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Tags: D&D, Fantasy, M/F/H, Femdom, Feminization, Futa, Amazons/Strong Girls, Trap, Anal, Threesomes

A follow-up story to The Minstrel Pair from earlier this year. Also written in one explosive setting. Cass and Braela attempt to coax some information out of an amazonian trader, who adds another playfully dominant side to the pair’s sexy shenanigans. Double domination of a poor, gender-confused catboy/girl whose ass can’t get much more abused!


A bard can pick up all sorts of stories while she works: ancient legends, wives’ tales, and news from half the world away flows freely under the heavy stench of ale and sweat in a tavern. After a good performance, a cute catgirl with plenty of skin showing and an eagerness to take any man up on his offer for drinks and companionship could learn even more. Some bards stayed locked away in the dusty halls of the library, sifting through ancient writings or delving lost arts, but not Cass. The Randy Cat tavern was the beating heart of the city, through which every morsel of information passed, one way or another. She wouldn’t miss a night under its dank, dark rafters for the world.

Lord Cassidy Leofric had been performing nightly at the Randy Cat for just over a month now, though only a few keen minds had sussed that out. Most of the crowd knew him as a her, the fiery-haired minstrel who played the lute while an orc woman danced. A strange duo, but their performances moved more copper than even the tavern’s favorite whore on a good night. The men who gathered around the stage each night were drawn to Braela’s liquid motions, the quivering undulations of her body, masked with flowing silks that spun around her in a storm of bright colors. In the moments when she was still, they were treated to a feast of bare, taut green skin stretched over powerful muscles, culminating in a pair of huge, heaving breasts tipped with dark nipples that stiffened under fifty lecherous gazes. She performed nude, clad only in dancer’s silks and the leather loincloth that hid her unexpected masculinity from the crowd’s prying eyes.

After a performance, Cass and Braela either drank or fucked, losing themselves in the warm embrace of ale or each others’ arms before a return to the doldrums of city life come daybreak. Tonight, they drank — and with unexpected company.

“To new friendships!” the big, boisterous southern merchant laughed, holding up her tankard. Cass couldn’t remember when she’d been pulled up onto the red-maned amazon’s lap, but she raised her own glass in turn, reclining into the woman’s muscular chest. Her breasts made a wonderful headrest, and if the gentle stroking of her thigh was any tell, the merchant-princess enjoyed her using them as such.

“New friends,” Braela echoed across the table, knocking back some foul-smelling brew the dwarf who ran the place had conjured for her. The orcish dancer was still shamelessly naked, silks gathered around her arms and waist, but leaving her chest bare for any wandering gaze in the tavern to enjoy. The black tips of her breasts stood wonderfully stiff around their bar piercings; the sight of them was enough to make Cass’s heart race. She crossed her legs awkwardly, trying to keep her thin summer skirt from tenting too badly. If their new companion noticed, she said nothing.

“So,” the amazon said. Selrun was her name, Cass was fairly sure. A hide-trader from the grasslands far south of the city. If the gold coin she’d slipped into Cass’s hat at the end of their gig was any hint, quite a wealthy trader at that. “How does an orc end up dancing for a cat? Or is it the cat playing for the orc?”

Brae chuckled and leaned back in her seat, wrapping her arms around the back of the booth. “We’re… partners. My clan lost its battle with Cassidy’s, and-”

“You’re a slave?” the amazon laughed. Stroking Cass’s thigh a little heavier, she asked, “Is that right, kitten? This big, powerful warrior is your collared bitch?”

By way of answer, Cass tugged the little leather choker Braela had given her, just before they’d first come to the Randy Cat. “You tell me who’s collared who.”

The amazon threw her head back and laughed, stopping only to grab her tankard and drink more. The way her chest and belly moved when she laughed, Cass was half certain she’d be bucked like from a bronco’s back. Instead, she found the amazon’s arm slip up from her leg to her waist, hugging her tight against the woman’s chest, pressing her head deeper into the valley of her cleavage. That, at least, was a feeling Cass could get used to.

