As noted on my twitter, I’ve been cranking on getting the expanded tutorial dungeon loaded into the Flash version of the game (due to longer than expected dev-time on the JS port – I have a small update on it later.)

Both “generic” enemies are implemented along with all the rooms and most of the supporting logic – except for one of the puzzles that’s supposed to be a bit harder. The local medical robot is in as well along with her inventory and full kaithrit pregnancy for the player character. Today I’m going to be coding William’s boss encounter.

After that, I still have that puzzle to sort, gryvain pregnancy for the player, additional loot for the enemies, and the dungeon’s outro. I’ll have it in your hands by the end of Saturday, life-willing.

In the meantime, there was one event submission I rather enjoyed reading even if I didn’t think it was properly set up for use in game, and with the author’s permission, I’m happy to share it with you all – if you’re interested in a bit of a Cyberpunk detective noir adventure.

Javascript update:
I didn’t run a work meeting this week because of other commitments, but Gedan has been working on getting saving and loading working for quicker testing without having to go through the entire character creation process – something I experienced myself when testing the the expanded introduction sequence in flash! The current WIP save interface looks amazing.