Hi guys. I’ve been doing a lot of reviewing of backed-up submissions tonight. Willow the submissive demon-morph is one promising candidate. I edited the first 9 pages or so before burning out on that and moving on. Her repeat interactions weren’t lined up yet, but she did have a metric butt-ton of backed-up sex scenes I need to look sometime.

I paged through some others, including a few pages of an enormous CoC fanfic I got in the mail, but the other real stand-out of the evening has been Pippa Pig, a submission that arrived in the form of a pull request on the public github repo. Now that may sound like gobblygook to some of you, but it means that she was already coded and fiddled with by someone. There are a few typos that’ll need cleaned up, but I want her in ASAP.

I might do a little writing or a spot of coding some of Sylvie’s stuff later. Not sure which yet. That or I’ll lose a few hours in Fire Emblem Heroes! TIME WILL TELL! Later, Bras!

(Also I’m really tempted to get art of a buff beaver Fen)