Flahne by ToonNik!

Lately I’ve been putting effort into preparing a few different things. The most-developed of these projects is what I’m tentatively calling the “Punk SecOp” – essentially a self-appointed security-oriented pirate who will be roaming the foundry area as a generic encounter with male and female options. Of course they’ll also be a kaithrit, so tits either way. I’ve got two rather long (~3,000 word) loss scenes tossed together that involve a holo-visor and neuron stimulation to force the PC to experience some slutty punishment while their body is moved back to the elevator, and last night I got their combat appearance descriptions done. Once I have at least two win scenes and their combat routines sketched, I’ll move them into code.

Additionally, I finally put some work into drafting up Penny’s follower recruitment. The OG plan was for you to pay off her debts in order to recruit “pure” Penny, but that’s been done to death between Shekka and Paige. Instead I’m going to have the PC help her score a dangerous Oxonium deposit she knows about to clear most of her debt (and prove to her that being a Rusher with you will be a reliable source of income). It’ll take the form of a small microdungeon with two enemy encounters, one of which will introduce a new type of sexy plant-girl to Mhen’ga.

B is probably going to help me with adding some new post-recruitment content for her. Maybe even a threesome with Paige. I haven’t finalized this with him, but he seemed quite pleased with the suggestion.

Bimbo Penny and Cumslut Penny will be handled later – Cumslut Penny via an introduction to cam-whoring and Bimbo Penny by simply asking. Both of those I’d like to do myself and/or with Wsan’s help, since I really enjoy how he writes cum-thirsty sluts. Stella was phenomenal.

0.7.208 Changelog:

  • It’s now possible for Lund to go “missing” rarely for about 30 minutes, once he’s domming you (or you’re domming him). You can go track him down for a new scene. This is a fairly rare occurrence which can only happen once every 24 hours, but walking back and forth for a little bit triggered it fine during my testing. By Wsan.
  • Added some new parsers – “crotchCoverUnder,” “chestCoverUnder,” and “assCoverUnder” – used for outputting the garment closest to the character’s skin. Useful for better reporting when things are leaking out into clothing!
  • A new scene with Ilaria was added, also by Wsan. This one’s a bit of an oddball and involves a urethra and a straw.