With the coming of the spoopiest of holidays, Holidays happy Halloween store is open for business! It always has happy endings… or does it?

Update: I’m going to sleep. If any more major issues come up, I’ll have to handle them in approx 24 hours.

Backers: I’ll have some more content just for you soon. There’s some stuff from Nonesuch just needing tested and approved that’ll let you work at Beth’s. Expect it early in the coming week.

0.6.13 Changelog:

  • You can load now.

0.6.12 Changelog:

  • Some fixes and tweaks to Holidays transformational costumes have been applied.
  • Lots of other misc fixes thanks to Jacques00

New Stuff Since Last Public Release:

  • 50+ pages of special Halloween content! Even after the holiday, there’ll be a low chance of unlocking it on new characters. Enjoy!
  • ManUp, a masculinizing item.
  • A sextoy shop and a bunch of items for it (with a lot of new and exciting scenes)!
  • A bigger Tavros merchant deck.
  • A ton of fixes, tweaks, and adjustments.

I find it amusing that we still don’t have any goddamned decent dildos in the sex shop. This is what happens when Fen tries to write – the changelogs look unimpressive! A lot of content is piling up behind my need to write more. Expect this next month to be a good one!

Horse wieners. Trap?