Renvra Clothed (Shou)Hey guys! There’s a new Fiction section of the blog here, accessible from the top menu. This will be a place to catalog the various erotic stories and non-game scenes that show up on the blog.Β One of which is JimThermic’sΒ Dreams of Flight, which I’ve just reuploaded in the post below this one. Check it out, Vanae lovers. There will also be a new short scene by myself up at the end of the week (or you could scope it out on my Patreon~ #Shameless).

There was also a Fall of Eden update which I’ve bumped down a bunch. Sorry, Alder ^_^;

Oh, and for those wondering: I’m still working away at TiTS Spoopy Adventures. Hopefully it’ll be done before Halloween, but the sudden release of Vermintide and Sword Coast Legends has been somewhat distracting…

Absolutely bitchin’ new art of Renvra provided by Shoupup. New favorite bust, 10/10.