Sorry I haven’t been posting more. Getting yanked around a bit this week which has made regular updates difficult, and combined with a lack of sleep, pretty impossible.

That said, the crew hasn’t been idle. Adjatha has some pretty primo busts readied up. Savin has an alternate introduction path for Del written up that I’m looking forward to coding. Gedan has a massive batch of taur goodness for the glacial rift inboard. And when I say massive, I mean massive. I’m talking 30,000+ words at last count. That’s easily two combat encounters worth of stuff.

I have been doing some blueprinting for a pretty involved laquine transformation item. It’s going to be a big project though, so I’d like to wrap up some of my other dangling chads before moving on. Sylvie (the moose-taur) should benefit from some free time I have tonight.

Lastly, I’ve told Gedan to go ahead and push a public build when she feels like it, but I think she might be putting her taur stuff in first. Not sure. Check back soon, bras!