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[Backers] Pippa Pig

0.7.20 Changelog:

  • Pippa the Pig is now on Uveto, running her own massage parlor.
  • Jade now sells Swineapples. You can guess what they do. Big thanks to Pippa’s author for both of these.
  • Many fixes courtesy of Jacques00.
  • Sera can be booted off ship or picked back up.
  • Kally now has a talk topic about Del.
  • Yammi can be booted off the ship and picked back up.  The Pexiga goes with her.
  • Del’s initial capacity is less enormous, but it should actually increase with use now.
  • Some lovely new Del busts are in game! (An unused one is pictured at left, by Adjatha)

I don’t have any official pig-girl art handy, but CyanCapsule has some great artwork of his pig-girl you guys could go check out.

FoE – 0.4u

Alder here with a new Fall of Eden update (was a while ago, huh?). Mostly incremental updates that have built up over time, part of it thanks to ElAcechador on github who has brought a number of upgrades to the alchemy system. Content-wise, there is a new scene for Terry from LD and QB (this one is a month or two old, and was written before they left the project). This post is unfortunately not a signal that I’m taking up the project again full time.

Play it here.
There is an offline version available here.
Check out the Fall of Eden forum.
Fall of Eden source code can be found on Github.
Check out the Android port here: link. (old version)
Report bugs on Github or on the forums.
Fall of Eden has a Patreon.

Full changelog after the break.

Busy Beavernoxo

Hi guys. I’ve been doing a lot of reviewing of backed-up submissions tonight. Willow the submissive demon-morph is one promising candidate. I edited the first 9 pages or so before burning out on that and moving on. Her repeat interactions weren’t lined up yet, but she did have a metric butt-ton of backed-up sex scenes I need to look sometime.

I paged through some others, including a few pages of an enormous CoC fanfic I got in the mail, but the other real stand-out of the evening has been Pippa Pig, a submission that arrived in the form of a pull request on the public github repo. Now that may sound like gobblygook to some of you, but it means that she was already coded and fiddled with by someone. There are a few typos that’ll need cleaned up, but I want her in ASAP.

I might do a little writing or a spot of coding some of Sylvie’s stuff later. Not sure which yet. That or I’ll lose a few hours in Fire Emblem Heroes! TIME WILL TELL! Later, Bras!

(Also I’m really tempted to get art of a buff beaver Fen)

[Backers] Alternative Bartenders

0.7.19 Changelog:

  • A well broken-in Del can now shoot the PC an email with coordinates to Kally’s bar. Please report any weirdness with Kiro/Kally, especially if the Kiro introduction has not happened yet.
  • A more feminized Del can now be interacted with in the Kui Country Bar & Lodge. She’s presently pretty content-light, but that’s because Savin is still writing more of her.
  • New busts: Eimear, Erra, Kitsune Traders, Rocket Pods, Milodan Male
  • Jacques00 implemented the “Sera Bitchening” Xpack.
  • Many fixes and tweaks.
  • Geddy says iOS works again, but next time it breaks, we might ditch compatibility.

Erra bust by our own Adjatha.

A note on Del’s Capacity: Due to how forcefully her original scenes were written, she was allowed to take things well beyond her capacity. There is code in the game to raise her capacity as a result, but a bug prevents it from being saved (even in this newest build). We should resolve that next patch, and may reduce the sizes that Del is allowed to take at the start. Sorry for any confusion this may cause!

Superb Owl Sunday

That’s right, I’m making a blog post at 6 AM on Superb Owl Sunday. Big whup. Wanna fight about it? Sleep is for nerds.

I wrote a 3,100 word scene Sylvie, and I think I’m gonna rush into coding her next chance I get (which might be a day or three away). If anyone wants to brave the walls of text and pseudocode (and spoil themselves), she’s posted on the event submissions on the forums. Don’t say I didn’t warn you – this stuff is always much better to read once it’s parted out into code and parser calls.

Savin’s done some more work rejiggering Del to appear in Kally’s bar, with the alternate unlock route (for those Kiro-haters) and some new scenes. It’s at the top of my code pile.

I’ll be trying to dig into the email/submission backlog some in the days ahead. Enjoy the big game, bras!

(Go local/favorite sportsball team!)

Fen Note

I wrapped up a 2.8k word scene for Sylvie and reviewed an equally long “spank & grind” scene for the ladytypes that was submitted.

Soon… sooon…

Free Votin’

Just jammed up a new poll to get an indication of things. This should be a free vote, open to everybody.

As for why… actually getting the iOS Tainted Space builds to cooperate has been a massive pain in the ass for months, and I think the code demons have managed to fuck up our ability to actually produce them for the time being.

tl;dr Whenever the iOS builds fail its always something stupid, but it takes forever to track down because we get absolutely no indication of what is actually wrong. Literally the only response we get from the tool that does the needful is this:

Basically, I need an indication of just how much of my time I can justify dumping into this on an ongoing basis. I have a feeling the iOS-only proportion of you guys is vanishingly small, and if I can justify putting off fixing things like this because it’s not like, half our playerbase, then I will so I can actually get some fucking work on content done.

[Public] Tainted Space 0.7.18

0.7.18 Changelog

  • Another chunk of rooms has been added to Uveto; the Glacial Rift is now structured.
    • The frostwyrm has been moved to its proper place on the coast of the Glacial Rift.
    • A bunch of initial events have been added around the Rift.
    • A Milodan Fertility Priestess makes an appearance somewhere in the rift; once you’ve encountered her, they’ll start to show up alongside other general combat events.
  • Standard assortment of fixes
  • The code demons came and tried to shit on the game again. They were beaten back with judicial use of science.

Changes since the last public build

  • Mrs. Reasner is in the Freezer.
  • Dreams of electric sheep puppy sluts.
  • Kaede has a new interaction at Kally’s bar.
  • Puppysluts strike again with Syri gaining a new scene for players being liberal with Omega Oil.
  • Descriptions for badonks have been changed somewhat.
  • Some new items showed up in Jade’s inventory (predominantly Puppyslut related, of course).
  • Erra shows up in various bars. (OH HEY LOOK ANOTHER PUPPYSLUT)
  • Inventory items can now be destroyed whilst out and about.
  • Pexiga got another scene.

DCL finished a p good syri pic the other day… and I would have embedded it, but this post already has nine times the puppyslut quota for the entire month, so instead have some SHINE.

The mobile builds should be up soon; iOS is being a massive piece of shit as per usual.

Where Are My Blog Posts?

Sorry I haven’t been posting more. Getting yanked around a bit this week which has made regular updates difficult, and combined with a lack of sleep, pretty impossible.

That said, the crew hasn’t been idle. Adjatha has some pretty primo busts readied up. Savin has an alternate introduction path for Del written up that I’m looking forward to coding. Gedan has a massive batch of taur goodness for the glacial rift inboard. And when I say massive, I mean massive. I’m talking 30,000+ words at last count. That’s easily two combat encounters worth of stuff.

I have been doing some blueprinting for a pretty involved laquine transformation item. It’s going to be a big project though, so I’d like to wrap up some of my other dangling chads before moving on. Sylvie (the moose-taur) should benefit from some free time I have tonight.

Lastly, I’ve told Gedan to go ahead and push a public build when she feels like it, but I think she might be putting her taur stuff in first. Not sure. Check back soon, bras!

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