Amara Armored (JayEcho)Okay, so, due to some coding conflicts you may have noticed the adventure I was writing didn’t make it in for Halloween. Oh well — just gives me a lot more time to make it better! I’ll be taking a couple more days to finish that off, since I used the time I would have finished it in to make my Poe Aย festival costume. As you might have guessed, the adventure leans pretty heavily on the new combat systems Gedan mentioned a few days ago, as does Kara’s new quest and the (eventually) upcoming SyriQuest.

Really I’m just made of quests at this point. Who needs waifus when you can have ADVENTURE!

…That being said, those of you who’ve been around since TiTS’s Offbeatr campaign may remember that one of the bonus reward ya’ll unlocked was an extra crewmember — Yammi — coming on as the PC’s cook. In the absence of her original writer, Fenoxo’s asked me to round out her long-written crewman content with some sex scenes, so that’s what I’ll be doing as soon as Spoopytits (fuck it. Adventure name:ย The Kashima Incident. Also known as “Jesus why are there tentacles everywhere ahhhh”) is done. AND THEN SYRIQUEST I SWEAR ON ME MUM.

And then get fukken hyped for Fallout 4.

Art by JayEcho of Amara Faell, a Black Void pirate lord and a boss in the upcoming KaraQuest 2. A badass with a great ass, amirite?