Time for a really hot musclemilf doggo and a whole lotta chunky pony lovin’!

0.3.33 Patch Notes:

  • You can now enter the Temple of Terrestrial Fire, located in the eastern Frostwood. A new recurring miniboss can be found inside. You CANNOT yet open the inner doors (see you next patch!)
  • Ahmri’s marriage intro has been reworked slightly. You can also smooch her, go on walks, and go to bed with Ahmri after you’re mare-ried. (Written by Gardeford)
  • Centaur village has a Waystone now.
  • The damage bonus from Sexiness has been reduced slightly. Probably not enough to stop Azzy, Destroyer of Worlds, from continuing to demolish anything that looks at her but we’ll try this for now. Let us know if it’s still OP AF.
  • The save screen now remembers what slot you used last.
  • New busts: Hellhound by DCL. Brienne now has a CG that displays in her appearance screen when equipping her pyro gear, by Moira.
  • Also, Witch Cait, Honey Maiden Azzy, and Pyro Brienne all have unique combat icons for their alternate sets. We’ll be doing this for other sets moving forward soon! Also also, Ahmri’s flower busts are hooked up for during/after marrying her.

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