Here’s a short little scene I wrote after a particularly unexpected moment in the ongoing Corruption of Champions D&D game Adjatha’s been running, between a character run by myself and Fenoxo. Poor Gnoll Princess just can’t catch a break!
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“I want you to help me fulfil a fantasy of mine.”

Hyra had known the svelte, almost effete mini-minotaur in front of her for maybe a month. They’d adventured together, braved the corrupted wastes of Mareth, and found a few intimate moments together too. When they’d returned to the Bizarre Bazaar, Hyra had expected what any good gnollish warrior would after a victorious campaign: good drink, rowdy song, and the company of a submissive little fuck-slut of a male to while away the nights.

Instead, she’d seen her party’s minitaur, Kell, flaunting his wares in the parlour of the Bazaar’s high-class bordello. She only saw him for a moment before a rich-looking woman led him off for the night, but that was enough to put an idea in her mind. An idea that had her running around the Bazaar for the better part of an hour, searching out what she needed to make a reality of the fantasies that had been dominating her mind more and more since she first took up with Kell and his company…

Hyra Nude (Adjatha)It had started with Urta. That damned she-fox had turned the tables when the proud gnoll princess had jumped her on the plains, and force-fed her a vial of Succubus Milk Hyra had been saving for a special femboy back at camp. Her tits had grown as large as melons in the blink of an eye: long enough for Urta to whip out a massive cock from under her uniform and take advantage of the burgeoning new flesh. Hyra had lost her pride, her fur, and her face to the vixen’s punishment. Now she looked like little more than any other dog-girl in the streets, with a smooth human face and a whorish bust that strained her clothes… and they’d become so sensitive that just feeling her black nipples rubbing against the fabric of her clothing was an eternal agony, always keeping her on the unbearable edge of climax.

Then came the traps. Her first day in Kell’s company, she’d been on the run from her gnollish heritage and desperate for a way to make ends meet without the luxury and service of her people. For once, she was outside of her queenly mother’s watchful eye. Hearing the call for mercenaries, she’d joined up without a second thought. But their first foray out had been riddled with traps from a bygone age that changed their bodies the deeper they went into the dungeon. Now, Hyra could barely recognize herself in the mirror: her tits had grown again, now bovine-like H-cups constantly swelling with an unnatural bounty of sweet milk. The throbbing black clit between her legs, the hallmark of a gnoll alpha female, was gone. In its place, a huge and constantly-hard canid cock with a knot as big around as her fist. There was barely anything left of the shapely gnoll princess that had set out for an afternoon’s hunt. In her place was something that, in Hyra’s eyes, looked more like a vagabond cow come down from the mountains.

She should have hated it. Should have rebelled against what her body was becoming against her will.

Instead, her erections were becoming more frequent. Uncontrollable. She had a hair trigger, and no amount of self chastisement could sway her from the fact that she was falling in love with the pleasure. And lately, her nightly fantasies were less about squealing little gnoll-boys spreading their cheeks for her new manhood, and more about the mind-shattering pleasure of feeling a minotaur’s hands around her puffy black teats, milking her until she creamed herself again and again around his pistoning bull-cock.

Fifty gems and an evening’s wait in the whorish lap of luxury was more than a fair price to make that fantasy come true, she thought. When the brothel mistress had finally called her — politely standing between Hyra and the rich jane being carried out in a stupor by a pair of girls, drooling minotaur cum from all three fuck-holes, the erstwhile gnoll could not hide her excitement. Her breeches bulged obscenely, and her cow-like nipples tented even her leather vest. She could feel prying eyes wandering across her body from all around the foyer, even from the mistress herself.

Fuck ’em, let ’em look, she told herself, raising her tail high as the mistress lead her upstairs, to the pleasure room of her newest temporary employee. One night only: the most addictive cock in all of the bazaar, only fifty gems for as many orgasms as you can take. Hell of a deal at twice the price; one that Hyra intended to make full use of.

Kell just about jumped out of his fur when he saw Hyra enter, towering and muscular and grinning from ear to canid ear. Her tail wagged a mile a minute as she thanked the mistress, handed off her gems, and locked the door behind her. Not for the first time, she looked at the nude minitaur with eyes aglow with lust. Sure, he’d helped her out with her milking problem at first — who better qualified to tend to a growing cow-girl than a bull boy? — but tonight, behind locked doors, she owned him. His body was hers to command. She could have asked for anything she wanted, and Kell knew it.

He’d been waiting for this moment, she was sure. The moment the big, strong gnoll bitch decided to bend him over and break him. That’s what minitaurs were for back home: living cock-cozies for the strongest dick-wielders that could wrestle them down. She could only imagine the things his poor little pucker could do to a throbbing doggy-cock like hers. The thought alone made her shiver with delight.

“W-what are you…” the little minitaur started, but Hyra cut him off with a raised finger, pressing it to his lips. She just smiled to him and turned to face the door, leaving her back to the call-bull.