“I’m liking you two more and more,” Selrun finally said, ignoring a less than amused look from Braela. At Cass’s behest, she took a long drink from her flagon, guzzling down the remainder of her drink and calling for another. A waitress with tall, perky bunny ears and a hips to die for came by a moment later, dropping off another drink for Braela and leaving with Selrun’s coin. That, at least, mollified the orc.

“You just came into town, right?” Cass asked, nuzzling into the amazon’s embrace. “How was the trip?”

Selrun grinned. “I did, no thanks to your town guard. The way the gate taxes you, you’d think they didn’t want my business. But I’ll take a warm bed — and good company — over another night sleeping on the ground. Less chance of waking up to a gang of goblins trying to work your breeches down, at least!”

She laughed again, though with a little less humor. “The roads are getting worse. Strange creatures about. More monsters than I’m used to, anyway. Had to use this a bit more than I’d have liked.” Selrun’s hand fell from Cass’s waist to the hilt of the broadsword hooked to her hip. “Even fought skeletons half a week ago. Pouring out of some stone door in the hillside, ancient looking.”

Undead? Now that was the kind of story Cass came here for. Whether it was out of curiosity or the feeling of Selrun’s soft, firm breasts against her head, Cass turned up the flirty act. “Fighting off a horde of skeletons all by yourself? You must have been so brave and strong to get away!”

“You’re damn right!” Selrun grinned, flexing her sword arm. “Mindless bastards came at me in waves for the better part of a day, but I knocked ’em down one after another till I couldn’t feel my arms anymore… and then kept swinging anyway! Even my horse took a couple down — brave, stupid cunt that she was — until a corpse shoved a spear through her throat. Had to drag a cart-load of furs and hide here on my back after the damned cave ran out of skeletons to throw at me.

“If you had a horse, why didn’t you just outrun them?” Brae asked, incredulity clear in her voice.

Selrun grimaced, rubbing the back of her neck. “I, uh, wasn’t mounted up when they started coming at us. Didn’t have time to get back to my cart until they were already swarming, and killed my mare before I could untie her.”

“Well,” Cass murmured, picking up her glass. “To your brave, stupid horse.”

“I’ll drink to that!” the amazon laughed, clicking her ale flagon to Cassidy’s wineglass. She finished her drink with a sharp breath, grunting her satisfaction as the ale burned her throat. “Now then. We’ve got bards in amazon lands, too, kitten. I know you want the whole story, yeah?”

Cass mewled an affirmation, wiggling excitedly in the amazon’s lap. Selrun’s big, strong arm locked around her waist again as she said, “In that case, why don’t you and your… partner… come on up to my room? I’m sure I can slake your curiosity.”

Cass turned her gaze to Braela, and was relieved to get a slight nod from her slave-cum-mistress. She turned in Selrun’s lap, straddling her and locking eyes with the huge, red-maned warrior. “We’d be honored.”

Before she could blink, Cass found herself being hefted up by the amazon, a strong hand locked under her ass and another around her slender waist. Cass was more than content to nestle back into the welcoming valley of Selrun’s cleavage, barely restrained by a hide-lined chain corset she wore. Braela followed, dragging a train of silken strands behind her and up the stairs, following Selrun to her room. The second floor of the Cat was as much a brothel as an inn, and the moans and grunts of pleasure issuing from the many rooms drowned out the sounds of music and the buzz of chatter from downstairs. More bunny-eared girls lounged in the passage, giving the bards familiar smiles and winks as they passed; others strutted their stuff for the amazon’s approval, bare breasts and hips on wanton display. The way Selrun grinned and winked back, Cass was surprised they didn’t arrive in the amazon’s room with half a dozen more lascivious girls in tow.

Cass heard a door thunk open, and then was falling onto her back, flopping onto Selrun’s bed with her legs already splayed apart, her skirt hiked well past her knees. The amazon stood over her, with Braela at her side, giving Cass a moment to admire her in her full majesty for the first time.

