Things are coming along with the Punk SecOp I’ve been writing. I finished up the vagina-having victory scene the other day, and I’m partway into the penis-having one. Additionally, William is chipping in a victory scene for taking the female Punk SecOp (they come in male & female varieties) to pound town. And of course, I streamed and coded for a solid chunk of hours this afternoon. You can view the results of that effort below.

Art of Syri and Anno in a 3-way by Dsan, and commissioned by QuestyRobo.

0.7.209 Changelog:

  • A naleen huntress who got throbbed up and otherwise abused by Rushers has been let loose in Mhen’ga’s deep jungle. She’s a rare encounter for levels 3 and up with her own cadre of scenes by our own Doots. Check her out!
  • A number of the rooms on the Forge Deck of Zheng Shi have been added with full descriptions.
  • Missing encounter chances have been filled on for all current rooms on Zheng Shi’s forge deck.
  • The purple slyveren slavebreaker has had its texts adjusted to match the new bust.
  • Kui-Tan “cum cascades” have been adjusted and split into a separate perk aside from the “‘Nuki Nuts” perk. Some groundwork has also been laid for an item that might temporarily suppress that affect for Kui-Tan characters. We all know immobilization isn’t always fun. Just sometimes.
  • Fen lost his fedora.