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Tags: D&D, Fantasy, Futa, Shemale, Trap, Dom/Sub, Femdom, Futadom, Anal, Feminization

D&D Smut set in my campaign setting, between a pair of background characters: a catboy bard and his (her?) mighty futa orc slave-cum-dominatrix. Written in one rather explosive sitting, good if you like Futadom and orcs. Has a sequel: The Merchant Princess!


Lord Cassidy had never considered herself to be the pinnacle of masculinity. Hell, she even thought of herself as a “she” these days — a thought the young lordling was quite happy to put into practice. A cute bard-girl earned a sight more tips for her songs than the gruff old travelling songweaver, especially in this dive. The upturned hat at her foot was full nearly to the brim with coppers, and even a few dented bits of silver. A damn good take for a few hours’ play. Cass leaned back in her chair, one leg crossed over the other, and absently strummed her lute, reciting the the old song with a quiet surety, even in the Old Tongue. At every strong beat, she stomped her foot, shaking the strap of bells around her ankles, or tossed her head, ringing the ones at the end of the ribbons trailing from her leather choker.

The choker. She couldn’t remember quite when Braela had put it on her, but it felt RIGHT to wear it. More of a collar than a choker, really, it was a heavy, easy tightness around her neck, just enough to make sure she knew who ruled her heart. Her gaze drifted aside to the open floor of the tavern, where the tables had been pushed back to let Braela dance. Some called her a monster, screamed when they saw her in a dark street at night, but tonight, free on the open floor, she captivated the crowd. A twirling blur of green skin and flowing black hair, Braela’s movements were as graceful as the winds, her long silks billowing around her in a rainbow of colors to mask her sleek muscles and towering frame. Nearly fifty people were crammed into the sides of the tavern, all eyes on the dancing orc. Idly, Cass wondered what drew their gazes more: the beauty and grace of the dance, or the fact that the dancer was unclad, her arms and hips wreathed in swirling silks, but leaving the huge swells her breasts bare to the wind, her dark nipples stiff points against the twin mountains of taut green flesh.

Braela twirled around as Cass’s playing intensified, the beat picking up to a feverish pace. The way the orc kept pace, she made it seem like the easiest thing in the world. It came naturally to her, as instinctive as breathing… or magic. Cass strummed her lute faster, fingers a blur across the strings until with a final riff she finished the song on a hard stop, the only sound left the echo of Braela’s foot stomping into the dusty floor with finality, her silks settling around her like a skirt. The audience didn’t clap, but sat in awed silence as Braela stood stock still, bare chest heaving, glistening with sweat. After a long, still moment, she bowed low and slipped off the “stage,” disappearing into the back rooms. Cass followed her with her eyes, smiling. Braela’d barely stepped out of sight before the first merchant tipped a full silver piece into her hat, gushing compliments for the duo.

By hour’s end, Cass had to grab a sack from the barman to dump her coin into. She looked like a burglar stalking off when she took it up to her room. When she returned, Cass was happy to see Braela standing by her chair, talking quietly with a stocky, well-dressed traveler. Seeing Cass return, she excused herself and swept her friend into a tight embrace.

“Up to no good, little cat?” she laughed, rustling the fiery hair between Cass’s perky feline ears.

“None at all!” Cass giggled girlishly, finding her head pressed into the valley of the orc’s cleavage. “That was an amazing performance, Brae.”

The orc grinned. “My thanks. Perhaps I’ll be the dancer my mother was some day.”

“Better, even,” Cass said, sitting and drawing Brae down onto her lap. The orc was so much bigger than her, it was almost comical; seeing the towering green beauty sitting on Cass’s lap must have been quite a sight. It didn’t stop her from enjoying the quiet moment with her friend, though: Brae’s strong arm around her shoulders and her tight ass pressed against Cass’s crotch got quite a stir firing through her loins. Enough to have her cock press up through her own skirt and into the orc’s dancing silks.

Braela shot Cass “the look,” and before she knew it, Cass was being carried up the stairs back to her room, legs wrapped around Brae’s waist, cock tenting her skirt with a vengeance. Together, they stumbled in through the door and onto the bed, Cass tumbling off of her lover and face-down into the silky sheets. She gave a pathetic “eep!” of surprise as the orc grabbed her legs, pulling her to the edge of the bed and hiking her ass in the air, strong hands digging into Cass’s soft backside. The cat-girl purred in mind-melting pleasure as Brae’s hand slipped up to the base of her tail, gently caressing the slender shaft, stroking the orange-and-black-striped fur for a long, languid moment before pushing it out of the way and hiking Cass’s skirt up. She gasped as Brae delivered a harsh slap to her assflesh, sending it jiggling under her panties.