“Oh come on,” Kell whined to her back. “I didn’t run all the way here for this. C’mon, Hyra, don’t make me.”

Hyra wondered if he was reaching for some of the drugs they’d picked up. The fuck-drafts and dryad’s nectar that could incapacitate with lust. Would he do that just to protect his ass? She bet he would… and that would be just fine. An even more real way to live out her fantasy. But when nothing came, nothing hit her over the head or grabbed at her mouth to force the drugs down, she just wagged her tail and reached into her pack.

You’d never believe how hard it is to find a special-made hairband. The kind with two little horns on top, and a pair of poofy cow ears on the side. The kind the milk-sluts in Tel’Adre wear to tell themselves they’re really cow-girls and not just easy lays with massive tits. Just like Hyra. She slipped it on, feeling her heart pounding in her chest as the tight band snapped onto either side of her head, pressing down her dog-ears and replacing them with mock bovine counterparts. Her fingers curled around the shoulder strap of her vest and tore it side, letting the huge, heavy orbs of chocolate-skinned breast fall free. Just the shift in weight, the feeling of material rushing across her nipples, was enough to bring her to full hardness beneath her breeches. Those went too, falling limply to the ground and kicked aside in one swift motion.

Hyra turned back around, smiling, running her hands along the tops of her breasts and letting her throbbing dog-cock bob heavily in front of her, already cresting with a hint of white cream.

“Make you what?” she teased, flicking a finger across each of her night-black teats. Her knees threatened to buckle, shuddering beneath her as pleasure unlike any other washed across her body. “Make you treat me like an animal? Make you fulfil every impotent desire in your little minitaur heart?”

Hyra took a step forward, reaching into her bag and pulling out a heavy metal collar, padded and leashed with a metal chain. Her arms stretched out, offering the pet-owner’s package to her minitaur escort. “You’re a minotaur, right? You know how to treat a cow-girl. It’s in your blood,” she smirked, stepping forward again. The stiffness between her legs was almost painful, threatening to boil over at the slightest touch. Marae’s name, she had such a hair trigger now she was sure just a smile from the bull-boy would have her making a mess of the floor.

“I want you to help me fulfil a fantasy of mine. I want to feel like a cow… and there’s nobody in this damn place who could do that better than you. I want…” Hyra grinned, gently pressing the collar and leash into the bewildered Kell’s hands, “I just want you to bend me over and fuck me like an animal. Milk me like a cow. Make my belly swell with cum and make me empty my balls and tits until I’m dry and still trying to cum again.”

She took one last step, pressing herself up to Kell. He was just at tit-height for her, small and svelte and beautiful… and hard as a rock. His minotaur’s cock pressed firmly against her belly, and his tiny little muzzle nested between the enormous, fully-laden mounds of her breasts. She reached down and cupped his chin, forcing him to look up at her. He was smiling, the previous look of fear and loathing replaced by unconstrained, bestial lust. Her body was bringing out the animal in him, the minotaur fuck-beast ready to breed.

Hyra leaned down, close enough to feel his hot breath on her black lips. She kissed him, a playful peck on the nose before whispering, “Think you can do that for me… my strong, beautiful bull?”

Before Hyra had time to blink, she was on her back, slamming into the brothel room’s bed with all the force the mino-boy could muster: and as turned on as he was, Kell might as well have been a full-on ‘taur. He was on her in an instant, huffing and grunting and grabbing at Hyra’s tits. She yelped in surprise and pain as he slammed the collar around her neck, so tight she saw stars for a moment. One of his furred hands locked around a black nipple, pulling hard on it until a spray of milk jetted out between his digits, and Hyra’s back arched until her chest was almost pressing against his.

She came. Hard. Her cock shot off a geyser of hot, masculine cream against Kell’s thighs, painting the bull with seed and causing the gnoll-cow to convulse in pleasure. She screamed, bucking under him, milk and spunk and feminine fluids drawn out of her body as if by magic. The bed sheets darkened as her sex-juices seeped into them, but neither she nor Kell paid any attention to them at all. Pleasure, dominance, and basest instinct were all that were left.

“K-Kell!” Hyra managed to gasp, but it wasn’t sweet little Kell she was dealing with anymore. The creature on top of her, groping her chest and tugging her leash… this was a totally different animal. A creature of unbridled lust and dominant instinct. A force held inside that cute little body for so long and so well that Hyra had been afraid it wasn’t there at all.

Kell answered her cry by grabbing her hips, flipping Hyra over onto her belly and pulling her back until her powerful legs dangled haplessly over the edge. His hooves stamped against the floorboards, like a bull about to charge, and Kell yanked so hard on the leash that Hyra was forced upwards, bending her back and jutting her tail straight up.