Selrun was huge, dwarfing even Braela’s mighty frame. She easily had a foot and a half on Cass, and half of one on the orc beside her. She wore a chainmail corset, lined with thick, soft furs, leaving most of her chest bare to the tops of her breasts — each looked as big as Cass’s head, so soft and alluring that her mouth watered just looking at them. A wild mane of red hair fringed her chiseled face — not the same soft, orange-red that Cass’s own hair was, but a deep blood crimson that fell in dark curls well past Selrun’s shoulders. A long fur cape dragged behind her, pinned to the shoulder straps of her armor by a pair of pins shaped like eagles.

With a practiced motion, the amazon tore the cloak from her shoulders. By the time it crumpled to the floor, her hands were already working her belt, casting the sword and dagger on her hips aside, then working the buttons on her leather breeches. Cass watched them drop with eager anticipation, and almost gagged on her tongue when she finally laid eyes on Selrun’s sex: after so long with Braela, the sight of a woman’s slit, unadorned with a throbbing cock eager to take Cass’s ass, was almost too much to bear. She could feel her own little feline prick jump to attention, tenting her skirt as her eyes played across the amazon’s glistening pussy, the trimmed fringe of crimson hair around it, and the swollen bead of a clit poking out from its hood.

Selrun’s armor followed, clattering to the floor and leaving her breasts bare for the briefest moment before Braela’s hands found them, obscuring the small pink tips atop them under strong green hands. Cass mewled with wanton desire as her orcish lover groped the amazon from behind, pressing herself into the red-haired warrior’s back and squeezing her breasts until she groaned with pleasure and pain.

“Eager, are we?” Selrun grinned, leaning back into the orc’s embrace. “Or have you just not had your hands on a real pair of tits since your tribe left you?”

“Shut up,” Brae grunted, pinching the amazon’s nipples until she sucked in a breath, and a little trickle of moisture beaded on the lips of her sex. “And you, cat. Don’t just sit around with your thumbs up your ass. There’s a womanhood lacking your tongue.”

Cass grinned, and started pulling off her clothes. Her hat and shirt came off easily, leaving her bare from the waist up, the small mounds of her bitch-tits on display for her lovers. She caught an approving look from Selrun, and slinked out of her skirt as well, leaving herself in nothing but her silky white panties and long stockings up her thighs. Those could come later — for now, Cass slipped down off the bed and onto her knees, a position Brae had well acquainted her with, and laced her hands around the wide-flared curves of Selrun’s hips.

The amazon’s hips were thicker around than Cass’s shoulders, and gave way to thighs so strong looking the Cass could easily imagine them crushing her head between them. She hadn’t thought women came stronger than Brae until she laid eyes on the amazon — and this just a humble merchant of their race. Cass shivered at the thought of a true warrior from Selrun’s tribe, and what powerhouses they must be. Most catfolk would have been intimidated by the thought; instead, Cass’s little prick strained painfully under her painties, desperate for attention. She knew better than to grant it, though: Braela never let her touch herself, never let her slide her cock into her. As painful as it was, Cass couldn’t bear Brae’s disappointment if she gave in to her basest desires. She was a good little whore for her orcish mistress.

Spurred on by her own rising lusts, Cass buried herself between Selrun’s legs, letting her tongue play through the trim red bush and to the lips of the amazon’s sex. The cat-girl mewled at the smell and taste, stronger than any girl’s she’d been with before. Brae had a rich, musky scent that dripped off her thick sex, an aroma of power and rutting lust; Selrun was different. Hers was a sweetness that Cass hadn’t expected, and the trickle of juice she lapped up was thicker than she’d thought, almost creamy. The strange sweetness mingled with heady sweat and a rich, feminine odor that Cass just wasn’t used to — her head swooned before she’d even past the lips of her lover’s cunt.

To her delight, though, Selrun placed a hand atop her head, strong fingers lacing through her mussed hair and gently guiding Cass on, steadying her. “Good kitten,” the amazon cooed, her voice twisting into a gasp of pleasure as Cass’s slender tongue probed into her slit. “Drink deep…”

Cass couldn’t have resisted that command if she wanted to. She lost herself in the cleft of Selrun’s sex, licking and slurping at the warm wetness between her legs, eagerly delving her tongue as deep as she could into the rosy hole. As big as Selrun was, though, Cass knew she was barely scratching the surface of the deep reservoir at her lips. To make up for it, she let her fingers wander, let her thumb find the little hood shielding Selrun’s clit. The amazon gasped as she touched it, and her legs trembled when Cass caressed it.

