty spikes, and setting down. Anybody without wings or quick enough reflexes with their spells would have been skewered. Lucky her. “Definitely kobolds. Definitely.”

Kobolds meant she was on the right track. The little scaly creatures worshipped dragons like living gods, and colonies lived off of great wyrms like symbiotes, cleaning and serving it in exchange for protection. A slave’s life, Lusina thought, but she could hardly blame them — it wasn’t that different between peasants and lords in her homeland, long abandoned.

Taking a deep breath to steady her frayed nerves, Lusina started down the side passage. Careful where she tread, now, and keeping her blade in a low guard ahead of herself, she followed the corridor down for what seemed like hours. No more traps presented themselves: clearly the designers were sure the first would be enough to keep anyone out, and the side passage would serve for easy looting of the bodies.

Eventually, Lusina spotted a distant light ahead, a faint pinprick of gold against the darkness even her beast-kin eyes struggled to penetrate. Lusina’s pace quickened, carrying her towards the growing beacon of light until the lengthy tunnel gave way to an open chamber, not more than ten feet across, lit by a pair of torches held in knee-high sconces. A wooden door sat on the other side of the chamber, daring her to approach.

She stepped up to it and tried the handle. The door didn’t budge. There was no lock for her to pick — not that she had any picks anyway — nor any sign of mechanism. Probably barred from the other side. Lusina sighed. She didn’t trust her strength to kick the door in, and…

…And the door opened of its own accord, revealing the face of a rather bewildered-looking kobold. The creature came up to maybe three feet high, including its tiny horns poking up above its smooth, scaly face. It blinked, squawked something in a language Lusina couldn’t understand, and went running down the passage it had just opened with its hands over its head.

“Shit!” Lusina screamed, hefting up her blade and charging in after it.

The kobold lead her on a chase down through the warrens beneath the mountain’s flesh, deeper and deeper into the depths. It was faster than a creature of its size ought to have been, deftly dodging every swordswipe and grab the moth-girl made for it, until the two of them came bursting out into a huge, wide-open chamber set some five feet down from the tunnel’s ledge.

The chamber was crawling with kobolds, over a dozen of the diminutive dragon-worshippers, gathered throughout the torch-lit hall. All were gathered around a dais in the chamber’s center, on which sat an opulent throne like that of a great king. Like one single-minded entity, every kobold in the chamber turned its head to face the tunnel Lusina and their comrade burst out of.

“Skree! Skree!” the kobold she was chasing yelled, leaping down into the chamber. A couple of the kobolds grabbed spears and daggers from their backs, but most start to… to waddle away.

It took Lusina a moment to adjust her eyes to the brighter light, and to see the kobolds clearly. All but a few of the creatures had bellies bloated to almost obscene levels, huge plump things that were barely able to move around on their stumpy little legs. The ones still able to move freely quickly formed up protectively around the swollen creatures, gibbering and screeching at Lusina with as much menace as their tiny voices could command.

Lusina faltered for a moment, wide eyes watching the swollen kobolds waddle away in a panic as the others jabbed their spears towards her. They were almost cute, these kobolds. Shaking the thought out of her mind, Lusina put her war face on and flew down towards the armed mass of kobolds, blade outreached towards the nearest of them.

They broke immediately. One good thrust from her sword tore into the nearest kobold’s spear, breaking it when he tried to parry her. The others backpedaled, suddenly aware they were much shorter and weaker than she was; they scrambled back as Lusina swung her blade in an arc, clearing out some room to maneuver.

The creatures squawked and squabbled at her, but made no move to attack her — all their efforts were spent retreating slowly, warding her back with their simple weapons when she got too aggressive. Behind them, their swollen kin stumbled away as fast as they could — slower than Lusina could walk. As they retreated, Lusina started to look closer at them: small, scaly, naked creatures that kept their hands firmly affixed to their bellies, protective shielding their… their offspring. Lusina sucked in a sharp breath as she realized these were the females of the tribe: as flat-chested as their armed males, but all heavily swollen with eggs, their tiny twats naked in the torchlight.

“No way their eggs are that big,” Lusina hissed under her breath, between spear-shattering swipes of her claymore that constantly drove the little reptiles back. Louder, she bellowed, “Where’s your dragon, huh? Tell it to come on out!”

