Vanae Maiden - CheshoreAnother repost from the old forum: Dreams of Flight, by resident Vanae wrangler JimThermic.


She was crouching on a tree branch. It creaked noisily beneath her webbed toes, protesting her continued presence.  Hundreds of feet of empty air separated her from the forest floor.  If she fell, it was certain death.

Anye searched for options, singing in a pitch no human ear could hear.  The imperceptible song bounced off everything around her.  When it came back, a perfect three dimensional reflection of her surroundings filled her mind.  Like all vanae, she saw not with sight, but sound.

There was a branch nearby.  It was a little far, but also her only option.  It was also occupied.  There was a shadowy figure sitting on it, and she couldn’t make them out.

“Come to me. All you have to do is leap,” he said.  It was definitely a man – that brash, masculine tone made her heart ache.  But why..?

She looked down – the ground really was nowhere to be heard, which meant it was more than a half mile.  Even though she was vanae, should she fall, her springy feet and webbed fingers would not slow her descent enough.  It would be the end of her.

“… But what if I fall?” she asked.  

“But what if you fly?” he replied.  Again, she felt that dancing in her chest, stealing her breath away.  Who WAS he?  That’s what she wanted to know.

The widening crack in the branch underfoot cut off her train of thought.  She screwed her courage to her sticking place.  Anye knelt into a springing crouch on the treacherous tree limb. Her six fingers nervously gripped at the branch.  

It was a long distance to cover – but she had to try!

“Come, Anye, fly with me!” The mysterious man called, and she leapt, giving herself over to fate.  The vanae girl soared through the air with limbs spread wide, her long tail out behind her. Roaring wind rushed past and under the slight girl, lifting her up like a bird in flight.

In that moment, she was truly flying.  She could hear the branch approaching with the silhouette sitting on it.  Just a little closer and she could grab the branch.  Just a little closer and she’d hear his face…

… But it wasn’t enough. The world pulled her back down, and her slender fingers failed to even graze the branch. With a shrill scream, she plummeted downward into the darkness.

The man, the branch, the sky; all were out of her reach.  Reaching up in vain, her hands grasped only air as she plummeted to the forest floor below.  Even as she fell, she could hear someone calling her name.

“Anye, Anye—“


“–Anye!” The voice snapped.  Not only was she being called, she was being jostled as well.  The vanae girl let out a long, loud groan and batted wildly at whoever was accosting her.

“Leave m’lone, jus’fel to m’death…” Anye mumbled.  Clearly they were trying to rouse the dead, which was just rude, she drowsily thought.  Shouldn’t she be allowed to get some sleep?

There was the smell of something sweet and delicious being waved in front of her nose, and her mouth watered. Yum!  Anye followed the scent.  It was good enough to leave the warm fur covers of her bed for – it wasn’t long before she was up and about.

“Mom, you got Zil for breakfast?”  Anye was no longer sleepy, grabbing at the bowl.  It was snatched away from her grasp, and her mother, Diyu, clicked her tongue.

“Say please!” Her mother still handed over the bowl full of honey semen, no doubt freshly milked from one of the clan’s male stock. The captured males were of many different M’hengan species, all with testicles inflated in size so much they could barely move.  Altered by vanae breast milk, they were a perfect breeding and feeding source for the clan.

Her sister, Neida, was already up and eating. When her sibling poked her tongue out at her — smeared with zil cum — she poked hers out right back.

“… You better enjoy it while you can, dear. Tomorrow’s your first hunt, and you’ll have to forage for your food. You won’t be able to stay here any longer, either – you’ll be a woman and a real huntress,” her pregnant mother scolded her.

Anye stared enviously at her mother’s huge lactating breasts.  For the Vanae, breast size was linked to social standing, and both increased with each successful mating and pregnancy.  Their mother was an experienced huntress who had no trouble finding a mate.

Right now she was expecting, the result of mating with a Zil warrior.  Their mother always did have a sweet tooth.

Anye and Neida were the youngest of her brood, and still lived at home.  Since neither of them had gone on a hunt, they still had tiny breasts. Still, like all Vanae, they exposed them brazenly, along with their body markings.