“Mmm, do you want it, little cat?” Braela teased, slipping a hand under Cass’s panties, thumb pressing against her dark little star. Cass’s breath caught, and she moaned an unintelligible affirmation as her lover put just enough pressure on her behind to send shivers up her spine. Braela grinned, and with a terribly easy motion, tore Cass’s silk panties right off her, letting her rock-hard ribbed cock flop free, its tip already glistening with pre even though Cass knew full well she’d never get to use it. Braela was a demanding, dominating lover, never letting Cass’s cock inside her, no matter how many times the cat let herself be used for her lover’s pleasure. Still, Cass shuddered in anticipation as Brae’s hands locked around her slender hips, holding her ass steady. A moment later, she felt Brae’s hot breath against her spread backside, the orc’s rough tongue rolling out across her crack, so close to her boy-pussy that her cock jumped in excitement.

“I asked, ‘do you want it,’ cat?” Brae repeated, her cheek nuzzling against Cass’s asscheek, refusing to move in for the kill.

“I do,” Cass moaned, voice nearly lost in the soft bed sheets as she reached back, spreading her cheeks wide for the orc.

Braela didn’t move. “I can’t hear you, slut. Do. You. Want it?”

“I do!” Cass cried, fingers digging into the bed. “I do!”

“Louder, slut!” Brae demanded, slapping Cass’s ass hard enough to nearly knock her down.

“I WANT IT!” Cass cried, voice breaking with desperation.

“LOUDER!” Brae screamed, smacking the other cheek and pushing Cass down on the bed, smooshing her cock between the sheets and her belly.

“I WANT IT! GIVE IT TO ME, PLEASE!” Cass screamed, loud enough for half the tavern to hear. “PLEASE GIVE IT TO ME, BRAELA! GIVE ME YOUR COCK!”

“Then get it ready, slut,” Braela growled, crawling over the bed, slipping out of her silks and the sheer loincloth beneath them, letting the mammoth slab of orc-meat hidden beneath flop free. Cass cried out as she felt the hot, throbbing shaft on her back, dragging across her body before being presented to her face, her head turned forcefully aside by Brae’s strong hand. Her cheek nuzzled against the musky shaft, drinking in the strong scent of her lover’s prick. Brae grinned, pushing Cass’s face into the dark garden of pubes surrounding her rod, letting her wallow in the overpowering masculine aroma of her lover before pushing her back and planting the crown of her cock at Cass’s lips. The catgirl mewled pitifully, helpless in her sudden need but to open up and accept the orcish offering.

Cass remembered the shock and awe of the first time she’d seen her lover’s rod. She’d been expecting a humbled orcish slave wench, ripe for the breeding. A year ago, the thought of sucking orc cock would have horrified her. Him, then. Now, Cass opened wide as Brae’s strong hips slid forward, pushing the first inches of her orcish cock into her mouth. Braela groaned with satisfaction as Cass’s tongue wrapped around her fuckstick, slathering it with spit to ease the impending assault. “Good, slut,” Brae groaned, stroking Cass’s fiery hair as the first half of her prick vanished past the cat’s thin lips, half a foot of orc-cock buried and bulging her throat. “The better you suck, the easier this gets.”

Cass knew that all too well. The first night, she’d refused to suck. She’d nearly passed out from the pain of what came after. Now, she worked the shaft like an idol for worship, bobbing her head up and down Braela’s length with eager abandon, reveling in the salty, earthy taste of her lover’s skin, the trickle of potent seed already dribbling down her throat, the feeling of Braela’s heavy sack pushing against her chin. She’d barely noticed that she’d taken Brae’s whole shaft, too busy trying to keep her rebellious gag reflex in check as her throat was crammed chock-full of masculine meat. Braela gave her an approving nod, letting Cass rest a moment, throat spasming helplessly around her lover’s manhood like a quivering pussy.

The cat-girl knew she couldn’t stop, though, and soon returned to her appointed task, worshiping Braela’s cock with her tongue, slathering it until it shone in the candlelight. Finally, the orc withdrew from her face, satisfied with Cass’s work. “I broke you in well, didn’t I, slut? To think you thought to do that to me… Now, do you want it, bitch?”