As if on command, a wall of heat hit Lusina’s back, and the meager torchlight in the cave was washed away in a brilliant jet of flame, as bright as the morning sun. The kobolds squealed and turned tail, tripping over each other to flee. Even Lusina was forced to flinch, ducking down over the gout of fire spilling over her head, close enough to singe her feelers.

She spun around, brade raised to a high guard, ready to face down a bestial wyrm — a creature straight out of legend.

Instead, her eyes went wide as she stared down what at first glance was a woman. Pale and beautiful and nearly human… save for the furling wings behind her, the russet scales covering her lower limbs, and the pair of sweeping horns growing from her brow and back over her scalp. Dagger-like claws clicked across the smooth stone as the scaly woman strode towards Lusina, long legs bringing her dangerously near the warrior-moth.

The woman was stunning. Ivory skin growing from crimson limbs, perfectly smooth and soft, with just a faint trace of firm muscle beneath. A simple brown cloth clung to her hips, garbing her down to the knees, but like Lusina the woman went bare-chested, proudly displaying a pair of breasts every bit as big, soft, and succulent as Lusina’s own. The moth-girl felt a sudden rush of arousal boil through her loins, hammering in her heart in the same beat her fear and apprehension did.

“What,” Lusina gulped, taking a defensive step back. “What are…”

The woman smiled, revealing a quartet of long incisors. Her thick tail swayed behind her, dragging along after her. “I…” she said, resting a scaled digit on the tip of Lusina’s claymore, “am the dragon you just called out.”

Lusina gasped and staggered back, out of the creature’s reach. The “dragon” tsked her tongue and followed her, backing the moth-girl up against the cavern wall. Lusina gasped as her back pressed against jagged, rough stone, leaving her nowhere to go. Opposite the dragon, the kobolds chittered and cheered, dancing around their spears as their mistress cornered their would-be attacker.

Seeing the moth’s back against the wall, the dragon-girl took another confident stride forward, placing herself easily inside Lusina’s reach, seemingly without a care in the world. “You may call me Eryxienne,” she purred, punctuating the thought with a breath that burst into a ball of flame in her hand, roiling and lapping at the air inches from Lusina’s nose. “Now, was there something you wanted, little moth?”

Lusina stood transfixed, silent, eyes locked on the roiling flame held like a living thing in the dragon’s claws. It was a ball of rolling flame that seemed to dance between her fingers, drawing Lusina’s eyes back and forth, side to side. The dragon cooed after what might have been a moment or an eternity, tilting her horned head to the side.

“I guess what they say about moths is true,” the dragon said with a smirk, curling her fingers around the flame until it was almost out of sight.

Lusina blinked, putting a hand to her chest as if to steady her hammering heart. “You’re not a dragon,” she gasped, eying the semi-humanoid woman, following the curves of her hips and across a flat, pale belly and up to her heavy breasts, each tipped with a rose-red teat. Dragons don’t have tits, do they? “The reward… it was for a dragon’s head.”

Eryxienne smiled at that. “Ah, that explains the hunters crawling all over my mountain. I suppose Chief Raythek took offense at my nightly visits with his daughters. Or at least, the one of them that grew heavy with eggs. Still, it’s his fault for moving his tribe near my lair. He should have known we dragons demand certain privileges among mortals. Tribute, some wyrms might call it.”

Lusina gulped down her fear and pulled her blade back from the dragon-girl’s claw, angling the silver-gray edge at her neck instead. Eryxienne made no move to stop her, except to unfurl her fingers from around the ball of flame burning in her hand. “I could incinerate you with a sneeze, little moth. Don’t be crass.”

Lusina fought to keep her eyes on the woman rather than her dancing flames. Eryxienne’s grin only widened on seeing Lusina’s resistance and she clenched her fist, smiting the flame out of existence. With fingers still glowing like embers, Eryxienne reached forward and grabbed the front of the moth-girl’s pants.

Lusina winced, feeling heat spreading through her loins of a completely different type, and watched in awe as her pants burned away, leaving the cream-colored flesh beneath totally unblemished. “What’re you… stop that!” she barked as the last charred scraps of cloth fell away, leaving only her armor and boots to clothe her. “Stop it and fight!”

“Why would I fight you?” Eryxienne laughed, running one of her too-hot claws up Lusina’s thigh, pretending as if there wasn’t a blade pressed against her throat. “If you really wanted my head, moth, you’d have taken it. But I think we both know you’re not like those other hunters — a rogue, perhaps, but not a cold-blooded killer. Besides, I think you’re more lover than fighter.”

