A new combat encounter has been added to the foothills, along with some additional balance tweaks!

0.0.21 Patch Notes:

  • A group of mercenaries-turned-bandits have been added to the Foothills, courtesy of BubbleLord.
  • Two-handed Weapons and Bows have had their damage increased across the board.
  • Enemy critical hits deal reduced damage (+30 AP, compared to PC crits adding 50 Attack Power).
  • The way turns in combat are arranged have been revised, staggering actions from one side and then the other. We’ll see how this makes combat feel!
  • Author credits have now been added, just below Day/Time!

And we’re gonna go back to focusing on UI still for a bit, including the character sheet and all those glorious numbers to marvel at! While Drake and DCL are doing that, I’m writing some ~sexual healing~ for Cait. I’m also looking forward to our next encounter area and the Level 1-balanced enemies therein that need editing up to snuff!

Till next time!