Hello all, Alder here with the rest of the promised Halloween content, just in time! Various bugfixes, new scenes for cats, and player masturbation are other things included in the update. Happy holidays!

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Full changelog below.

Update: 0.4n2 uploaded.

Version 0.4n2

  • Fixed a bug with Anusol-crafting
  • Fixed a bug that would lock you in the toy masturbation menu. Menu is now unavailable if no valid toy is present
  • Fixed a bunch of typos
  • Masturbating with toys now increases your stretch the same way that being fucked would. This means you can gradually build up to taking larger insertions

Version 0.4n

  • Bugfixing
  • Added masturbation options for the PC
    • Cock. Written by LukaDoc. Patreon-sponsored
    • Breasts. Written by The Observer
    • Pussy. Written by The Observer
    • Ass. Written by The Observer
  • Some more scenes for cats
    • Win, get serviced. Requires cock. Written by LukaDoc. Patreon-sponsored
    • Win, get vaginally fucked. Written by LukaDoc. Patreon-sponsored
    • Loss, PC blows cocked cat. Written by LukaDoc. Patreon-sponsored
  • Fixed a bug with the Green Scented Candle. It actually does something now
  • Added a new Halloween scene, written by QB and LD, featuring a certain doberherm. Find it in the new room in the Mausoleum
  • The scenes to acquire Anusol can now be accessed. Talk to Rosalin once you’ve convinced the game that you really like anal
  • The scene to acquire Anusol+ can now be accessed. Bring a vial of Anusol to Jeanne
  • Pregnancies now take much longer time than earlier to come to term. ~20-30 days is “normal”