“Remember what I taught you, cat,” Brae murmured, pulling herself up from kisses trailed along the amazon’s neck and shoulders. Cass looked up just in time to see Selrun reach around and cup Brae’s cheek, drawing the orc in for a kiss. The green hand on Selrun’s chest squeezed tighter, savagely kneading the heavy mounds in answer to the unexpected gesture. Between the amazon’s legs, Cass could sense Brae’s loincloth shifting, her one article of clothing giving way to the orc’s mounting excitement. Even Brae liked a little gentle treatment, Cass guessed.

Knowing her mistress’s desires before she gave voice to them, Cass reached around Selrun’s leg and under Brae’s loincloth, wrapping her hand around the thick slab of orcish meat hidden beneath it. Brae gasped, but Cass could feel her cock throb in her hand, rising to full mast with a few tender strokes. In turn, Selrun gave a grunt of approval as the orc’s rod pressed into her ass. It was a force of will for Cass not to guide Brae’s manhood into the waiting channel of Selrun’s slit — and she doubted either warrior would have faulted her for doing it.

The thought of watching Braela bend their amazonian lover over the bed and fuck her raw made Cass’s mouth water more than even the sweet nectar of Selrun’s pussy, still flush with her own lips and wetter than ever. Giggling, Cass planted a kiss on Selrun’s pussylips, letting her tongue slither up towards the flush bulb of the amazon’s clit. The way Selrun grunted and groaned as Cass shifted her attentions fully to it, she wouldn’t have been surprised to know it was only Brae’s strong around around her chest that kept her upright.

“You’ve… trained your kitten well, orc,” Selrun laughed, stroking Cass’s head between her feline ears. She mewled her appreciation, and let a few fingers slip into Selrun’s sex.

Brae grunted. “She was too easy to break in. Wanted every second of it, like an eager little puppy.”

“I can imagine,” Selrun answered, adding a little pressure to Cass’s head, grinding her face into her crotch. The cat-girl eagerly accepting it, licking and fingering harder. “Now tell me… am I going to get to sample that thickness I feel against my back, or are you just going to show off your prize pet to me tonight?”

“Cat! On the bed. Legs spread,” Brae grunted. Cass obeyed without thinking, parting from Selrun’s intoxicating cunt and crawling back onto the bed, spreading her stocking-clad legs for her mistress.

Selrun strode forward out of Brae’s grasp, brushing aside the orc’s hands and slipping onto the bed. Cass mewled helplessly as the huge, strong woman slipped overtop her, powerful arms bringing those massive breasts teasing along Cass’s bare chest. She stopped when their chins were even, almost kissing. She gave Cass a playful wink, and the cat-girl gasped as one of the amazon’s arms slipped back down the bed, ripping her panties asunder like they were wet paper. Powerful fingers circled around her small, feline prick, gently stroking.

“I won’t tell if you won’t,” Selrun grinned, just before Braela finished circling the bed. Cass’s eyes instinctively rolled up to watch her mistress’s approach.

Braela’s silks and loincloth were gone, leaving her a mountain of taut, bare skin over commanding muscles. Her hands rested on her hips, drawing Cass’s gaze down to her crotch. A wild mass of dark pubes fringed a thick slab of orcish meat hanging between Brae’s legs, so thick that Cass trembled at the sight of it — or was that Selrun’s hand pumping her cock? Either way, Cass’s mouth lolled open, tongue hanging out, still glistening with the amazon’s juices. Cass couldn’t wait to taste them mixing with Brae’s strong, musky, masculine taste — to let the women overwhelm her senses.

Instead, Brae grabbed her cock and angled it over Cass’s waiting mouth, pressing the bulbed crown to Selrun’s lips. They parted easily, accepting the offering of orcish sex eagerly. Cass whined as the cock passed her by, sliding between Selrun’s red lips until the hilt pressed against them, leaving Brae’s hefty, cum-swollen sack resting on Cass’s cheek.