Lusina’s eyes went wide as one of the wyrm’s long, clawed digits snaked its way around the lips of her cunt, still tender from the manticore’s ministrations the previous night. She looked down as the dragon-woman pulled back, rubbing a slimy mess of Lusina’s own excitement between her russet digits. “See?” Eryxienne cooed, stepping past the moth’s guard and close enough that her soft bosom brushed Lusina’s own, her stiff red nipples coaxing the moth’s pink buds out of hiding.

Flame lapped at Eryxienne’s tongue as it neared Lusina’s lips, breathing a whisper before pressing against the moth-girl’s trembling mouth. “Go ahead and drop your blade. Let me take my tribute.”

Her will broke like a dam, spilling out a tidal wave of lust and fear and confusion into her mind. Lusina felt her hand let go of the sword, heard it clatter on the stone floor of the caver as she reached down and grabbed Eryxienne’s ass, fingers digging into the dragon babe’s soft, creamy skin. She opened her mouth, accepting the probing tongue battered against her lips, and found it to be slender and forked, moving with speed and grace that she couldn’t hope to match.

As quickly as it started, though, the dragon’s amorous advances abated. Eryxienne stepped back, her tapered tail flicking the sword far away from them as she moved. The dragoness stopped just out of arm’s reach, slitted eyes wandering over the moth’s now-bare body, gleefully watching her tremble with excitement and stain her thighs with arousal. Eryxienne planted her hands on her hips, hooking her thumbs under the meager strong that held her skirt to her body, and tore it apart with a relish.

The cloth fell limply to the ground, revealing toned thighs freckled with scales, leading up to a sex gleaming with the dragon’s own ardor, red lips parted ever so slightly as if begging for some probing mass to assert itself.

Overtop it, though, hung a throbbing red cock.

Lusina gasped when she saw it. The dragon’s member stood nearly a foot, and not fully hard yet. It was animalistic in shape, tapered at the tip and growing thicker into a bulbous, purple base not unlike a canid knot. The base grew from just over the dragon-girl’s clit, a second pillar of pleasure growing from her serpentine sex, twitching with the beat of its owner’s draconic heart.

“Like what you see?” Eryxienne laughed, kicking away her torn skirt. She planted her legs wide apart, giving Lusina a good look at her hermaphroditic package, and started to fondle her breasts, lifting one up to her mouth for a lick. “Come have a taste then.”

When Lusina didn’t immediately step forward, the dragoness rolled her eyes and grabbed the top of the moth’s head, planting her hand right between the sensitive stalks of Lusina’s feelers and pushing down. The moth fell to her knees, resting on her scale greaves as the dragon’s heft prick bopped her on the nose, rubbing its musky crown across her cheeks. She breathed deep of its intoxicating aroma, letting it burn into her memory. The odor was thick, as heavy as the prideful member producing it, yet tinged with sweetness — a feminine twist on a thoroughly masculine erection that made Lusina’s heart flutter.

Lusina x Eryxienne (Cheshire) CleanShe tasted it eagerly, opening her mouth to accept the dragon’s dick. That’s all she needed to do — all she could, with Eryxienne’s hand firmly grasping the crown of her head. The dragoness thrusted her hips in, letting her reptilian cock glide across Lusina’s tongue and batter against the back of her throat. The moth-girl swooned at the taste, hands falling to her own drooling sex when the first thick drops of salty pre graced her tongue.

“Good girl,” Eryxienne moaned, slowly rocking her hips in and out, letting her moth-like lover get used to her incredible size. Hard, she was just past twelve inches, disproportionate to her six-foot frame, yet feeling so right in Lusina’s mouth. The moth-girl found her lips wrapping around the swollen knot of the base, opening her throat for the dragon to fuck — an offer that was immediately accepted. The dragoness’s hips started to piston, battering at Lusina’s lips and smearing the moth’s chin with the growing need of her cunt.

Between hammer-thrusts of dragon cock into her mouth, Lusina’s fingers fell upon her own cunt, diving down between her kneeling legs and eagerly sliding into their owner’s body. She took in a long, deep breath — no mean feat while getting face-fucked — and let her lust take over. One hand delving into her twat, massaging her clit and inner walls with fuzzy fingers, while the other snaked its way up Eryxienne’s thigh, teasing the dragon’s sweet-smelling slit until she was able to slip a pair of fingers inside. Once past the dragon’s lips, Lusina’s fingers all but fell in to the knuckle, burying themselves in the dragon-girl’s thrusting crotch until Eryxienne threw her head back with an exultant cry.