 The young maiden reached down and touched her own, meager mounds. Beautiful body markings trailed around her tiny, budding nipples. The natural tattoos gave off an ‘echo’ when sound hit them, meaning their species could ‘see’ them easily. Yet, despite the prettiness of her markings, breast size was all that truly mattered among the vanae.

    Tomorrow would be when it all changes, Anye excitedly thought.  If she was lucky and found a male, she’d pin him down and mate with him.  She was young, but like all vanae, incredibly fertile – it rarely took more than once.

“Anye, quit daydreaming and eat!”  Her mother scolded her and she flushed.  She finished off her breakfast and grabbed her training spear.  Neida was already waiting for her at the door with an amused look on her face.

“Done yet, slowpoke? Come on, I’ll race you!”  Her sister didn’t even wait for her reply before darting out the door.  Anye ran after her, keen to catch up and even more so not to lose.

It was a misty morning as usual, but clouds always clung to the mammoth Sky Tree in which they lived.  Only the top of the three hundred foot tree poked out over the cloud canopy.  Their clan, the Rilaru, lived in countless rooms and houses built into the gigantic saole tree.  It had taken hundreds of years to make the tree village the clan called home.

Wind chimes dangled from countless branches, just as they hung in every household. They were like torches for the sightless race – shining sound instead of light on all around them. The air was alway filled with musical, ringing noise. Different chimes marked different places, each intimately familiar to every vanae in the tribe.

The girls shunned the walkways and stairs, instead leaping with ease from branch to branch, taking the most direct route to their destination. The sisters raced neck to neck, hundreds of feet above the forest floor.

Their goal was the training grounds.  Like all young vanae, the sisters had a strict daily routine.  Every morning they trained with the clan’s mistress-of arms – an experienced hunter well versed in the physical and sensual arts.  After that, they would spend the rest of the day collecting fruit and nuts from the treetops and ground.

It was the same routine every young vanae, from every clan, had performed for hundreds of years.  It was more than tradition, it was key to their survival. Those who slacked off became careless, and the M’hengan jungle was hard and unforgiving.  There were no second chances.

Anye could hear the maze of branches making up the training ground.  In the middle of the thick area, the largest arm of the tree had been fashioned into a flat area.  It was the heart of the grounds.  Twenty young huntresses were already standing there, little dots in the distance, ready for practice. They were late–!

The sisters kicked off more branches to pick up the pace.  Neida’s foot was first to hit the ground, the winner of their race, and Anye cursed out loud.  Since they were late, all ears were upon them and everyone was giggling.

     “Late again, Neida?”

     “I bet it’s Anye’s fault!”

“I slept in, okay–?!”  Anye cried out, feeling a familiar sense of embarrassment.  She looked around frantically for their teacher, but she was nowhere to be found.  “… Um, where’s mistress Ivera?  Don’t tell me she slept in too…?”

“Unlikely – she’s not a sleepy head like you.”  Mirin, Anye’s closest friend and classmate, ribbed her.  She came and stood next to her, brushing back her short tentacle locks.  “… But it’s weird – she’s usually so punctual.  I’m getting the jitters.”

“Do you think it’ll be just another class, or do you think mistress Ivera will do something special?” one of their classmates chirpily asked.  Gossiping before class was a staple of any young maiden’s day.  “It’s our last, after all.”

“Of course!  Maybe she’ll teach us some special sex technique–?”  Anye hoped aloud.  The idea of their beautiful teacher getting intimate with them caused a little shiver to run down her spine.

“Still got that crush on teacher, huh?  She’s out of your league, Anye, give it up!”  Mirin hit her feelings right on the mark.  Anye coughed to hide her embarrassment.

Like many of the young maidens in her class, Anye had a terrible crush on Ivera, their mistress-at-arms, and her heart skipped a beat whenever she was singled out for practice.  In her eyes, Ivera was was the toughest and most beautiful huntress in M’henga.  On top of that, she was just a wonderful mistress-at-arms to have.  She was tough and authoritative when she needed to be, and warm and kind when she didn’t.

Anye flushed, thinking back on all the times she’d rolled her fingers over her clits late at night, fantasizing about their gorgeous and buxom teacher pulling her aside for a ‘private session’.  The thought of spending the evening locked in the mature woman’s arms, grinding her youthful snatch against hers until they both were slick and wet never failed to bring her to a shuddering climax.