“What’re you waiting for, cat? If you want my cock after, you have to work for it.”

Cass understood instantly. “Yes, mistress,” she mewled, squirming and shifting until Brae’s sack slipped into her mouth. She had to open wide to accommodate Brae’s size, and even then, could barely stretch enough to let the orc’s nuts in. But the reward was instant and palpable: Brae’s cock jumped in Selrun’s mouth, and Cass’s mouth watered at the familiar, masculine taste of orcish excitement, permeating Brae’s fleshy sack like a saltier sweat. She lapped it up eagerly, tongue-bathing Brae’s balls like a practiced whore — which, if Braela had anything to do with it, Cass just about was.

“You are eager tonight, cat,” Brae cooed, rubbing one of Cass’s ears approvingly. “I suppose being sandwiched between two big, strong women would excite you, wouldn’t it? Or is it just the prospect of a good, hard assfucking after I wear this amazon out?”

Cass couldn’t deny either of those, even if she’d had the ability to speak. As it was, she contented herself to purr happily, sending little vibrations through Brae’s hefty sack. With Brae’s nuts safely tucked into Cass’s mouth, the orc’s movements were limited to small jerks of her hips, unable to properly thrust more than a couple of inches into Selrun’s waiting mouth. That seemed to suit the amazon just fine, though: Cass could feel the amazon’s throat and mouth working Braela’s shaft, reverberations of pleasurable licks and suckles shivering through the orc’s cock and balls to Cass’s tongue. The feline bard happily thought of it as a second-hand kiss, her lips working with the amazon’s to pleasure their mutual lover’s thick, musky rod.

For once, though, not all of Cass’s attention was lavished on Breala’s manhood. Cass squealed and squirmed as subtly as she could, trying not to draw Brae’s attention to the pumping fist trapped between her belly and Selrun’s. The amazon’s hand was as strong as Cass could have imagined, but so much more gentle than Brae’s ever were. Even if Selrun’s hand could almost completely encompass Cass’s prick, it still felt like a feather’s kiss on Cass’s most sensitive skin, tenderly stroking her five-inch length from crown to base, bringing the catgirl steadily towards a mounting climax of her own. She’d almost forgotten what it felt like to have her prick tended to, to have loving hands caress it. But she knew all too well how disappointed Brae would be if she came, and so Cass struggled to hold back, fighting down the urge to cream herself — to let a thick, hot shower of spunk out between her and Selrun’s bellies.

As if reading Cass’s mind, Selrun flashed the mewling kitten a playful wink, and moved her hand faster. Cass’s legs instinctively shifted, going from splayed like a nervous maiden to wrapping around Selrun’s waist, squeezing the huge woman as tight as she could.

Cass realized her mistake almost as soon as she’d made it, but just couldn’t stop herself anymore.

“What’re you…” Brae grunted, grabbing a fistful of red hair and pulling Selrun off her cock. She stepped back, balls popping out of Cass’s mouth and uncorking a cry of surprise and pleasure from the pitiful cat.

Braela sighed and put her hands on her hips, looking down between Selrun and Cass to the amazon’s quick-pistoning fist. “You’re spoiling my favorite bottom, amazon,” she grunted, scowling.

“Sorry,” Selrun laughed, shifting up onto her knees, straddling Cass — and still pumping her little feline cock. “I just couldn’t help myself…”

Braela rolled her eyes. “If you’re that desperate for dick, you’d better hope my cat’s gotten you nice and wet.”

Selrun chewed her bottom lip and crooked a finger at Brae, practically goading the orc on. Braela took her time circling back around the bed, walking with a cool confidence that would normally have Cass’s heart racing, body trembling with excitement. As it was, all she could do was dig her fingers into the bed, squeeze her legs around Selrun’s waist, and try not to blow her load.

