I got locked out of my blog account for the weekend. Came back and there were like 50 messages backed up in the Need Approval queue. Sorry! I might as well make a blog post about this rather than just pinning an edit on Fen’s so it doesn’t look like we’reย all dead here.

For once, I’m actually fine. I just don’t make blog posts much because I don’t have anything interesting to say.

On the TiTS front: Fen’s still pretty sick. I think he’s been pecking at a cybernetic catgirl when not ejaculating from the nose. I’m writing about a science dragon dickgirl for Zheng Shi, along with her sexbot companion. Got like 5 scenes done, including a bad end, with one or two to go next week. I hope you guys like stacked, MILFy dickgirls cuz you’re getting a twofer on ’em here.

On the CoC2 front: Transformative items work now. Patch will be forthcoming when there’s a UI for actually using them. I think the first one coded in is gonna be a fox-folk TF, from the sound of things? Drake got his wisdom teeth pulled so he’s coding on a buncha drugs but I’m sure it’ll be fine.

Rest in pupperonis, sick/post-surgery comrades. o7


Art of Nykke by Adjatha. I commissioned B! to write some more ~intimate~ scenes with the eldest frostwyrmling because I am a filthy degenerate. This is the adorable result.