Her sister brought her back to reality, as usual – the cold bucket of water to snap her out of her rising heat.  “… It’s probably revision.  If there was a special technique to learn, she would have had us learn and practice it earlier until we could do it in our sleep.”

The girls didn’t like having their fantasies ruined, however, and they huffed.  Still, none of them could argue with her cool, calm logic.

“Neida, you’re always so practical!  That’s probably why you’re top in the class,”  Mirin pouted.

When the beautiful mistress-at-arms finally showed up, the maidens were surprised to find two people behind her carrying a number of spears.  Each had a sharpened ironwood tip and wings – the weapon of a true huntress.  Were they going to be using them?

Their teacher, Ivera, grabbed one of the spears and strode forth. The maidens gaped as the curvaceous huntress thrust it into Mirin’s hands and winked.

“These are your new weapons, crafted specifically for you all by the tree-weavers.  Technically, you’re supposed to get them tomorrow, but I convinced them to hand them over early for a special training session,” Ivera told them.

The girls excitedly clammered as they took their weapons. Ivera really was the best trainer a maiden could hope for.  Anye grabbed her spear and marvelled at how light it was – it was the first time she’d held a real spear other than her mother’s.

“Today you will be fighting like real huntresses. Just like with your quarry, try not to use the bladed end – you only need to use it if you’re fighting something big, like a Naleen, and you’re better off fleeing than fighting. Trust me, I know!” The beautiful adult huntress tapped the scar across one of her brows, and not a word of explanation needed to be said.

Everyone knew how she got that scar.  In her youth, Ivera had been ambushed by an angry naleen male, eager to squeeze her to a pulp with his gigantic serpentine body.  Hunting a naleen was a task for a hunting party, yet the young huntress had bested the beast and mated with him as well.  

Anye realized she was slipping into fantasy once more, and tapped her forehead with the shaft of her spear.  Whenever she looked at her teacher for too long, she ended up losing focus, and today she couldn’t afford to.  

The maidens paired up for sparring practice.  Anye was training with Mirin, as usual.  Even though they were friends, Anye didn’t expect her friend to go easy on her.  

After picking an open space on the training grounds, they readied their spears, and faced off against each other.  There they stood, holding their stance with muscles tensed.  It was a dance they’d done time and again.

It was Mirin who made the first attack.  Anye barely leapt back and dodged the lightning quick strike.  Despite her cute, petite appearance, Mirin was extremely nimble on her feet.  There were few that could keep up with Mirin – she was a small ball of furious energy.  

Two more high strikes forced Anye to crouch.  Before her friend could strike again, she swept her foot out in a low trip.  Too slow.  Mirin hopped over her strike, but it gave her time to dart away and regain her footing.

When her sparring partner moved to strike once more, she was ready to parry her blows.  Anye caught Mirin’s spear on one of wings of her spear.  The jarring movement caused her sparring partner to wince.  It was clear she felt the impact all the way up her arms.

“Ready to submit?” Anye teased, knowing how easily Mirin got worked up.  The taunt worked, and a flurry of blows rained down upon her.  She parried them, letting her friend waste her energy, and waited for the right moment to strike back.

“I’m… not… going to lose… today!” Mirin panted, and Anye teased her some more.  After several more strikes, she decided the time was right for a counter-attack.

When her sparring partner brought her spear down once more, Anye moved to parry, yet slipped off to the side.  Mirin stumbled forward as she hit nothing but air.  One strike on the back of the head was all it took, and her friend was out cold.

“… Good work, Anye!”  Her teacher was standing on a nearby branch, and Anye’s body immediately went stiff.  Sky mother, had she been listening the whole time?  “You lead her in and used her own momentum against her – a perfect display of Shak’tath.”

“Oh–um–it was nothing!  I-I’m just lucky to have such a great teacher,” Anye nervously stammered.  Her composure was nowhere to be found whenever Ivera looked at her.  Those glittering azure eyes felt like they gazed into her very soul.

“Hmm, it was nothing?  How impressive,” Ivera slyly marvelled, all the while twirling her spear in a single hand. “… If your sparring partner is too easy for you, how about we go a round?  I’ll have someone take a look at Mirin’s head in the meantime.”