At least I give as good as I get, Lusina thought to herself, wrapping her tongue around Eryxienne’s crown.

“How about you put those big, beautiful tits of yours to use?” the dragon said with a moan, pulling herself out of Lusina’s mouth until just her tip was brushing the moth’s lip. “They look like they were made for fucking.”

Lusina blushed, but obediently cupped her breasts and presented them to the dragoness. Her pink nipples were fully erect, standing as proud little islands in two rounded seas of creamy titflesh, big enough that she couldn’t get her hands all the way around her cleavage. Eryxienne smiled, giving Lusina a gentle push against the cave wall and let her prick drop into the valley between the moth’s ample rack, smearing it with the spittle still clinging to her rose-red pecker. Lusina pressed her tits together around it, leaning back and closing her eyes, content to feel the dragoness’s cock slide between her boobs, teasing the over-sensitive titflesh until she was ready to cum.

Eryxienne wasted no time in taking advantage of the soft, jiggling rack wrapped around her draconic dick. With no mouth to worry about hurting, her hips quickly picked up to a fever pitch, pounding away at the undersides of Lusina’s tits, making them bounce and quake with every thrust. The moth found herself smiling between pleasured moans, listening to the dragon-girl’s breath become more and more ragged with every piston of her hips, moans turning into cries, and then into yelps of orgasmic pleasure. “Cumming! I’m cumming!”

Lusina just leaned back and let it happen, squeezing her tits tighter around the hammering dragon-dick until she felt a sudden surge of heat, and then a burst of wetness splattering across her chin and cheeks, then squirting out onto the tops of her tits. She let out a squeaking moan as Eryxienne slammed herself to the hilt between Lusina’s breasts and held there, groaning and squirting and slathering the moth’s tits with dragon spunk until Lusina’s head swam with the rich, alluring scent of it. She hadn’t thought she could get more turned on, but the smell of semen slathering her body just made her want the dragoness’s cock all the more…

“I hope that wasn’t it,” Lusina moaned, opening her eyes and taking in the sight of her spunk-coated body. Mindlessly, her fingers started to run through the puddles of spunk, smearing it around — a little part of her brain quietly told her that she liked being covered in cum. Especially when it came from a big, beautiful wyrm with a big, beautiful cock between her legs…

“It? Not by a long shot,” Eryxienne assured her, slipping down to her knees and running her tongue along the swell of her lover’s breast, licking up a swathe of her own spunk. “I’m a dragon, after all. Our stamina is legendary.”

Lusina moaned, arching her back and pressing her rack into the dragon-girl’s face. She found her hand reaching down, fluffy fingers wrapping around the half-hard member between her partner’s legs, urging it back to turgidity. “Is that so?”

“I’ll prove it,” the dragon purred between licks, slowly cleaning off Lusina’s breasts… before reaching up for a kiss, pressing their lips together, and depositing a mouthful of hot cum onto Lusina’s tongue. The moth’s eyes went wide, wings and heart fluttering as the taste hit her before going limp in Eryxienne’s arms, surrendering to the dragon’s will. “Good girl…”

A pair of clawed hands found their way under Lusina’s taut little butt and hefted her up, first to her feet, then back against the wall. She moaned, wrapping her arms around Eryxienne’s neck, and her legs around the dragoness’s hips, guiding their bodies together until Eryxienne’s prick rubbed against the slit of her sex.

“That was quick,” Lusina managed to murmur, sucking in a sharp breath as her lover’s cock gently nudged its way past her lower lips.

Eryxienne smiled, said “Legendary stamina, little moth,” and pressed her lips and hips forward at once, stifling Lusina’s moans in a kiss. Lusina’s whole body went rigid at the moment of penetration, every nerve turning wholesale towards the feeling of cockflesh spearing her womanhood, stretching her slick walls out. Eryxienne’s cock glided in easily, helped along by Lusina’s spit and arousal, and the thick glaze of cum still clinging to the shaft.

The kiss persisted, punctuated by Eryxienne hilting herself in the depths of Lusina’s sex. The moth-girl moaned, fingers digging into the dragoness’s shoulders, trying to steady herself as her body was stretched out around a foot of wet dick — and her lips were battered by its swollen, reptilian base.

