Alder here with a new Fall of Eden update (was a while ago, huh?). Mostly incremental updates that have built up over time, part of it thanks to ElAcechador on github who has brought a number of upgrades to the alchemy system. Content-wise, there is a new scene for Terry from LD and QB (this one is a month or two old, and was written before they left the project). This post is unfortunately not a signal that I’m taking up the project again full time.

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Fall of Eden source code can be found on Github.
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Full changelog after the break.

Version 0.4u

  • New scene: Terry fucks player vagina. Variations for horsecock. Written by LD and QB.
  • More typos fixed (Fera). Thanks CK!
  • Fixed a bug in the pregnancy code, making pregnancies not be correctly detected
  • A real clever piece of code added by ElAcechador on Github, that allows you to see what alchemical recipes you can learn when talking to an alchemy NPC like Rosalin. Unknown recipes will be lined out in green, known recipes will be in blue
  • Also by ElAcechador: You can now batch brew alchemy items. You can only do so once you’ve learned them (NPCs such as Rosalin and Jeanne will still brew single potions)
  • Also by ElAcechador: You can now brew alchemy items that requires several steps in one single click. Example: Testos. This item requires several other brewable items (Equinium, Homos, Canis). You can now brew the item provided you have the base ingredients to brew the components, even if you don’t have the components themselves.
  • Fixed a bug in anal toy masturbation
  • Updated the scorpion girls picture to a newly drawn one
  • Fixed an issue that would prevent saving in a certain circumstance (knot value set incorrectly)
  • Added a method to pack (.zip/.tar.gz) using gulp. Thanks to Miniwa on Github!