Anye looked down at her friend.  She’d practically brained her with the back of her spear.  She only felt a little guilty – it wasn’t the first time one of them had knocked the other out during practice.  However, since she was fighting the clan’s mistress-at-arms, there was every chance they’d both end up knocked out by the end of the day.

She gulped and made her way to the main area. Her gut told her she’d be doing a lot of running around.



One strike.  That’s all it took, and Anye had been thrown flat on her back.  She wasn’t even injured – her opponent was far too skilled to damage her quarry.  Still, her pride was hurt.

At the start of the fight, it felt like the whole class was listening to them – and she wasn’t wrong. Everyone still sparring had slowed their strikes to a crawling pace, pretending to fight as they listened to the two square off. Anye had nervously grabbed her new spear and pointedly ignored their gaze.

Instead, she had had tried to drag her eyes up to look at her teacher and brace herself to fight.  It was hard to focus, and not to openly ogle her curvaceous hips and massive F-cup breasts.   They were so springy and smooth, capped with perfectly puckered nipples ever leaking with  pale bluish-white milk.  

And those round, healthy thighs… she had awkwardly pressed her own together, hoping no-one could hear how glistening and most her virgin pussy was.

“Legs spread. Adopt a proper stance, huntress!”  Ivana had barked, and she had been forced to expose her wetness.  Her teacher had not remarked, but cooly adopted her fighting stance. So graceful! She needed to stop swooning and get ahold of herself.

Anye stood on the balls of her feet, and aimed her spear low.  If she wanted to impress her teacher, she needed to give this match her all.  No holding back!

They stood at a standstill, waiting for each to make the first move.  Anye was the first to crack. She darted forward and threw out a feinting strike.  Her graceful opponent barely ducked. Two, three, four more feinting strikes – and then she had tried to slip in a real hit.

Suddenly her feet were no longer on the ground.  There was a reverberating thud felt through her whole body.  The breath had left her lungs in that moment, and she was aware she was lying on her back.  She was facing the sky above in total shock.  Had she been tripped?

“You were too busy focusing on my chest, dear, and not on my feet,”  Ivana purred, pressing the sole of her foot softly down on her calf.  “…They would have told you everything you needed to know.  I was projecting my movements, so you’ve got no excuse.”

Anye felt so embarrassed she could die.  How many times had Ivana told her to listen to her opponent’s lower body?  ‘Even snakes coil before they strike,’ she had repeatedly lectured them.

A flare of indignant frustration flared in her chest, fanned by her shattered pride. In the heat of the moment, she spluttered it out.  “… B-but if it was anyone else, I would have been–!” She instantly regretted her words and flushed even more with embarrassment.  A public confession, and flat on her ass of all places!

There was not a hole in the ground deep enough for Anye to bury herself in right now.  If she hadn’t already been floored by her teacher, her response certainly would have done the trick.

“What… you would have been listening, were I not so distracting?”  Ivana traced her toes up the inside of her leg.  Anye couldn’t help but shiver with delight as her teacher’s delicate toes traced along up and along her sensitive skin.  “… There are a lot more alluring prizes in the jungle, and all of them will be after you, young one.”

After her, Anye thought.  But why?  The question never reached her lips.  Instead it was replaced by a tiny gasp as her teacher brushed away her silver organic skirt with her foot, exposing her hairless mound.  Her virgin lips, unsullied and moist, were exposed.

“The law of the jungle – there are no second chances,” Ivana huskily informed her.  At the same time, she crouched and spread Anye’s slender thighs. “…You’re my little prize.   And as my prize, I get to enjoy you to my heart’s content.”  The buxom huntress then kissed the flat of her slender belly, lavishing it with her attentions. The brushing of those plump, perfect lips was feather light, yet promised so much more…

Anye quivered with delight, her legs slowly spreading as her teacher lay claim to her.  This had to be a dream, she thought.  Clearly she’d been knocked out, and this was all just a fantasy she was having.  The electric caress of the woman’s artful fingers tracing along her virgin lips, however, were far too vivid.  There was no way this was just a dream!