And then Braela’s fingers brushed across her up-turned ass, and all of Cass’s restraint evaporated in an instant. She squealed, a high and feminine little cry of pleasure, and bucked her hips into Selrun’s pistoning hand. The amazon did nothing, said nothing, just kept working her hand as the first pearlescent strand of seed burst from Cass’s cockhead, squirting over the amazon’s fingers and onto Cass’s belly. The cat moaned and flopped back, gasping and panting as more and more of her cum spurted out, more than she’d ever seen herself cum before. Half of it seemed to trap itself on Selrun’s fingers, smearing her digits in creamy white. Even that couldn’t stop her, though; indeed, Cass quickly found herself cumming harder as the amazon’s hand worked faster, gliding across her prick with her own cum as lube.

Selrun didn’t stop until Cass had let loose every drop her exhausted balls could give, and then some. She felt like a sopping mess, covered in a sticky warmth that felt so… so right to be slathered in, as if she’d just sucked Brae herself off to orgasm, and it was her lover’s seed slathered over her.

“Now look what you’ve done,” Brae hissed, reaching down as slapping Selrun’s bare ass.

“Aww, did I break your pet?” Selrun answered with a laugh, releasing Cass’s cock and licking some of the excess semen from her fingers. “Maybe you’ll have to tie me up and punish me for it… or punish her? Maybe both of us.”

Brae tsked her tongue. “You talk entirely too much,” she grunted, grabbing Selrun’s shoulders and shoving the amazon down onto her belly, smashing her down overtop the quivering cat-girl on her back. Cass groaned as Selrun pressed against her, smearing the cum cooling on Cass’s belly all over her thighs and gut — and mashed the her head-sized boobs onto Cass’s chest, letting her feel every inch of heavenly-soft breast squishing against her.

All Cass could see was Selrun’s face, though. The amazon tried to grin over her shoulder, but the look of cool confidence turned into a wide-eyed gasp of shock, and her whole body rocked forward, thrust ahead by a massive impact that Cass could only imagine was a thick spear of orcish cock.

“Ugh! That all you got, orc?” she grunted, though Cass could see her fingers digging into the sheets, accidentally pulling Cass a little closer.

“Shut! Up! Slut!” Brae grunted, each word punctuated by a cacophonous wet slap of flesh on flesh. Cass could feel Selrun’s whole body bucking under the force of Brae’s thrusts.

Finally, Selrun acceded to the orc’s demands, busying her mouth on something else entirely. Flashing Cass a smile, she cupped the catgirl’s cheeks and pulled her in for a long kiss. Cass couldn’t help but melt under such a tender touch, her mouth limply opening when Sel’s tongue demanded entry. She could still taste Braela faintly on her, that strong and familiar sensation which made Cass’s heart flutter. Unconsciously, her arms slipped around Selrun’s back, joining her legs in utter submission to the amazon’s advances.

“That’s it, girl,” Selrun whispered into Cass’s ear, breaking the kiss to trail more along the catgirl’s cheeks and neck. “Just lie back like your mistress taught you.”

Cass could do nothing but, pinned as she was, but the command sent her whole body limp, meekly accepting Selrun’s kisses and caresses, shifting with the amazon as the larger woman’s body was battered from behind. Her sweet cunt was ravaged, brutally pounded as all that anger she’d built up in Braela came spilling out in a screaming orgasm that Cass could feel all the way through Selrun’s powerful frame.

Brae delivered a harsh smack on Selrun’s bare buttock as she pulled out, leaving a hot trail of thick orcish seed drooling from the amazon’s cunt.

“Now that was a fucking,” Selrun grinned, stroking Cass’s hair. “Wouldn’t you say, kitten?”

“Oh, you’re not done yet, red,” Brae laughed, and suddenly Cass was sliding, yanked by Brae’s powerful arms out from under the amazon and into her lover’s arms. With one hand, Braela rolled Sel onto her back, legs sprayed around a pussy filled with dripping whiteness; with the other, she put Cass on her knees between the amazon’s legs.

Brae’s hand settled on Cass’s head, pushing her gently forward. “Clean up my mess, cat. I’d hate to accidentally put a bastard in her.”

