Art of Servik’s captain Steele getting a quick drink between adventures.

…or in layman’s terms: Fenoxo ain’t dead yet. I might be phlegmy and crusty, but I’m still kicking. Not 100% good-to-go yet, but being clearheaded for once is a welcome change. I spent the afternoon sorting through a number of code submissions that had backed up while I was out (and a bit before). Most are for fixes. One is a decent chunk of new content.

So long as there aren’t any game-breaking bugs, this will be the last public patch for a while.

0.7.211 & 212 Changelog:

  • New NPC – Nykke, your eldest Frostwyrm daughter. Written by B.
  • New Bust: Nykke
  • If you have more than 14 special attacks, the “Back” button no longer overrides one. It should now properly overflow onto a second pane.
  • If you got a Siegewulf datacore from doing Syri’s quest, you can now plug it into a new one when you get it.
  • A ton of other bug fixes and tweaks.

New Since Last Month:

  • A significant amount of Zheng Shi’s Foundry Level has had the rooms filled in. Of course, the actual foundry portion and catwalks still aren’t in yet…
  • New Zheng Shi NPC: Slyveren Slavebreaker, by Fenoxo & Wsan.
  • New jumper content, courtesy of William: A blowjob and a series of events culminating in one of four bad-ends.
  • New Zheng Shi content: slave revolt orgy by William.
  • New rare Mhen’gan NPC: Futanari Naleen by Doots.
  • New Lund content: Lund goes “missing!” by Wsan.
  • New Ilaria scene – special cum sucking, by Wsan.
  • New Tarkus enemy: Gabilani vacationers, by Nonesuch.
  • New Tarkus encounter: Sydian “Queen” by Nonesuch.
  • New Busts: Biothroc Quaddie, Fei An, Fetch & Carry, Slyveren Slavebreakers, Urbolg
  • Many new rare drops in Zheng Shi and elsewhere.
  • New Dating App – “Extrameet” by Fr0sty.
  • New Uvetan NPC: Vark by Damiekinz.
  • New Uvetan NPC: Willow the waitress by Archangel99.