I resumed work on my centaur stuff today. It’s a bit late in coming because nothing got done over the weekend. Sunday I still had a headache that started mid Saturday, and it only got progressively worse as the night went on. Needless to say, all I wound up doing is playing some videogames and watching loads of youtube videos.

But that can’t keep a good Skellinoxo down. Afflictions of the flesh are to be shed as I embrace my true, skeletal form! My only concern today was to write 2,500ish words of content for my centaur transformation halloween event. It’s mostly getting so long because I decided it would be a good idea to allow the player to decide what gender of centaur-creature they become with this event.

The transformation is all written up, as is being overwhelmed by “breeding urges,” but they all cut off when the PC wanders into a bar (where all kinds of partying and crazy sex acts are happening as part of this libidinous celebration). If you guys want to leave suggestions for what Male/Female/Herm taur-PC’s could do in the bar, my ears are open. I’ve already come up with some fun ideas:

  • Lining girls up underneath herm PC’s and seeing how many you can bathe in cum while being taken from behind (Herm).
  • Bending girls over tables or chairsย for mating (Male).
  • Pinning a swollen kui-tan under your massive ‘taur hips and fucking him senseless (Fem).

I think there’s probably some better ideas for the last two, though.