“Mmm, I’m getting wetter just thinking about it,” Selrun teased in turn, spreading her legs more and running a hand across her swollen clit. “Well, you heard your mistress, kitten. Dig in.”

Cass purred at the sight of the warm meal ahead of her. She’d never had her mistress’s sloppy seconds before, but the strong smell of orc-cum and feminine juice mixing freely erased all her doubts in an instant. She started low, heading off the trickle of it heading down Sel’s cheeks before she ended up having to lick it off the floor; instead, her small tongue scooped a thick dollop of spunk up out of Selrun’s dark asshole, and brought it into her mouth. Cass’s heart fluttered at the familiar, wonderful taste of Brae’s seed, tinged by sweat and amazonian wetness as it was. The heady cocktail spurred Cass on more than even Braela’s words could, and soon she was eagerly licking up every drop from Selrun’s pussylips, expertly cleaning every hair on the amazon’s mons until they glistened.

“Delicious,” she purred, giving Braela a small smile. The orc dug a hand into Cass’s ass in response, squeezing one of her cheeks until she yelped.

“Flatterer,” Brae said simply, though her hand pulled Cass up onto her feet, bending her over the amazon. Knowing how quickly her lover could recover from spilling her seed, Cass whimpered in anticipation, wiggling her hips as enticingly as she could. Selrun shimmied back slightly on the bed, giving Cass room to rest her weight on the mattress, still buried between the woman’s powerful thighs. She still had a pussy-full of cum to lick out, after all, and Sel was all too happy to let her do it.

Chuckling, Selrun added, “You have such a kind mistress, kitten. A hot, salty pussy full of cum to eat and an assfucking to go with it? And she accuses me of spoiling you…”

“Careful, amazon, or I’ll see if your ass is as loose as your cunt.”

Their words faded from Cass’s mind as her over-taxed senses tried to cope with the cornucopia of stimuli being lavished on her: Brae’s hands on her hips and ass; Selrun’s hands on her head, stroking her hair; the musky hole still glistening white, the stink of which was threatening to drive her wild with lust. Finally, unable to resist, Cass’s tongue lanced out and into Sel’s pussy, lapping up that thick load Brae had left for her. The amazon groaned, arching her back and cupping a breast as Cass started working, fighting to lap up every drop from the deep, sweltering hole.

Even as she started, though, a new distraction came. Behind her, Brae sucked one of her thick green fingers, lathering it with spittle before pushing it easily into Cass’s asshole. The catgirl yelped, but her tail wiggled happily as the thick digit settled inside her. She was well used to feeling Braela’s full cock inside her, riding the slab of orcish meat to orgasm again and again; a finger barely phased her. Brae pumped her finger slowly, lubing up Cass’s hole with small, even motions, coating every inch of her behind with warm spittle that settled inside her with a wonderfully familiar wetness. A few months ago, Cass couldn’t have imagined what it felt like to have anything pierce her virgin rectum; now, the feeling of a little bit of lube inside her sent shivers of anticipation up her spine.

“Don’t… ah!… don’t keep us waiting, orc,” Selrun moaned, her words slurred with pleasure as Cass continued to eat that cum from inside her. She was almost empty of it by now, down to the last morsels of Brae’s musky seed and the beginnings of an even sweeter juice. Feminine cum, the first rivulets of Selrun’s impending orgasm. A thrill ran through Cass at the idea of eating the huge warrior out until she came, and her tongue’s efforts redoubled — just as she felt a thick, bulbous girth replace the digit in her bum.

The first time Braela had fucked Cass’s ass, the pain had been horrifying. She couldn’t have imagined something so huge going inside her, and she’d cried into her pillow as Brae’s hips battered her cheeks. Even then she’d managed to cum, her body surrendering to the alien sensation of a real manhood pressing against her girly g-spot. Now, covered in cum and spit and with a well-adjusted hole to fuck, Brae slid in easily, greeted only by a cry of pleasure from the catgirl and a grunt of approval from the amazon.

Brae only went half way before pulling back, drawing herself slowly out of Cass’s ass, tantalizing her with a lack of stimulation… before ramming herself in to the hilt. Cass screamed, pleasure and shock mixing while her back arched, tail shot up, and her spent cock twitched back to attention.