Eryxienne’s wings curled around her, bathing the two of them in darkness in the same moment her turgid base pushed into Lusina’s cunt, eliciting a scream of pleasure from the bouncing moth. “Fuck!” Lusina cried, throwing her head back and squirming against the dragon’s grasp. “Too much! Too much!”

“Shh,” Eryxienne cooed, kissing one of the moth-girl’s nipples. “Just hold on to me, and let yourself go…”

Like she needed the dragon to tell her that! The feeling of being spread out so wide was nearly enough to make Lusina cum on the spot, and a few short, jerky thrusts from the knotted wyrm sent her screaming over the edge. Lusina felt climax tear through her, welling up in her gut and exploding downwards in a rain of pussyjuice around the dragoness’s hilted dick. Eryxienne moaned, digging her hands into Lusina’s ass and thrusting deeper, fucking right through the heat of her lover’s climax. Her movements only served to stir the moth up even more, churning her pussy like a vat of boiling girl-spunk until it popped in another rain of fem-cum, one orgasm on the back of the first. She screamed until her lungs ached, bucking her hips against the thick pole of dragon-meat tearing her apart, batting her wings against Eryxienne’s until she thought the two of them would take flight.

Instead, they pressed hard against the back of the cavern, panting and gasping and moaning into each other’s lips. Lusina felt a third orgasm well up, hitting her at the same time she felt Eryxienne’s cock discharge inside her, flooding her womb with more of that intoxicating dragon spunk. Caution flew to the wind, and Lusina found herself helping her lover to fuck her deeper, to get that draconic member as deep inside as it could go, all the better to fill her cunt until she was positively packed, and creamy white started to drool out around even the tight fit of Eryxienne’s knot plugging her hole.

“Oh goddess,” Lusina whispered, feeling all volition drain out of her limbs. “Oh my goddess…”

“Better than your little bounty, isn’t it?” the dragon purred, kissing Lusina again and again, trailing her lips down across her lover’s breasts and caressing her still-hard nipples. “I think you’ve more than paid your tribute, my dear moth.”

Eryxienne smiled, still holding Lusina tight as she walked back from the cavern wall with confident strides that quickly had the two of them at the foot of the throne. She sat back upon it, unfurling her wings and letting Lusina rest in her lap — and driving her cock just a little deeper into the moth’s pussy as she did.

“I can’t get up,” Lusina admitted what seemed like an eternity later, still resting her cheek on Eryxienne’s shoulder. The knot of her lover’s cock was still inside her, though Lusina secretly knew it was her own limp legs that betrayed her, keeping her bound to her lover. She couldn’t stand if she wanted it.

Eryxienne only smiled, running a hand along her cheek. “I know, love. Just relax and sleep… let your tribute take hold inside you.”

“Wha…” Lusina managed to breathe, a moment before her eyes fluttered closed.


It wasn’t until the next week that Lusina finally realized what her draconic lover’s “tribute” had really meant. By then she had grown accustomed to the dragon’s lair, to waking each morning in the wyrm’s tender embrace, and falling asleep again to the rough pounding of Eryxienne’s massive cock filling her womb again and again.

The dragoness had never offered to show Lusina a way out of her lair, never given her permission to leave, but in the same way that Lusina had never asked for it. Something told her that she could have left at any time, but the urge never struck. Whenever her thoughts turned to the forest, to her home far away in the distance, her draconic lover would always remind her why she stayed: with a kiss, a caress, and soon carrying her into the nest she called a bed to make passionate love.

It was only when Lusina’s belly started to swell that she realized what her tribute meant. It grew and grew over the span of days, until by the end of the second week she looked like a woman ready to deliver. Eryxienne told her between fucking and cuddling that she was carrying a dragon egg inside her, that she’d been gifted with a rare and precious honor.

She laid it in the third week, screaming in pleasure as Eryxienne and her kobold minions tended to her. The little reptiles had all delivered eggs of their own during Lusina’s stay, filling Eryxienne’s nest with more and more nascent young — though the moth took pride in seeing that her egg was by far the largest and most colorful of the clutch, and as she curled up to sleep with her arms around it, legs spread for the inevitable arrival of her egg’s father ready to put another in her, she felt more like a queen than she’d ever felt in her silly dreams.

This was a true dragon’s hoard: not riches of gold and gems, but of her lover’s constant affection, and the feeling of a second egg taking inside her as she yet warmed the first…