She look in her teacher and lover’s eyes was sultry, hungry and insistent.  She was sliding her soft skin along her own and dragging those gorgeous plump breasts up to her meager ones.  Their nipples rubbed against each other.  Both sets were achingly erect.  Ivana suckled the young maiden’s neck, her azure tentacle locks brushing against her cheek.

Oh Sweet Sky Mother, Anye swooned, and instinctively slipped her hands around the woman’s narrow waist.  She pulled her closer and their soft bellies rubbed against each other.  There was a sensuous musk in the air — Ivana’s enticing natural scent — and a fierce warmth where their naked bodies met.

What turned her on more than anything was the fact she knew her teacher was just as turned on by her, a petite little maiden, and was showing it in so many ways. Her hungry, cushioned lips on her earlobe spoke volumes. Her fingers dancing between her inner thighs, even more so.

Anye couldn’t stay still — her whole body was on fire and tingling, and even the slightest touch was making her shiver. Her youthful pussy was aching with desire. She yearned her teacher’s fingers inside of her and she couldn’t think about anything else!

“Please, inside of me–!” she shamelessly whined and rubbed her pussy against her partner’s teasing hand. If she didn’t put them in now, she was sure she’d go crazy. It was exquisite torture.

“Please what–?” Ivana purred right back in her finned ear. A teasing bite of her earlobe sent shockwaves of pleasure careening down Anye’s spine. She was shamelessly shivering, but she didn’t care!

“Please, teacher, fuck me with your fingers–!” Anye gasped. She spread her legs as far as she could, begging for it like a slut. Her young puffy pussy was literally open access.

“Good girl!” Anye’s reward was a slender digit pressing into her delicate softness. It slowly slid inside and fresh waves of pleasure pulsed from between her slender, trembling thighs. Her world was filled with feelings of heat and wet and oh Sky Mother, yes…!

The young vanae grinded her petite hips against those deliciously experienced fingers, whimpering with delight. Little jolts and spikes of pleasures built deep inside of her, bringing her closer and closer to her peak. Wet, smacking sounds filled the air and she flushed with embarrassment and arousal. Still, she kept arching and raising her hips, encouraging them to go even deeper.

Just before Anye reached that shuddering peak, the fingers withdrew from her tight depths. She let out a cry of protest as Ivana pulled away, only to realise she was locking her round juicy thighs with her own. Her teacher’s plump pussy lips pressed against her youthful mound, their twin clits pressing and locking together in a perfect fit. “… Don’t worry, dear, I’m not going anywhere until we’re both satisfied..”

The azure huntress rubbed her moist vulva against hers and Anye let out a blissful cry. Not only were their legs scissoring together, their twin clits were as well. Each little movement was indescribably amazing that the inexperienced vanae could no longer stay upright. Instead, she lay back and grinded her pussy against hers in primal rhythm. She didn’t know what kind of noises she was making, nor did she care. All that mattered was the sweet pleasure of their slippery pussies pressing together and the fierce heat between her trembling thighs.

Lost in wanton lust, Anye cupped her left breast and frantically teased one of her taut nipples. She flushed in delight as she noticed Ivana was doing the same. She moaned loudly as her teacher played with her wholesome jiggling breasts. Both of them rubbed and rocked hotly against each other, worked up by each other’s lewd shows. Their frantically rubbing clits sped them both towards climax.

Anye screamed out as an explosion of  exquisite sensation rocked her world and her cunt wildly squirted against that of the elder huntress. She desperately clung to her legs, held aloft on waves of exquisite pleasure, riding out the incredible, all consuming high. It wasn’t over yet, as the other woman mercilessly grinded her sensitive, spasming pussy. Another shared climax followed, both of them trembling and clinging to each other as their warm, wet girl-cum mixed between their joined thighs.

When the wild waves of pleasure finally subsided, they lay there with sweaty legs locked together.  A delicious throbbing warmth was humming out from the young vanae’s sticky mound. It was by far the most wonderful, earth-shattering orgasm she’d ever felt.  She felt short of breath, awestruck and utterly high right now.  Part of her felt like giggling uncontrollably, yet she had no idea why.

Still paralyzed with pleasure, Anye lay there as Ivera untangled herself from their embrace, sliding herself to rest above her.  The elder huntress’s knees were on either side of her head.  Slick, sky blue netherlips were being pressed down and against her mouth.  She trembled with delight and greedily lapped at the buxom woman’s drooling wet slit.  Each and every drop of her sweet, fruity nectar was like a gift from the Sky Mother — she’d never tasted anything so divine in her life.