“This is where all that training… all that breaking in… went,” Breala grunted over Cass’s head, thrusting full-force against Cass’s pillowy behind. “She was a virgin when I got ahold of her, and now…”

“Now she’s a proper little buttslut,” Selrun laughing, scratching Cass between the ears. “I’m sure your tribe would have loved to meet her now.”

Brae grunted something that sounded like approval between ass-quaking thrusts into Cass. The catgirl cried out again, her voice a constant symphony of moans and gasps between mouthfuls of Selrun’s pussy.

Cass barely noticed the amazon’s orgasm, so much softer and subtler it was compared to Braela’s violent ejaculations. Selrun announced herself with a cute little gasp — more feminine and much more muted than her usual grunts and moans — and grabbed Cass’s head, pushing her deeper and deeper into her crotch, forcing the catgirl’s tongue as deep inside as she could get it. A flood of sweet juices met Cass’s tongue, drowning her in thick nectar. Selrun’s thighs clenched around her head and shoulders, squeezing until it was almost painful as Cass moved her fingers up, adding a little extra stimulation to the amazon’s clit — and was immediately rewarded with a back-arching moan.

“Well done, cat,” Brae grunted behind her, sheathing herself inside Cass’s ass as the amazon flopped back, limp as a ragdoll. “I think that deserves a reward. Now, what do you want, hmm?”

“Your cum,” Cass moaned, wiggling her hips enticingly. “Give me a big, thick load of cum right deep inside, Braela!”

Brae smacked her ass, making Cass shriek in surprise. “Louder, slut!”

“Cum in my ass, mistress!” she squealed in answer, grinding back against Brae’s crotch.

“That’s what I like to hear,” Braela laughed, digging her hands into Cass’ hips and shoving the little catgirl forward, piling her overtop the recovering amazon until Cass’s little cock was flush with Selrun’s cunt. To Cass’s shock, one of Brae’s hands slipped forward, easing Cass’s bitch-clit into the welcoming embrace of the amazon’s well-cleaned sex. Sel could only groan in response, a hand flopping onto Cass’s back comfortingly.

Brae moved faster after that, pounding Cass’s slutty hole with a vigor she hadn’t mustered since they met. Cass’s fingers clutched at sheets and smooth amazonian curves, trying to find purchase as Brae relentlessly pounded her, fucking her until with a loud roar of exultation, Brae’s cock erupted in a shower of seed. The orc grabbed Cass’s hips and slammed herself in to the hilt, burying herself deep to seed her catgirl whore, filling Cass’s belly with thick orcish seed.

Unable to hold herself back, Cass came too, her body racing to follow her mistress’s climax. Selrun sucked in a sharp breath as the first squirt of feline seed spilled into her, then merely smiled down at Cass, stroking her hair as she came what little her worn out balls could muster into the amazon’s cunt.

With a shuddering gasp, Cass’s body went limp, her face collapsing back into the welcome embrace of Selrun’s tits, right where she’d started the evening. She could only mewl as Braela dragged her cock out of her quivering hole, dropping it heavily into the crack of Cass’s ass, letting it drool the last few drops of seed onto the catgirl’s back. Painted front and back with cum, utterly exhausted, and with her balls as dry as they’d ever been, Cass allowed herself to relax for a blessed moment, just enjoying the amazon’s embrace — and her lover’s, too, as Brae crawled into the bed beside them, stroking Cass’s hair.

“Now then. I think you owe my cat a tale, amazon,” Brae chuckled, smiling when Cass nuzzled against her hand.

Selrun laughed. A thick, rich, honest laugh that had her rumbling underneath Cass. Only the amazon’s strong arm kept the little cat-girl from tumbling off, clutching her tight against her breast.

“I suppose I do at that,” she smiled, wrapping her other arm around the orc’s shoulder. To Cass’s surprise, Brae didn’t scowl or resist, but just smiled contentedly.

That night, Selrun told Cass everything she wanted to hear and more.