Adjatha did some good work!

0.6.94 Changelog:

  • Virection added to Busky’s inventory. It’s an item that grows your penis, or grows you another one. LashCharge wrote it. Enjoy it before I fix the price back up to 6,000 credits or so! (I think it’s at 10 right now…)
  • Added some hidden developer stuff to directly modify flags for testing purposes.
  • You can now “work” the gloryhole in the Kui Country Bar and Lodge when it is empty. Two scenes, one working a dude and another for a futa!
  • Dreams (of which only 1 exists in the game at present) now only occur once every 20 days at most.
  • Item tooltip can display “Quantity” now (mostly for if they are cropped off from the button label).
  • Fix button menu for combat items that require targeting.
  • Clothing should now actually display resistance comparison values. (They were hidden before, causing confusion with cold resistance on Uveto).
  • Possible fixes for egg laying scenes.
  • Kally’s Picardine mini-quest should actually end for refusing to tell Kally or Kiro.
  • Potential fix for Let’s Fap!’s first unlock (Ausar) to actually unlock when flag is undefined.

B-d-b-d-b-d-b-d, that’s all folks!