“Y-yes,” Cass whimpered, raising her ass into the position. Braela didn’t move, however: she grasped her cock, stroking herself as she raised the shaft, revealing the one spot the cat-slut had missed:

“If you want to fuck, learn to suck it all,” Braela teased, planting her heavy sack right on the tip of Cass’s nose. The catgirl whined with need, but couldn’t resist her mistress’s command. She opened wide, tongue slithering out to meet the rough flesh of Braela’s nads, lapping at the underside with reverent affection. Brae let out a soft, sated groan as Cass’s tongue went down and down, finally drawing the orc’s balls into her mouth, suckling on the hefty gonads like the sweetest candies, knowing full well she’d soon have a full load of their creamy blessing deep inside her.

“That’s it, good…” Brae groaned, pushing Cass’s head off her sack, grinning as the cat-slut’s lips and her own thick orbs were still bridged by trails of glistening spit. “You learn well, for a man.” Cass winced at the insult, and Braela scowled. “My apologies. You’ve earned your right to be my slut, after all. Master,” she added, a little jab at the roles they should have had. Instead of answering, Cass groaned and shook her hips enticingly, desperate for the orcish fucking she’d earned. Brae chuckled and patted Cass’s ass affectionately as she circled the bed, returning to where she’d started, with Cass’s legs spayed and skirt hiked, revealing the full swell of her eager behind.

Brae dug her fingers back in, teasing the reddened flesh still raw from the spanking. Cass groaned in delight — and a little anticipation — lifting her tail out of the way to give her lover unobstructed access to her lonely hole. Braela pushed a thumb in unceremoniously, spreading a bit of her own spit into the cat’s back passage, readying her for what was to come. Cass shivered with delight, her whole body quaking at the orc’s first truly sexual touch. Soon, though, the thumb was withdrawn, and Cass felt the hot length of Brae’s shaft fall into her spread crack. She bit down into the bedding, fingers clenching against the sheets as Brae’s crown pressed into her clenched hole, putting just enough pressure on the cat’s sphincter to make her wail with need.

“Please… please fuck me,” Cass whimpered, knowing Brae’s game all too well. “Please fuck my ass with your thick orcish cock!”

“Mmm, oh how you learn,” Brae chuckled, patting Cass’s ass. “Since you asked so nicely, I suppose I ought to reward you…”

Cass cried out, so loud she thought the tavern would shake, as Brae’s cock finally took her ass. She screamed and cried and moaned, body writhing in her lover’s firm, relentless grasp as a foot of green meat made its entry into Cass’s asshole, brutally pushing past her defenseless sphincter and into the tight passage of her spasming ass. She cried out as Brae gave her another slap on the bum, making her clench down so hard that the orc couldn’t push forward for half a minute, forced to sit half-buried in the cat-slut’s quaking ass, milked for all it had by Cass’s wild muscles. Brae gritted her teeth and, planting her hands in an iron grip on Cass’s hips, pushed forward again, thrusting deep into Cassidy’s butt until with a triumphant roar, her balls came to be planted against Cass’s own slender sack.

“Good slut,” Brae groaned, affectionately patting Cass’s ass as she buried the last half inch inside the utterly-stretched cat-girl. Cass moaned like the whore she was, hips sweetly bucking back against the orc’s strong grasp, taking and giving a mere inch of cock to pleasure herself, content to feel that thick hunk of meat massaging her prostate, milking her cock in return. She shuddered as a thick, creamy drool of splunk escaped her cock, pooling on the floor between her spread legs, a few drops plopping onto Brae’s foot.

Suddenly alert, the orc reached forward and grabbed Cass’s cock in a vice-like grasp, eliciting a moan of disappointment from the cat. “Finish me before you even think of cumming.”

