The Gabilani vacationers took me a little more code work than I expected, but I also found some shortcuts that saved me some time here and there. Now to go back to the write-mines. Wish me luck!

0.7.207 Changelog:

  • A new enemy has appeared on Tarkus! The gabilani vacationers (by Nonesuch) can be encountered along the oil sea by players level 5 and up. The damage numbers are a bit arbitrary at the moment, so be sure to give plenty of feedback on if you think it’s too easy or hard for a level 5. Thanks!
  • If you’ve completed Azra’s Tarkus expedition, you can now bump into the self-styled Sydian “Queen” and her band of trappy rasks once more (by Nonesuch)! There’s only four or five squares she shows up in near the center of the wastes, but I’m sure you’ll track her down. Big thanks to Maye for doing the heavy lifting on coding this one!
  • New Busts: Slyveren Slavebreakers (x2) by Adjatha! They came out gorgeous.
  • New scene for the hyper-endowed PCs losing to the purple Slavebreaker (by Wsan). Note the old hyper scene will only occur for the black and gold one now.