That was all the invitation the beast-bull needed. Hyra screamed again as something massive, hot, and hard slammed against the quivering lips of her womanhood demanding entry. She was no blushing virgin — far from it — but Hyra’s eyes widened in terror as she felt the bestial endowment’s flared head pushing against her hole. Kell was relentless, strong as an ox and in a position where Hyra could do nothing but submit, moaning and crying and gushing milk onto the bed as her lips finally parted, letting the tremendous girth of Kell’s cock enter her.

Another orgasm hammered through her, as startling and mind-shredding as the first. All traces of conscious thought were swept aside in a tidal wave of pleasure as Hyra’s half-hard gnoll-cock sprayed a second helping of seed across the floor, and her udders sprayed like geysers from their black tips.

“Fuck! Fuckfuckfuckme!” Hyra managed to moan, her lips fighting against her desperate attempts to form words. Her whole body quivered with delight, trembling and quaking with mindless pleasure. Her cock wouldn’t stop cumming, draining her better than a succubus’s lips ever could.

And Kell was all of an inch inside her.

“You got it,” Kell grunted, pistoning his hips forward like a machine. Hyra gasped, her screams going silent as her breath completely escaped her. Her lover yanked hard on her leash, pulling her down on his cock even as he thrust into the squeezing vice of Hyra’s cunt. Her belly bulged between her and the sodden sheets, straining to take the massive size of Kell’s animalistic cock.

An impossible, unspeakably orgasmic moment later she felt his meaty black balls slap against her raised ass, and his hips pound against her tender cheeks. Her own prick throbbed meekly against his leg, finally finishing its wet load and going still. The rest of Hyra’s body convulsed with ecstasy, but she could marshal no will, no iota of strength to move or moan or resist in any way as her cowish body reformed itself around what it was made for: a bull’s huge, throbbing dick.

“What do cows say?” Kell grunted, using one hand to shove Hyra face-first into the bed, and the other to grab one of her jugs hard enough to make it squirt all over his fingers.

Hyra’s mind blanked, refusing to think while such a massive cock was stretching her out. Her breeder grunted and reared back, slapping her ass with the force of a hammer-strike. She screamed, entire body clenching down around the hyper-sized invader, and her mind went into overdrive, suddenly processing everything that was happening to her… and loving every minute of it.

“What do you say?” Kell repeated, still pinning her down with all his weight and savaging her breasts.

The answer was so natural, came so suddenly and so easily that Hyra barely realized she said it.

“Moo!” she cried, bucking against the bull’s hips, squirting milk from what felt like infinite reserves all across the bed. “Moo! Moo!”

Kell grinned, leaning in against her back until his breath was hot and heavy against her neck. “Good cow,” he growled, nipping at her neck and starting to move his hips. Hyra cried out, a combination of mooing and exultantly crying out in pleasure as the massive rod of bull-meat slid out of her sodden, ruined cunt, leaving her gaping wide enough that Kell could easily have slipped his whole arm inside her if he’d wanted to. Instead, he thrust back in again, from flare to balls in one massive stroke that left him grunting like an animal and grabbing at Hyra’s tits in both hands, milking them as thoroughly as she was milking his cock.

A third thrust, and he came. Hyra gasped, eyes going wide as a flood of warm, sticky wetness flooded into her battered womb… but her tail lifted in response, and her beleaguered cock stiffened eagerly as her body stretched to accept the virile bull’s load. One of Hyra’s hands managed to grasp her belly, feeling it strain and bloat around what felt like a gallon of hot bull-spunk. She couldn’t imagine how much milk she gave out in response, just watched as a flood pool formed beneath the bed, gushing off the sheets and onto the floorboards.

Kell pulled back with a feral roar, letting his creampie join Hyra’s milk in sloshing to the floor… this time drooling hotly down the gnoll-cow’s thighs and down the underside of her cock, splattering in hot clumps onto the ground.

“Gods,” Hyra gasped, eyes unfocused, body unresponsive. She couldn’t move a muscle if she wanted to, left helpless to her body’s pleasure-tremors. Her cock throbbed and came again, spurred on by the heat drooling wetly down its shaft, adding her meager orgasm to Kell’s gallon.

“What, you don’t think your done yet, do you?” Kell laughed, and Hyra could hear a cork popping behind her. The smell of dryad’s sap hit her nose, sweet and fruity and potent enough that she stiffened again even on the heels of an orgasm, cock and teats diamond hard by the time she heard Kell gulp, and felt his flare prod against her thus-far unruined hole. She gasped, trembling in pleasure as his cockhead pressed against her ass. “Cows aren’t done until they’re ten loads deep. I’m not stopping until your belly’s so full they’ll have to roll you out of here.”

All Hyra could do was moo as her bull’s irresistible manhood thrust in, driven on again and again and again by magic fuck-drugs and feral lust.

For the rest of the night, she was the best-bred gods-damned cow in the bazaar…. and loved every moment of it.