Cass whined, but could do nothing but steady her shaking legs and spread herself as wide as she could for the coming storm. Braela chuckled, but began to move her hips, dragging inch after inch of her thick rod from Cass’s ass. The lordling whined as she was left stretched and empty, unable to cum despite the intense pressure pushed against her bud. Brae’s hand massaged the cat’s length, thumb rubbing the ribs on her crown until Cass was desperate with need, but unable to fight past the orc’s powerful grip. With just the crown left stretching Cass’s slutty ass, she braced and bit down, ready for the inevitable: and it came with a fury. Cass screamed again as Brae rammed her dick home back into its sheath, holding for the barest second before withdrawing again… and hammering back in. Cass’s voice broke into a soundless scream of unbridled pleasure as she was fucked, pushed into the bed and relentlessly violated by the orcish cock as it reamed her ass again and again. She came, hard, but didn’t notice, her orgasm ruined by Braela’s iron grip on her cock, cum spilling out around green fingers and onto the floor in a creamy pool. Brae acknowledged the mishap only by catching the next spurt in her free hand and smearing it across Cass’s ass, pumping it in as lube with the next thrust.

Limply, Cass’s cock was left to hang and swing as Braela pounded her boy-pussy, fucking her full of her own cum. The cat-girl groaned, head collapsing against the bed, body lifeless in Brae’s arms as she was used like a living cocksleeve, fucked with ruthless disregard until finally she felt something stir in Brae’s cock. “Tighter, slut!” the orc commanded, spanking her hard on both cheeks, yanking Cass’s ass back against her cock until she felt Brae’s balls swing and slap against her own yet again. Cassidy screamed, this time in pure and boundless pleasure as she felt the orc’s orgasm draw nearer and nearer, swelling her thick rod with seed. Brae threw her head back and roared, a powerful, bestial cry of dominance and utter, irresistible sexual demand. Cass nearly came from the sudden flood of hot, creamy seed she felt bursting into her bowels, flooding her guts with potent greenskin seed. Brae rammed her rod deep inside her cat-sheathe, pounding her ass with a furious slowness to wring every ounce of pleasure she could from the willing slave around her manhood.

Cass was barely conscious by the time she felt the last spurts of seed bloat her belly. Her cock twitched helplessly, suddenly denied the last vestiges of physical pleasure, left with only the mental satisfaction of feeling her orcish mistress’s thick, hot spunk deep inside her, mixing with her own, as if her body was an alchemist’s lab. She groaned happily as one of Brae’s strong arms grasped her waist, pulling her onto the bed with her — and was surprised to find herself on top.

“Never think I’m cruel, my little cat,” Braela grinned, locking her fingers behind her head as Cass straddled her hips, cock still stretching her ass. “Finish yourself. I will allow it.”

“T-thank you, mistress,” Cassidy purred, already planting her hands on the orc’s heavy breasts, using the thick orbs to steady herself as she moved her hips, delighting in the feeling of cock dragging across her anal channel and seed leaking out around it, darkening the sheets and floorboards. She knew better than to try and jerk herself, or ask for some manual stimulation from her mistress: Braela had demanded a butt-slut of her once-master, and so she would have one, unmarred by masculine needs. Cass began to rise and fall on Brae’s cock, desperately humping on the deep-seated shaft to pump her prostate against the cum-slicked shaft. Her cock bounced and twitched with rising excitement, and doubly so when Brae grinned and rose, leaning back on an arm as the other cupped Cass’s bouncing buttcheek, squeezing hard between rising thrusts, her own hips moving to meet Cassidy’s.

Finally, Cass felt her own orgasm rising again, pleasure mounting inexorably as her ass was taken again by the orc. She felt Brae’s cock stirring, stiffening as it began stretching out her ass again, clogging the flow of semen out of her ass. Her movements became fast, desperate to get off again, eager to take up her mistress’s kindness. Finally, with a girlish cry, she came, cock spurting a thin, watery second load across Braela’s belly, smearing the orc with spunk as she rode her dick. Brae grinned, hands grabbing Cass’s ass and pulling her down hard on her shaft — Cass cried out as her dick jumped, shooting a thick load over Brae’s head… and was delighted to feel Brae’s cock erupt again, already cumming once more into Cass’s eager, needy ass.

The bed was a sodden mess when Braela finally pulled her cock from Cass’s ass, unleashing the torrent of spunk from inside. Cass grinned, almost cumming again from the sheer sensation of so much seed spilling out of her. She felt like she’d pleasured twenty men, a whole tribe of orcs, rather than one perfect exemplar of their kind. Brae sighed in contentment as her flaccid length escaped the cat’s ass, and she soon pulled Cass down atop her, burying the cat-girl’s face between her heaving tits.

“I’ll make a good whore of you yet, master,” she laughed, stroking Cass’s hair.

Lord Cassidy groaned, still drooling his slave’s semen from his ass. “I’ve no doubt.”