Dimly, she was aware of her partner slipping her head between her thighs and lapping at her messy snatch.  They lapped at each other’s pussies, trembling in post-orgasmic ecstasy and cleaning each other’s juices off.  If there was one thing her kind were good at, it was not letting a single drop of cum go to waste.




When Anye returned home that evening, she still couldn’t wipe the dopey grin off her face. Even when she’d been barraged with questions by the other maidens for such an intimate encounter with their teacher — one that had shown more intensity and heat than regular sexual training — they’d been desperate for details.

The young huntress had been far too spaced out to offer much.  Her sister had all but lead her own. Unsurprisingly, Neida had asked no questions, almost as if the encounter had never happened.  They placed their new spears down and sat down at the table, where their mother had already prepared a delicious tea for them.

“Welcome home!  How was your last day at training — not too rough, I hope?” Their mother asked, looking at their new spears.

“Hmm–?  No, not rough.  In fact, it was great –best training session ever,” Anye blushed. Her sister snorted with disgust and started eating her meal.

It was only when they prepared for bed that Anye snapped out of her reverie as it dawned on her what tomorrow would bring.  Tomorrow was her first hunt — it was no time for girly daydreams and thinking about that intimate encounter.  If she didn’t focus, it would be her last.  Just like Ivera said, the jungle gave no second chances.

Suddenly feeling alert and nervous, the young maiden found herself unable to sleep.  After tossing and turning for what seemed like an eternity, she slipped outside and went for a walk.  She stood on a branch and felt the cool prickle of night mist on her skin.  Even at night and so high up, the jungle was full of little noises, especially for a vanae.

The little noises and sensations accumulated, making her feel alive and in the moment. They swept away her anxieties and cooled her thoughts as well as her skin. There was the straining of a branch behind her.  She turned around, and realised Neida was standing there.

“Can’t sleep either?” Neida asked.  As calm and collected as her twin sister acted, her voice was a little bit strained.  Was she was anxious about tomorrow too?

“Yeah,” Anye sighed.  They sat together like they did when they were little, sitting down with their legs hanging off the edge of the branch.  “… They say only half of the girls ever come back from their first hunt.  I’m a little scared.”

“Me too,” Neida admitted.  Anye was a little surprised to hear her admission.  Out of everyone in their class, her sister had the least to worry about.

“You’ll do great.  Everyone knows you’re the best with the spear of all of us,” Anye gushed.  Despite the obvious difference in skill between them, Anye wasn’t jealous in the least. She loved her sister and wanted her to succeed. There was no doubt in her mind that Neida would be a fine huntress and grow to be the pride of the entire clan.

Neida chuckled and lightly punched her sister’s arm.  “Yeah, but I’m not the one who was chosen by the mistress-at-arms for a special make out session.”  Her tone then became somber, and she looked down at her hands.  “Just… promise me that you’ll be careful tomorrow, okay?  I don’t want to lose you.  I don’t think I could.”

Anye turned and gaped at her sister.  She was being so serious.  Usually Neida never voiced her feelings, yet she always showed them in her actions.  The fact that she waited for her every morning and was late alongside her was just one of the ways she knew her sister cared.

Hearing her speak so openly shook shook her a little and made the danger that much more real.  Neida wasn’t worried about herself at all — she was worried about Anye not coming back.  The young maiden felt a squeezing at her chest knowing her sister cared about her that much.

“Don’t worry, I’ll come back,” Anye promised.  She meant it too.  There were too many people she loved that would be distraught if she didn’t.  “… But only if you promise to come back too. Deal?”

“Deal.”  Neida then stood up and kissed her on the forehead, making Anye blush.  “You’re my sister, and I love you.  Even when we become real huntresses and go our seperate ways… I want you to know that, okay?  That I love you.” Her sister coughed to cover up her embarrassment.  “Anyway, we should at least try to get some sleep.  The worst thing we can do is be utterly ragged before the hunt.”

Both of them headed back into the house to get some rest for tomorrow.  They slept in blissful ignorance of what their hunt day would truly hold.