Happy Backerween! Before you gripe – Publicween will happen on the 31st (assuming everything is well on my end)!

Holiday0.6.11 Changelog:

  • There’s a chance of getting a misaddressed message that unlocks the coordinates for a special, one-time planet visit. Go party, but be wary, there may be… unexpected results. You only get once scene per character, so either make friends with save/load or make different choices on different PCs! There’s at least 50 pages of new stuff.
  • Another BionaHole is available at Inessa’s, complete with new Holodisc video.
  • References to the Biothroc have been pruned.
  • Lucanis references have been pruned.
  • When saving, the gender/sex markers on the Save/Load screen should be a little more accurate.
  • A pile of fixes from Jacques00.

The lovely bust art is done by Jacques00 & Damnit, who spearheaded this whole thing and got me and Adjatha off our butts. Then I in turned got Savin going. It was a bit of a butt kicking circlejerk.

Known issues: I forgot to disable the horsebody costume for PC’s who are already tauric. Sorry if you use it as a taur and it doesn’t make sense.